Everyone’s doing it…but I was on the Candy Corn decor train years ago… the Cutest, easiest Fall Centerpiece! Vase inside a vase...BRILLIANT. What makes this one extra special, is the Size!! It makes such an impact on your table or counter!

This masterpiece took 12 bags of candy corn to fill.

It’s so darn simply you guys! Just put one cylinder vase inside a bigger one (I liked a Pedestal Vase) it doesn’t even have to be clear as long as it’s flat on the bottom because it will not show with all the candy corn around it. However, I did opt for a clear one. Just place all that candy corn in between the two vases and filled to the top. 

In retrospect I should bout the Candy Corn in bulk not the smaller bags

Not going to lie, sometimes I sneak a candy corn off the top, lol


Simply arrange some beautiful stems of course I added some white velvet pumpkin stems. Both these beautiful stones came from Michael’s. I will link everything here.


Pedestal Vase HERE // Smaller inside Vase HERE// Pumpkin Stems HERE // Floral Stems HERE // Candy Corn 5lbs HERE

Happy New Week Lovelies 

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Oh, what a fun week! Mr. Nine was on a business trip so my friend Kellyann and I see the day to have a girl’s week. Not only did we enjoy time at my house, but we got a Shopping and Fun day on Lake Michigan and a couple days in Chicago to explore and see even more friends! And we stayed in a boutique hotel with robots to bring you supplies. As we speak, she’s probably right beside me and we’re going to have breakfast today at the Tipsy Biscuit!

1. Kellyann Of Course

Yes, talk about a bright light! Such a joy to have Kellyann come stay with me!! She was one of the first true friends I made on this blogging journey. Right before Covid hit, I was supposed to go to her home but of course we had to cancel that along with a trip with our other OG blogger friends. If you don’t read her blog or follow her Instagram, you are missing out! She is a true precious soul, and I am so honored to call her friend! We are very like-minded and I love that! Plus her style is spot on.

She even got to meet my mama!

2. The Other Babes

And of course, when we hit Chicago, we made sure to meet up with all the other wonderful friends we’ve met through blogging.

Wednesday, we shared a day with Jill for shopping and a great dinner!

Thursday morning was a fabulous brunch at Beatrix meeting up with Kathrine, Laura, and Caroline.

So excited to get the pumpkin pancakes.

Then we spent the day on the Gold Coast with Caroline!
Cocktails and Deep Dish Pizza too!

More on adventures with Kellyann and the ladies soon…

3. Friday Fall Featured
Recipe: Butternut Squash, Sausage 
and Penne Pasta Skillet

This is the flavors of Fall for dinner…so Tasty. 

I LOVE a one dish meal!



Just a little snippet of this year’s simple mantle.

4. Clara Sunwoo
It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of the mother-daughter design team at Clara Sunwoo! Isn’t this bright, hot pink sweater just fabulous. They have branched out into beautiful sweaters, and I am loving them! As always everything is no wrinkle and such a great weight. The cropped palazzo pants flow so nicely on the skin! I have a code for you: ANDREA10 and a link HERE

5. Misc. Fun
Wednesday ~ Toggle Terrific


Happy first official 
weekend of Fall!!

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Hello friends, Kellyann and I are on our way to the Windy City to have a grand time and meet some more friends but I had to share this better than buttah sweatah!! 

Talk about a cozy sweater! This Sweater is the things that comfy clothes are made of! It is so soft has the cutest little pocket and oh how I love the zipper toggle! I styled it three ways; everything from lunch with the girls to a Fall time day date! This one is a definite keeper!


Lunch with the girls so throw on some kick crop jeans and boots and you’re good to go. It’s early fall so I have the open toe booties but I’m not seeing those so much anymore. Is that trend out?

Necklaces HERE // Earrings HERE

Oh how I love to be cozy at home and this is the perfect sweater for it, the material feels like Barefoot Dreams and if you know about that, you know it is soft as can be! Comfy pants and cozy socks is all you need! My hair is up a lot but it is always up at home, lol.

And last but not least how about a weekend day date! This time I did something unexpected and threw it over a utility jumpsuit, added the Hat and sneakers and it’s cute as a button!

Stella Mae and I wish you the 
sweetest DAY!!


Mee-Ta-BALL-Zas, basil, and bowtie pasta…YUMMY! The CUTEST appetizers around! AND only 4 ingredients my friends..4, plus the little wooden skewers.

Perfect for a tailgate party, with the meatballs to even make a meal, nice addition to an appetizer and cocktail party.. and with the red sauce and green basil, I think they be pretty at the holidays too. Heck they were so good I eat them any day, lol.


The older I get, the more I like easy and these are easy indeed. Now for time sake I did use prepackaged meatballs but I need to admit something to you. This is probably the first time in my life I’ve ever bought prepackaged meatballs, I always make my own homemade meatballs. In fact these were just a little bit too big for my taste for the appetizers so I cannot wait to try these with my own.

I like to make 12-24 of these, 24 max for one jar of sauce, the amount is endless for big parties, just add a jar of sauce per 2 dozen.



Bowtie Pasta

Meatballs (frozen or homemade)

Marinara or Pasta Sauce

Basil leaves

Cocktail Tasting Forks (BUY HERE)


1. Boil water and cook your bowtie pasta as directed and drain. 

2. Simmer a jar of your favorite marinara sauce and the meatballs on the stove top until warmed through. 

Now time to assemble. 

3. Spread out your basil leaves out. carefully put your skewer through the pinched part of the bowtie pasta. Place a basil leaf on top of a Meatball, (wipe off any excess marinara back in the pot) and put those through the skewer with the basil on top and you’re done! So Simple

4.Put on a pretty plate for serving

I found that these are even good cold. However, so incredibly easy to assemble right before a party.

Aren’t they just the cutest? Watch the video how I assembled these HERE

And don't forget my recipe for Bowtie Lasagne!
It was a huge hit too!

Until next time my beauties. Heading to the airport today to pick up someone very special!!

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Happy Friday! The weather has been glorious in the 80’s and the pool is still open. While I’m ready for Fall temps, Sunshine and pool time have me smiling and the mornings have been cool for walking Stella.


1. Stella Mae..9 Months 
& Last Weekend
Speaking of Miss Stella Mae, she turned 9 months old last weekend. I can’t believe it, she’s full grown now, just under 8lbs. She literally gets sweeter by the day!

We celebrated by having smash burgers Al fresco (yes she get a plain burger) and cocktails (no she does not have a cocktail, lol). Then we went for ice cream and she got a pup cup. 

She was repping Notre Dame but we joked at the ice cream stand that we should take off her sweatshirt after their poor performance, lol

2. Friday Fall Features
Of all my pumpkin treats, the Pumpkin Drop Cookies with caramel frosting is my family’s favorite and most requested. So moist and delicious! I shared these my first year blogging in 2015.

Decor: Dining Room

Classy Fall touches in our dining room. The mercury glass pumpkins are my favorite.

And Stella likes pumpkins too, lol

3. Native Products

I cannot but get enough of Native Body Car Line I get at Target. My favorite scents are Warm Cider and CinnamonCoconut and Vanilla and the Toasted Marshmallow & Vanilla. I love the lotion too and deodorants. They also have shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and a men’s line. So clean and fresh! Have you tried it?

4. Leopard Cardigan
Oh, a lil leopard love. I forgot to share this when I posted the Amazon sweaters, but this Leopard cardigan is so good with the pockets and super soft.
Booties HERE // Leggings HERE // Necklace HERE

5. Misc. Fun
Wednesday ~ LOVE MATCH


Next week, I'll be having a very special house guest and we will be into all kinds of shenanigans. 
Can you guess who it is??

Happy September Weekend!

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