Hi Loves! Last day of January! I’m super excited to join Shay and Sheaffer today for What’s up Wednesday.I actually had so much to share today, I had to cut some things out, LOL!

1: WHAT WE’RE EATING THIS MONTH: All the clean, healthy eating around here, but will be indulging this weekend. I shared with you on Monday HERE but I  also feel tastes of Spring when I make this high protein smoothie.

Making these for Mr. Nine and I: Air Fryer Sirloin Steak Strips!!

AND My Favorite Soup this month. The Pasta Fagioli from Skinny Taste where I leave out the pasta, lol and add Italian Turkey sausage: 

2. WHAT I’M REMINISCING ABOUT: Today, my Identical Twin 2nd Cousins turn 32!!! Seems like yesterday mom and I were holding them in our arms. Little did we know more identical twins would grace us later in life. AND Look at that big hair!! 


3: WHAT IM LOVING: ANYTIME we can see the granddaughters! Not nearly enough. #loveourgranddaughters They turned 4 months old on Sunday. Growing onto their sweaters grammy got them.

And nature leaning towards Spring coming soon. I can't believe the swan is back this early and hanging our with the duck couple, lol.


4: WHAT WE’VE BEEN UP TO: Getting travel itineraries ready and outfits, lol Here is one cute lil Romper going with me. I'll wear with black hose and my INEZ Boots!

And trying a new skincare routine I LOVE!! Use code ANDREANINE20 to get 20% off everything on the site plus some of Oprah's favorite Things! LOVE all the products from Fount Society!

5: WHAT I’M DREADING: more of the sloppy gray part of the winter season. Icky! 


6: WHAT I’M WORKING ON: Planning a Bridal Shower for the Bride To Be in the family and trying to find dresses for all the events! The WEDDING, the shower, the rehearsal, the luncheon and a Party....lots of fun shopping to do. And a note of frustration, why are all mother's dresses so matronly, I'm not even looking under that category, I'll just browse party and cocktail dresses, lol. Here is a sneak peek of the shower invites. Going to have it at the Cake Bake Shop down by Indy. It'll be beautiful!

7: WHAT I’M EXCITED ABOUT: Leaving on a Jet Plane tomorrow! 




American Nightmare on Netflix was sooo good. Only 3 episodes and so bizarre.

And starting this tonight!



The Housemaid. Get it HERE. Almost Done & 5 stars so far!

9: WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Little Bit Country & a Little Bit Rock-n-Roll


10: WHAT I’M WEARING: Affordable Cuteness! The below set and faux fur are in major sale right now at Lulu's. They have great winter sale pieces. 

Sweater Top HERE // Pants HERE // Earrings HERE // Shoes HERE

Coat HERE // Pants HERE // Belt HERE

French Girl Vibes again.

Sweater HERE // Pants HERE // Shoes HERE

And of course, all the Spanx and the pink cropped vest is oh so CUTE! LOVE each and every new piece I have gotten too!

Vest HERE // Top HERE // Leggings HERE // Shoes HERE

Top HERE // Pants HERE 
Top is tunic length, it covers your butt!

11: WHAT I’M DOING THIS WEEKEND: Stay Tuned, it won’t be in Indiana. Lol. 


12: WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT MONTH: Birthdays for a few ladies in the fam. Another trip, this time to Florida with my Mama! 

Here’s a photo of the last time we were in the sunshine state together. Her 70th birthday. 


13: FAVORITE AMAZON FIND: Rug Grippers! Mr. Nine found THESE. The thin rug gripper mats underneath was just not working. Especially when our little Stella slides into the front door whenever a delivery man comes, and the rug flails all over the place. These Grippers have literally saved our rug life, lol, no more sliding. I love them so much they are now under every single rug!

Oh, and this New Rug is not from Amazon, but I love it and it's a great price. This is a 2'x5' size and in the kitchen.


  1. Have a great time on your trip! Love the outfit pics and the throwback pics- your hair is on point! Also, the pics of the twins. Ok, I love everything basically- safe travels, pretty lady.

  2. I hope you blog your packing list! Love stuff like that! Have an amazing trip - you deserve it! I love, love, love the picture of you and mom holding the other set of twin girls! How cool!

  3. Where are you going? Lol! Enjoy your weekend my friend. I know you will look amazing in that fun romper. Love the throwback pic and I've been enjoying your healthy recipes. Keep em coming!


  4. Hope you have a great trip! I loved The Housemaid too. The rug grippers seem smart!

  5. Can't wait to hear all about your trip! Love all of your outfits as always but you just inspired me to grab that hot pink puffer vest and leggings- thank you! :)

  6. Anonymous31.1.24

    Where are you going?! I hope that its a place that is sunny and warm! Haha. I LOVE that romper and that faux fur red jacket. I also love the photos of you and your mom and the sweet girls! They are just the cutest! Have a glorious day and trip my friend! Sending hugs too! XO, Caroline

  7. Those Air Fryer Sirloin Steak Strips look amazing! I've been wanting to watch American Nightmare. I've heard soooo many people talking about it!

  8. Those grippers sound fabulous! And have a fabulous weekend!

  9. Love all the outfits! and the twins! So precious!

  10. Anonymous31.1.24

    The grandbabies are so cute...you can see their little personalities growing! Can't wait to hear about where you're jetting off to!

  11. The twins are so precious! Love the throwback pic of your twin cousins! I think I need that pink puffer vest! Safe travels! Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  12. Your grandbabies are so precious! Loving your cute Lulus looks lately!

  13. Such a fun month! I cannot wait to hear about your trip! :)

  14. Hope you have a fantastic trip, my dear friend! :) I love that plaid cardigan, it is so pretty. Your grandbabies are adorable, love those little sweaters, and love the throwback photo your shared! You haven't aged a day Andrea!!! <3

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!

    Make Life Marvelous

  15. That protein shake sounds so good and the steak strips have my mouth watering.
    Aww! Your granddaughters are just adorable. They are growing up so quickly.
    Have fun with the wedding planning!

  16. Have the best time in Vegas! (I think the weather is supposed to be super crummy though :( ??) We will be there for Superbowl.. I'd rather be there with you this weekend with less crowds! hehe!! Love you, safe travels!



  17. How amazing about the twins and I love the throwback pic! I read the housemaid and really enjoyed it.

  18. Such a fun post! The babies are so cute in their little sweaters. Lots of fun things to look forward to. You will find the ultimate mom dress for the wedding and it won't be frumpy in the least! I hope you had fun and some sun in LV!


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