Hey Friday! YES!! How many of you were messed up with your days this week? Crazy Monday Holidays messing with us, lol!! Or maybe it's called Age, who knows!! I know that I am happy to share this week's favorites with you and hop around to see what you're loving this week!

1. FRIDAY FALL FINDS...New Series 
New Series here on Living on Cloud Nine that you’re gonna like my fine Fall friends!! Each Friday this Fall, I will highlight a Fall Find for the week whether it be food, décor..well probably food or décor in pumpkin form, lol!!! Just look at my first one..I AM IN LOVE!!!!

Tiered Tray Decorated 
Yes, I’ll say it again, I am so in love with this TRAY!! All the little finds on it are from TJ Maxx (the Mud Pie Mugs and Candle), Kirklands (the buffalo plaid pumpkins) and the little pumpkins and planter pumpkin are from the $ spot at Target. All other stuff I had.
I have BOTH!

2. Day Trip to See My Boy
Moving the oldest into his new college apartment this year was a fiasco as many of you know. The chaos didn’t allow mama the proper opportunity to stock the cabinets and fridge and have a nice dinner with my boy. So, yesterday I drove 8 hours round trip just to take him casseroles, baked goods, groceries and some stuff we didn’t have room for. So happy to now have days free like this to do special things for my family. I know he appreciated it as he text a 'Thank you so much mom" before I even left the parking lot, lol!. 
So excited to go see my boy and loaded down with goodies

K, Mom, a selfie

His apartment is looking so cute.

Mother Bears IU institution and so good! 

3. Week's Attire

Old Navy top, Kelsie Dagger Bow sandals

Pink Cardigan HERE, Express Leggings HERE, Target Sandals HERE

4. White Blouse and Jeans
Crisp, white blouses have my heart. And a little front tie! The title picture for today’s post inspired a little white top and jeans day! 
and my other favorite HERE

More Inspo

5. Misc. FUN!
Free Pink Drink
Sweetest thing. On Wednesday morning, I went through the line at Starbucks to try the very skinny version of a PSL. Try it, it’s a Tall (I Only get Tall Smalls, lol) Americano, with 2 pumps sugar free Cinnamon Dolce and 1 pump pumpkin syrup. It was ok but not near as good as my skinny PSL. Anyway, I digress, so I get up to the window and the Barista says “Would you like this Venti Pink Drink?” And I said like “yeah but why?” He said the lady in front of me said she didn’t want it because they were out of dried strawberries. Whaaat? Crazy lady, you can’t even taste the dried strawberries. So, I washed down the Americano with a pink drink and told the barista he was sweet and made my day! #somuchforthecaloriesave LOL!

Temps in the 90’s 5 out of the last 7 days have meant some good pool days. Soaking it up until it gets closed per the pool company’s instruction on September 27th because we live in a woods. Boo..leaves. We have a heater so I said oh close it bout October31st and they were like you won’t like that, lol! 

Let's get his weekend stated. I'm gonna close my eyes real tight and wish for crisp, cooler air for a Fall taste then back to sunshine and 80's next week! K! Enjoy friends! 

Make sure and have a GREAT September Day!!!


  1. I so love the white blouse and jeans outfit. I am dreaming of cooler weather too--it's still so hot and humid here. But I know the cooler weather is coming.

    Happy weekend!


  2. I just love the little graphics you choose for your posts, especially this one. You get mom of the year for making that drive, but the smile on your boy's face was worth it. What a great idea for a feature each Friday. I have that tiered stand on my wishlist - it looks great through all the seasons! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I am so glad you got to see your boy and bring him all that homemade goodness and mama bear love! It's so nice that you can have these days to do those kinds of things! Lovin' that decorated tiered tray too!
    Happy weekend beautiful!

  4. Fun post!! Seeing you with your son made me miss my Army son!! We sure don't get to see him much and he's here in Texas but on the complete other side!

    Love your Friday finds idea. You know, I had a three tier tray for years and then when we moved here I got rid of it. Think I need a new one!! I miss it for the seasonal decor.

    I'm avoiding all things delicious right now while I try to drop a few pounds. That super skinny might fit the bill.

    You look adorable in the white blouse. Don't you love that we are tying tops at the waist again? I think it's so cute!!

  5. I soaked up my last late afternoon pool day this week too! I wish they could stay open until October too lol. Love your fall decor on the serving tray! It is so adorable. I'm sure your boy appreciated you spending the day with him like that. Those are the special moments!! Happy Friday Andrea :-)
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  6. That tray is adorable and I just love the colors and styles you decorated it with. I bet your son was thrilled to get some homemade meals for those busy/late college nights!

  7. That tray is soooo cute! I love all of the goodies you put in there too. It's perfect. And how fun that you got to visit your son. I am sure he really appreciated it and I am also sure that drive was well worth it in your eyes. Have a fabulous weekend, Andrea!

  8. I love that tray and how you styled it! Black and white gingham/checks/plaid makes me swoon. How sweet that you got to visit your son and shower him with goodies. It's so nice to get the appreciation too! It's been super hot here too but cooling off today and the rest of the week. I hope you're off to a great weekend!

  9. I would love to have that tray and a place to put it! That was so nice of you to take food to your son. You are a great mom! And so sweet about the free pink drink!

  10. Wow, I nominate you for mom of the year. 8 hours round trip to stock the fridge!! I'm impressed! Loving all of your CUTE outfits this week. I'll take one TJ Maxx cardigan and one pair of bow slides, please! :)
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  11. I love that you were able to go stock your boy's fridge and freezer and have a good dinner with him. Enjoy that pool time while you can. I love all your outfits from the week!

  12. First of all, you are so darn pretty! Secondly, I love that fall tiered tray you set-up. I think I like it so well because you used an unexpected color (or no-color?) scheme. So chic!

  13. I am so not ready for anything less than hot weather! I love that tray! Also your outfits are so freaking cute!

  14. haha - that's the way it works when you try to save calories, isn't it?
    I got a very berry hibiscus & they didnt have the berries to put in it to give it the color - so it was totally clear, but tasted like berries, which was so wierd. But I would never just DRIVE OFF without my drink because of it. Some one is super picky, huh? ;) your benefit.
    I am IN LOVE with that tray & how you have it decorated. You really do need a job in designing & decorating. Want to be my personal shopper? :)

  15. Okay that tray is adorable but mainly because you decorated it so well! And you are the sweetest mama EVER to drive up and take care of your boy so well. Seriously!! Love all your outfits too, and I may have to try both versions of the skinny because I don't like the regular. It is too much for me.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  16. Okay, that tray is DIVINE. You had me at black, and white, and gingham. Teach me your styling ways, Andrea! Cheers to September and (hopefully) cooler weather soon for all things fall! Happy Friday!

  17. I say keep the pool open for as long as possible!! :-) Love your cute fall decor and your outfit with the white blouse. I am glad that you had a fun little trip to IU and that your son is finally settling in. That is a super cute apartment too!! Cute Starbucks story too. Sadly when I tried that drink it gave me an absolutely horrible migraine. No joke. :-( Anyways!! On a brighter note, I hope that you have a glorious weekend!!

  18. Ohhh... I'm excited for your new fall series!! I love seeing what other people are eating or decorating with. I saw that buffalo plaid pumpkin at TJ Maxx last weekend. Almost got it. :)

  19. How wonderful that you got to go visit your boy! It's been three weeks here and I'm missing mine so much! Wish I could come hang out with you by your pool. Have a great weekend friend!

  20. Your tiered tray looks great!! I've been looking ALL OVER for a tiny buffalo plaid pumpkin like that and I can't find one. Hobby Lobby has some big ones, but they're not small enough for what I need. I'll just have to keep on looking! Have a great weekend!

  21. You are just the sweetest mom out there!! I know he appreciated the visit from you!! The TJ Maxx finds are amazing! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  22. That was so nice that you did all of that driving to help out your son and his apartment. It does look great. I too am looking forward to cooler temps. Have a nice Friday and weekend

  23. Love the white shirt and jeans. So glad you got to see your oldest!!

  24. How sweet and thoughtful of you to do that for your son! I'm sure he was really appreciative! This week threw me off too. My daughter called Tuesday 'Fake Monday' because we were definitely off this week!

  25. Yay for free pink drinks! Your tray looks sooooo cute! I wanted to hit up the dollar spot last weekend while I was at Target, but I had pushed Zoe a little too far and was worried any upset would send her in to complete break down mode LOL. I hope they aren't too picked over this weekend! I need to hit it first. I came in on the wrong side of the store last week because someone stole my usual parking spot. Yes, I have a spot. Such a sweet mama taking good care of her boy <3

  26. Hope you enjoy the last swims in that beautiful pool- we're officially done with ours. Have a great weekend!

  27. Oh, I am SO glad that you got a little extra love and time with K, especially after that awful move-in weekend! Absolutely LOVE your tiered tray! I saw those checked pumpkins in Kirkland's too, but I passed because they weren't on sale the day I was there. I actually bought the velvet pumpkins instead. Our pool days are over, unfortunately. With all that we've got going on, we've just decided to cover it up at the end of the month and hopefully before all the leaves begin to fall. Alise LOVES those Starbucks pink drinks! We don't have a SB that close to us so it's always a treat when we stop to get one! Have a FABULOUS weekend, Girlie!!

  28. You are the best mom to take your son all of those goodies!! I know he enjoyed that time with you! And so looking forward to your new series! I want one of those trays so bad!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  29. Sounds like a great week, and I really like that tiered tray :)

  30. Aw those little plush plaid pumpkins are the cutest!! You're so sweet to drive that distance to stock your son's fridge and freezer!! I remember my mom doing that for me when I was in college. It was much appreciated and so great to have a taste of home!! Have a beautiful weekend Mrs. Andrea :) - Shannon

  31. Awe, nothing like some of Momma's home cooking to make all right with the world. Love your tiered tray decor, too cute! And, of course, all your outfits are just so cute! Happy weekend dearie!

  32. These are all great “Faves”. I know that feeling of getting your kids loaded up at college. Mine was only 45 minutes away from me and I couldnt hardly stand it. I had to always make sure she had food and home stuff. I know you will be sending “care packages” to your sweet boy on a regular basis. I just know it. Haha.

  33. I adore that tiered stand and you accessorized it beautifully. You are the BEST mama to drive all day for your sweet boy, and oh my heart that he was grateful. What a sweetie. Happy weekend!!! XOXO

  34. Not only do you have an eye for fashion, your decor skills are amazing! Love the cute tiered tray you put together. You are super Mom making your way to the eldest's new apartment with food, goodies, and your big heart filled with love in tote! He's one lucky boy to have you as a Mom and the apartment is looking sleek! I'm sure the Mom-Son time was great for the soul! xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  35. Good luck to your son in his new apartment - you two look so cute having your pizza! Happy September to you Hun. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

  36. I already know I'm going to love your fall features! I want a tiered tray like that so bad but I need to find a spot for it first. You decorated it so perfect! That would so be me making a trip to make sure the boys are taken care of. Ok, how about I don't know why but I didn't realize he was your oldest. I might have thought he was the youngest lol. He is going to appreciate those wonderful genes in the years to come. Sierra Beautifully Candid


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