Red Aspen Nails

Ok, here’s the deal. I’ve never sold anything, but I have been doing my own nails now for over 10 years, press on KISS nails that were so limited in variety shape and sizes that I was getting frustrated especially when the pandemic hit. I even did a post on how to apply your own artificial nails HERE.

The RED ASPEN Nails are very similar BUT BETTER!!!

Enter A fellow blogger friend of mine who sent me some of these glorious Red Aspen Nail Dashes. I was hooked. I've been using them now for over 6 months and I LOVE!!! The Glue is so much easier to use. And the variety of nails including special seasonal designs and colors have me sold. So, it was time, I knew I had to offer them to all my friends, family, and followers! You will be sold to. They are so easy to use, and the variety is unsurpassed. Plus, the company is dynamite, they even sent these sweet little bookmarks with each order, and they have lots more to offer now than just artificial nails like makeup, artificial lashes, etc.

Red Aspen Nail Dashes are the best nails ever! The GLUE is so amazing! 

Put a little bit of glue on each dash and on your nail 
before you apply each one. 
That double layer really bonds them.



  1. What size nails do you wear? I have large nail beds, so don't know what to order.

  2. Hi there. All the nail boxes have sizes 0-9 in them. The differences in petite, short, medium etc is simply the length. The mediums are my favorite but in any box there will be nails to fit larger nail beds. Hope that helps.


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