This happens to be one of my Favorite Friday's of the whole year for many reasons which include a birthday dinner tonight for the Mr. below at a favorite restaurant. It kicks off the 4th holiday for us and we are looking forward to great memories made. My wish for yours is a fabulous weekend to create some amazing memories of your own!! Onto favorites...some really good ones this week.

1. This Birthday Boy
My Mr. Nine has a birthday today! This guy still makes my heart go pitter patter when he walks in a room. This hottie makes me laugh, makes me a better person and makes all my dreams come true. He's building me the house I've been dreaming of but I'd live in a shack without plumbing with this you know that's LOVE!!! 
Happy Birthday Babe!
His Favorite Cake Recipe HERE

Look at my babe on his Big Wheel....
His smile still lights up the world, especially mine!

And my mom makes him his favorite pie every year: Rhubarb!

Poppy Red Dress Post HERE

2. Day Date
We had the best day date in Southern Michigan on a glorious 74 degree day! Rooftop eating, walk to the beach, town shops browsing and ending at our favorite brewery people watching, of course.
My favorite drink at The Stray Dog: Blue Wave

My Favorite food to get here: Southwest Chicken Egg Rolls and the Fish ever!!

Onto our favorite Brewery call Greenbush where I always get my little 6 oz.

Dress from Target HERE
(just wait til you see the tassel back)

3. Week's Attire
Lots of patriotic wear of course
The Loft top, Amazing necklace, Michael Kors pants

JC Penny top and cardigan

Target Top, Target cardi. The loft pants and necklace

4. 4th of July Vest
I saw this vest in Meijer and could not resist.
Stripes on the back and all.

More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun
Just look at these hard workers and Daisy supervising of course. They scooped out every last bit of rock and put down dark mulch. Worked their tails off two weekends in a row to amp up our curb appeal for sell time. This past Sunday I made them a new, hearty pasta dish and will share the recipe soon.

And look at what's going down, or should I say "up" at the new property:
This is part of the basement, I couldn't fit it all in and I was up on a high dirt mound!

Happy Canada Day to all my FRIENDS up North tomorrow!! This is a big one.....150 years!!!!! Have so much fun celebrating your beautiful country!!

You know I could not have a Friday Favorite 4th edition without a sweet treat to celebrate with. This colorful cheesecake is calling my name!
Recipe HERE

Let's get this party started!!!! Happy Flipping' Weekend!!!! 

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 Welcome to a Wednesday Twofer! Our weekly fashion link-up and a What's Up Wednesday for the last Wednesday in June. On a shopping adventure during the Toronto trip with The Blended Blog blog ladies, a few of us broke off into groups and I was especially tickled that Shaunacey and Nicole were willing to take Katie, Alison and I to some stores that are only known in Canada. I knew I'd find some good stuff that wasn't readily available in the states.

Alison first spotted this dress in blush at RW&CO and I was tempted but then when she saw it in poppy red and said "that's your color", I was sold. 

Just look at the sweet BOW

Shaunacey talked me into a smaller size and I'm glad I did as the fit of the dress was just so nice. It's so well-made and I immediately knew that I would be pairing it with cork wedges (sandals Here) and a cork clutch (similar cork clutch Here) for the June brunch wedding of my husband's bosses daughter. It was the perfect day for a wedding!

Now, time for some What's Up in the Nine neck of the woods

1. WHAT WE’RE EATING THIS WEEK: Eugene Chicken with crockpot Texas Potatoes. All-American Sea Salt Caramels, and Mississippi Mud Roast

Eugene Chicken and Texas Potatoes Recipes HERE

All American Sea Salt Caramels Recipe HERE

Mississippi Mud Roast Recipe HERE

2. WHAT I’M REMINISCING ABOUT: Lake Time and Fishing. These boys, now grown, are hoping to get in some fishing time next week with dad.

3. WHAT I’M LOVING: Sweet Summer!!!
4. WHAT WE’VE BEEN UP TO: Getting the House ready to sell. So happy there are strong men in the house for jobs like like shoveling stone to replace with fresh mulch.

5. WHAT I’M DREADING: The Boys going back to college in 6 weeks. Boo
6. WHAT I’M WORKING ON: House/Blog, House/Blog, Repeat
7. WHAT I’M EXCITED ABOUT: The Beach and a week of quality family time

8. WHAT I’M WATCHING/READING: AGT and Binging "Shameless"

AND So excited, the "Younger" season 4 premiere is tonight!

Finishing up:

9. WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Old-School Country, 80's, 70's, Halsey and fav song right now: 
Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris "Craving You"

10. WHAT I’M WEARING: Bring on the Red, White and Blue Baby!!
This Fashion Post HERE

This Nautical Post HERE 
11. WHAT I’M DOING THIS WEEKEND: Celebrating hubs birthday, gone to the beach.
12. WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT MONTH: Fireworks over the lake, more progress onto house, my garage sale.

13. WHAT ELSE IS NEW: The new neighbors may not like us...details in a post to come.

BONUS: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE 4th OF JULY TRADITION? Why, the parade in our favorite beach town of course!! 
Except NOT the clowns...scary......eek


Dollar Holla Tree!!! I confess, I am a Dollar Tree Snob. Not only do I only go to the "Dollar Tree" chain, but I only go to my favorite one in our area!! It is a mother load and no other has compared since. 

Not gonna do the Family Dollar, Dollar Bin, Dollar General, nope, only Dollar Tree. I just feel the quality and selection is better and no math, it's all really a $1, except some cards and candy are 2 for 1. 
I brought you my 9 Great Dollar Tree Finds back around a Holiday season once so I felt it was time for a Summer Version and my latest trip did not disappoint. Here are 9 more GREAT Dollar Tree finds!!

1. Bags and Bows
Oh how well the Dollar Tree does bags and bows. Now, the wrapping paper is thin and cheap but the bags....hefty and CUTE!! Why pay $4.99 for a stinkin' gift bag when you can get one for $1?
And look...animal print bows!

2. Shred
How I love adding colored shred to packages. It's just so fun and no reason reason to pay 3x's as much when a fun bag for a dollar will do.
They have lots of colors too.

You can even get cute little boxes. Throw in some shred and it's a cute little base for a gift.

3. Mailing Supplies
You all know I LOVE to send packages in the mail and packaging supplies can get expensive so how cool is it, that the Dollar Tree offers mailing supplies. I literally paid $5 recently for bubble wrap and forgot I could get it at DT.
This stuff is even the 3M brand so it's nice and sturdy.

4. Plackers
I am a fanatic about flossing and use good dental floss from Oral B but I always carry theses flossers in all my bags and purses for a quick floss when out and about. I love the mint flavor of these.

5. fave kind!
My BFF got me Powder scented Lady Speed Stick a few years back and I have been hooked ever since!! It goes on invisible and lasts all day with just a slight swipe as I don't like using too much.

6. Birthday Treats
I just love getting people extra special little birthday treats besides my homemade ones. So, it was super fun to find these Birthday Cake cookies

and Hershey's miniatures in birthday packaging.

7. Paper Dinnerware 
I just love the paper plates and napkins in the black and white print. The little silver picks for hors d'oeuvres are so cute too!

8. Magic Erasers
Move over Mr. Clean!! Scrub buddies are giving you a run for your money on Magic erasers!! These are a fraction of the ones I always got in the store, you know with the bald man on the box and they work JUST AS GOOD!!

9. Seasonal Decor
You cannot beat the seasonal selections for fun and simple d├ęcor. Great for the office and classrooms too. I pile this stuff in a bag to take to our beach condo over the 4th.

And LOOK at the cute centerpiece you can make just from the Dollar Tree goodness.

Now, just as important; What NOT to Buy at the Dollar Tree:
Make-Up, Toys, Plastic Kitchen Utensils, Band-Aids, Crayons, Tape (Unless they have the Scotch brand)

Any good Dollar Tree Hauls yourself lately??