Remember a couple weeks ago when I told you I was going to a wedding, well the dress from White House Black Market was a huge hit! The twirl factor was spot on and I felt like Mr. Nine and I cleaned up pretty good. Welcome to our weekly Fashion Link-UP and a What's Up Wednesday with ShaySheaffer and Mel.

Trying to get a pic of the twirl

There is just something about black-and-white that is so classy and timeless. The shoes were also WHBM and while I was worried about the heel being so skinny, they ended up being extremely comfortable. 

I have loved the flower choker with a little bit of Gothic vibe that I got from eBay for my polkadot dress in Vegas that I just had to get an all black one to go with this dress. I kept the earrings simple, also from White House Black Market but added a little bling with the dress the clutch.

Me and my BFF, Tami Lynn

Now, time for some What's Up in the Nine neck of the woods

1. WHAT WE’RE EATING THIS WEEK:  4 Ingredient Apricot Chicken, Pasta Salad, Pulled Pork Potatoes....
                            4 Ingredient Apricot Chicken Recipe HERE

Pulled Pork Potatoes Recipe HERE

2. WHAT I’M REMINISCING ABOUT: Playing in the Sand..precious little sand playing faces. they would bury one another, put a bucket over the buried head and scare people as they walked by.

3. WHAT I’M LOVING: My Peach and Lavender iris's are in full bloom!!

4. WHAT WE’VE BEEN UP TO: Mr. Nine and I had our Anniversary Monday so we made an impromptu overnight to CHICAGO!!
6. WHAT I’M WORKING ON: Plans for my "Hers" Master closet...on the hunt for this leopard carpet.

7. WHAT I’M EXCITED ABOUT: The house Dig and excavation is set for June 12th!!                          
8. WHAT I’M WATCHING/READING: Now that most shoes have had season finales, starting the summer line-up with America's Got Talent and catching up on DVR records of The Americans, The Leftovers, and Prison Break Resurrection and trying to finish up 13 Reason's Why

Reading: Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig

9. WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: lots of Ed Sheeran, current an old-school country, 80's Rock and Pop, Brett Young, Tim and Faith

10. WHAT I’M WEARING: Chambray

11. WHAT I’M DOING THIS WEEKEND: Hopefully some rooftop dining alfresco...

12. WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT MONTH: So much; a brunch wedding, grad open houses for friends, IU orientation (as one college kid is transferring), beach days with mom, my sweet hubby's birthday and so much more sweet summer fun!
13. WHAT ELSE IS NEW: A Blue Jay had made out deck home, so cute!
BONUS:  WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE VACATION SPOT? Easily, Our beach town in Nothrthern Michigan that I never divulge the name of, lol and a close second: The Cayman Islands.
Lake Michigan

7 Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

I seriously cannot believe it is the last Wednesday in May already in the last week of The Blended Blog  Fashion Files and marvelous re-creates. Get over there and see that goodness.

Now Link-Up Friends. So we can see what you are stylin' 



Linking up this post from last year with The Blended Blog as I am planing on doing all these Summer adventures this year too!! LOL! 

HERE is the SUMMER BUCKET LIST I created for our family 2017

I left some lines blank to write in some that may pop into our heads or something the boys may want to do.

The PDF blank printable for this is HERE

Summer is not just about the family, it's date days/nights with your main squeeze!
In honor of our anniversary, here is Another Favorite Bucket List I did a couple years back: A Summer Bucket List for couples!!
You Know, You've gotten away from work, kids, stress and you want to enjoy the sweet summertime with your honey. This is about as raunchy sexy as I'll get on said Blog but I like some of these ideas and I think you will too!!


And don't forget to Head over to Sarah's Blog 
Foxy's Domestic Side to see all the fun she has in store for summer!!


Happy FRI-YAY and 3 day weekend for some. Yippee, it's a 4 day weekend for me. I really should have titled this Friday Favorites...The Blended Blog Edition as there's not a whole lot of Memorial jazz going one here today. Just reliving the amazing Toronto trip with the ladies! My Toronto re-cap HERE.
I just can't stop going through the awesome photos so I am sharing some more favs.

1. THE BLENDED BLOG TRIP...missing these faces
And make sure to stop over at The Blended Blog where Deena from Shoes to Shiraz will link all our trip re-caps for some Friday LOVE.
Might as well "Jump!" 

 Nicole....can I just hire her to be my personal photog? Beautiful behind and in front of the camera!!

This was my favorite selfie! Sarah has some mad selfie skills!

2. Sweet Treats
Yeah, so another favorite thing was the fact that the ladies adore treats -n- sweets just like I do. Bring on dessert!!
Shaunacey got me hooked on these Coffee Crisp bites. I may have taken several bags home with me.

How amazing are these? Shaunacey brought Butter Tarts from a local Bakery and Nicole had these amazing cookies made with our Blended Blog logo.

Great minds think alike as I had customized M&M's made with our logo and a saying "TBB Takes Toronto!" Make your M&M's HERE

Um, yeah have you had a Nanaimo Bar? Heaven...Buttery, Chocolatey, Creamy Heaven!!!
(Candy shop at Niagara Falls)

3. Week's Attire
Glick's top, etsy necklace, Steve Madden pumps

Chadwick's cardigan. Loft tee, Old Navy pants

INC from Macy's top, Charming Charlie Necklace

4. Nautical
Had not worn these red sunnies yet so just threw this together as a casual Memorial Day nautical vibe outfit.
 My Nikes Similar HERE

More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun
Sitting in the back of the Raptor with Grandma Giga.

We adore her. Anthropolgie outfit post from his week HERE

Sweet Pineapple Picks in the mail as a surprise from my sweet sister-in-law

A favorite picture from Toronto ...My "Spirit House"...3 of my favorite things...
Pineapples, Pink and Cocktails!! 

And with that, a BIG CHEERS to your weekend beauties!!!  Go have some fun!!
(Be sure to stop back on Monday for a link-up, blog hop and fun talking about 
Summer Plans!!!)

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