When sweet Shauna from Lipgloss and Lace sent me this card, she said I should re-create it and immediately I knew I had to bring it to life!

Showing you how the darling look came right off the cover and out of my closet. Such cute pieces. 


Pretty Darn Close!!

And bringing you little SPORTY STELLA..she and I both on trend with her tracksuit and my tennis skirt outfit. I think she likes her 'milkshake" too, lol!


We did a REELS VIDEO this day and I LOVE how it turned out. I shard it last Friday on Instagram but of course Insta did NOT give it twelve it deserves, so I hope you will.


Stay Sweet and Sporty Friends!!

Tips On Refreshing Your Summer Wardrobe

If you’re anything like us, you probably can’t wait to get out your summer clothes! We wait all year for the warm weather so we can debut our brightly colored tops, cute sandals and chic dresses in vibrant patterns. But if you opened your summer wardrobe storage only to find lackluster or outdated pieces, you might want to think about giving your warm weather wardrobe a summer refresh.

Summer dressing should be fun, playful and comfortable, and if your pieces don’t tick all of these boxes, it may be time to rethink and renew — strategically, of course. Here’s how to do it.


1.   Invest In a Few Pairs of Shorts — If you’re not feeling great about your shorts assortment, make this the starting point for your summer wardrobe refresh. A few pairs of cute women’s shorts will help you adapt your favorite spring and fall looks so they’re more appropriate for the hot weather. Be sure to have at least one pair of comfortable, casual shorts for running errands and hanging out at home, as well as a pair of adaptable denim shorts that you can also dress up. Last, pick out a pair of dressier shorts, such as paper bag shorts for dressy dinners, brunches, showers and concerts.

2.   Add a Few Pieces in Seasonal Patterns — Look at your most-worn pieces and consider ordering them in seasonal patterns. If you have staple silhouettes you always return to — for example, a favorite dress or blouse — check the brand to see if they offer it in any brighter prints. In the summer, it’s all about the tropical prints, florals, gingham and nautical stripes. The same goes for bright colors! Swap out your solid-colored shorts, tees, camis and jackets for options in more exciting pastels, neons and vibrant shades that suit the season.

top HERE

Buy a Few Core Summer Accessories — Tossing on a pair of oversized sunglasses or donning a straw hat completes your summer vibe. Make sure your accessories collection has a few trendy summer extras that you can use to easily transform your look. Grab a pair of statement sunglasses, a sun hat, a straw handbag and some bright earrings to add that extra layer of summer heat to any outfit.

4.   Integrate Summer Textures — Prints and colors aren’t the only way to give your clothes a summer edit. Integrating traditional summer textures into your closet will help give it a resort-inspired vibe that’s perfect for the summertime. Integrate woven straw, breezy linen, airy cotton and gauzy fabrics into your staple pieces and accessories. For your footwear, hold off on the leather and suede until October and add woven espadrilles or wedges for a tropical feel.

5.   Upgrade Your Footwear — Speaking of footwear … you don’t have to ditch your favorite pair of flats or sneakers just because it’s warm out, but you’re definitely going to want to consider adding some cute sandals to the mix. Refresh your shoe shelf with a pair of comfortable and versatile flip-flops or slides for your more casual ensembles, as well as some strappy heels and wedges for your dressed-up looks. These will give any outfit an instant summer vibe.

6.   Don’t Forget the Sleeveless Tops — Sleeveless tops and tanks serve as stand-ins for your base layers and simple tops when the weather is warm. Make sure you have a sleeveless silhouette you’re comfortable wearing, whether that’s a spaghetti strap cami or something with thicker straps so you can wear a t-shirt bra. Once you find that perfect version, order it in tons of colors because the right tank is priceless in the summertime.

7.   Rethink Your Swimwear Strategy — If you’re planning a beach vacation, a boating day or afternoon at the pool, you’re going to want to make sure you have some stylish swimwear in your summer collection. Before the warm weather hits, conduct an analysis of all your swimsuits. See if any of your two-pieces can be updated by mixing and matching with new tops and bottoms. Be sure to add a couple of cute swim cover-ups in neutral colors as well.

8.   Take Old Jeans and Make Cut-Offs — When the weather starts to warm, it’s quite tempting to ditch last year’s pieces and start anew. But don’t toss all your clothes into the donation pile quite yet! You can breathe new life into your bottoms drawer by taking your lesser-worn denim or fabric bottoms and transforming them into chic cutoff shorts. DIY shorts don’t have to involve lots of fraying and distressing, either. You can easily create cuffed jeans shorts if you prefer a more tailored look that doesn’t even look DIY.

9.   Pick Up a Pair of White Jeans — White jeans are super stylish at the moment, and we’re wearing them on repeat. These are some of the most versatile bottoms in your wardrobe. They match everything and pair beautifully with brightly colored blouses, printed tops and relaxed, summer tees. Make sure you have a pair that’s comfortable but adaptable enough that they can be dressed up or dressed down.

10. Swap the Jeans for Breezy Pants — Don’t get us wrong. The right pair of jeans transcends trends and seasons. But sometimes your denim is just a bit too hot for the hot August weather. When temps are high, make sure to have a couple pairs of wide-leg fabric pants in your wardrobe to keep cool and stylish. Choose linen, gauze, or a breezy cotton in a wider leg silhouette to help prevent sweat and overheating. White and cream are a great route to take, and they go well with all the tops in your closet.

Summer is the best time of year to style cute women’s clothing, so don’t be intimidated by the task! This is the time to swap out the dark, structured, and tailored with the bright, easy and breezy. Embrace this strategy, and you’ll be well on your way to an endlessly adaptable and compliment-worthy summer wardrobe.





HAPPY FRI-YAY!! That's all I'm gonna say, lol! Let's get to Favorites!

1. Sunday Funday

We may not have gotten to spend much time with the boys but we had sweet Stella and we made the most of it up in St Joe Michigan for a wonderful beach town day! Stella was the star of the show with her sweet little personality being friends with everyone and darling Daisy‘s sundress!

Isn't Stella's Daisy Dress so cute! 

Buy it HERE

You know it made me happy to find a big 
squirrel mural with big nuts, LOL!

Big burly Mr. Nine and his little girl!!


And this Sporty Little Tennis Dress from Amazon was the perfect thing to wear along with my Lululemon Crossbody! It has built in biker shorts!


2. Apatchy London

Sporty sweet Blending two of my favorite brands, Apatchy London with a Sterling Crossbody and interchangeable straps and the sun protection brand Cabana Life with her SPF 50 darling Sporty Dress! Both these pieces are so versatile and I love styling them in different ways.

This first look started off 4 in my Instagram Reel this week..
and the next look is how it ended up dressier.

3. Shop Avara
Avara is of my favorite boutiques of all time. Always happy to bring you a new piece from them like this adorable Maribelle Top top! And as always as you can get 15% off using my link and code! 
I love Shop Avara so much, they have so many cute new arrivals right now!
Scallop Shorts HERE // Sandals HERE

Denim Shorts HERE // Sneakers HERE

4. $10 Cocktail Candles
You guys, the quality of These Candles and the scents are phenomenal! There are over a dozen of them and they are cocktail names with the recipe of that cocktail right on the back! For $10, you cannot go wrong. Stock up for everyone you know and yourself! LOVE THEM

5. Misc. Fun

We call Stella a little cat because she sits on top of the couch just waiting to get a glimpse of us when we’re outside or of nature! She is ready for the Groomers next week too..gettin' shaggy,lol!


Happy Summa Weekend Friends!!



Prime Time baby! That is the name of this Beautiful Tunic in hibiscus from my Fabulous friends at Stella Carakasi! I introduced you to this brand if you weren't already familiar with their timeless classics in This post!


I have so much love and respect for this women lead brand! Stella Carakasi knows how to flatter a woman’s body type and their fabrics feel so good on the skin! And look at this versatility. I styled this gorgeous Tunic three ways for you and I love each and every one! Paired it with different bottoms in white for that summer sweet perfection!


Classy and sassy with the flattering A-line fit and pockets just dying to be paired with white denim!

Let’s just take this cutie to the beach! Isn’t it just perfect as a cover-up! With it being a cotton blend poplin, it will keep you cool too! CUTE Hat HERE.

Swimsuit HERE // Gauze pants HERE

And last but not least, my personal favorite: tied in the front with Scalloped Shorts ! This is just so chic and cool! 

As you can see, it's easy to love Stella Carakasi with the easy fit and flattering lines, not to mention great color choices and fabrics!

And I love their mission and desire for all women!

"Stella Carakasi is for women who demand uniqueness and intelligent design. Women who wear Stella Carakasi make a statement. They are sensual beings who seek beauty, excellence, and the unexpected. They are impressive and intentional, turning heads and inspiring conversations wherever they go.

Find out more about the designer Stella Carakasi, her philosophy and inspiration, and why the Stella Carakasi Collection is designed especially for YOU!"

Which look is your favorite and are you tunic fan?