I’m jumping for July not only because I found the cutest jumpsuit that I included in this post but because it has been a good month! Let’s hope that goes right into August. Our sweet little Stella Mae did have to get bloodwork yesterday in preparation for next month’s surgery to get her spayed, but you can bet we will take loving care of her and will share with her more about her sister Daisy on the third anniversary of Daisy's Death Sunday. What a void sweet Stella has filled!

1. Saturday’s

We have had so many fun Saturdays this month!

Last Saturday we went for a 2miles walk with Stella, then had beverages alfresco at a new Brewery. Next it was pizza we had not before eaten in a McDonalds parking lot because the pizzeria lot was too small, lol.

A couple weeks ago we went to a 25th anniversary party for Mr. Nine‘s best friend from high school. It was at a golf course, and they golf carts available for romantic golf rides. Ours was more like Caddyshack, lol!

My Wear all the time Necklaces HERE and Evereve one on MAJOR Sale HERE and Pictured alone below

You've seen my HS BFF, now here is Mr. Nine's Ride or Die, lol

2. A Bath Decor Refresh
We have 5 bathrooms and I love them all except the Basement one which happens to be Mr. Nine’s fav, lol! I decided it was time for a pop of color in there and a little bathroom refresh and I just love it with the gold. The round Wall Hanging is from Target and it’s such a great piece for $40!
Gold Towels HERE // Black, Cream and Gold Vase HERE // Pampas Grasses HERE

3. These Boots
Only Major NSale Purchase

Well friends, while I know some of you were promoting the Nordstrom sale and purchasing from it, I was not really one of those! I was not loving anything this year except for two things: my favorite underwear by Natori Bliss of which I got two pair, and these Paul Green Booties! Paul Green is a favorite of mine for high-quality, rich looking European leather shoes and boots, and this was such a good deal. They are absolutely a splurge, but they are worth every penny! I have another pair that I absolutely love!

4. $18 Jumpsuit
And just like that I go from pricier to super Duper affordable, that’s how I roll! This Jumpsuit is a pure winner! And hello $17.98!! It is in the junior section of Walmart, so I did go up one size which I always do in juniors. And it fit perfectly, it is the softest knit and guess what? No bra needed with this one! It toes tight enough over the smocking in the front, that there is no need for one. And just look how cute the back cut out is!
Heart Necklace HERE

5. Misc. Fun
Wednesday ~ Forgotten Kohl's


Little Stella had a day with grandma on Monday and mom snapped a few photos after she stole her glasses! Stella loves nothing more than to take something from us and run as fast as she can so we will chase her! She is a little hoot!



Love ya!

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Oh, good ole forgotten Kohl’s! I happen to be a fan of Kohl's, I just don’t get in there very often. However, I’ve been in a few times and been very pleased with what I’ve seen. The first time, in May, I was introduced to the Draper James Line that I shared HERE. Then, recently I found the following two cuties and with my Kohl’s cash and clearance on a following visit got $86 with of stuff for $6.37!!! Yeppers!!!

First up this gauze flutter sleeve sensation of a TOP!!! I love the color and the fit! So cool and sweet. Shorts are Walmart and soooo good at under $17!

And Sandals HERE.

Then there’s this one shoulder wonder Dress, great for summer events or a day date.

Here I’m showing two of my SO Brand button downs. I love these for Summer and Fall. As you can see, this is a favorite look of mine. Many of their Button Downs are on clearance.
Top Shorts HERE and Bottom Shorts HERE


I also have this Darling Top and this Utility Jumpsuit on my wishlist. I’ll be heading back in after the back to school crowd trouts here has vacated. All Our area schools go back in the next couple weeks.


We also now have a SEPHORA inside our Kohl’s so there’s that and it’s right next to the stand alone Ulta. Too funny. What are your thoughts on Kohl's? Have you gotten some good things?



Happy Friday friends! So today, I’m sharing our vacation recap after the kids left when it was just my sweet Mr. Nine and I! On Wednesday, I shared some more of my vacation outfits. I took some dressier things but truly it is just so laid-back. We were sad they left, but we definitely enjoyed our time together without any place to be footloose and fancy free, lol!


1. Carefree Day & Fireworks

On the day the kids left, we were Out and About.

We went for a walk to our traditional conundrum Café for a crème Brulé frappe for me and beer for Mr. Nine. We had the best french fries in the state of Michigan at Frankz hot dog place, had a ball talking to the owner Joe, Got silly in the Grocery Store, met Mike who is a big Instagram star and works for the Harbor Lights Resort up there while he was helping wrangle a snake that was in the water that wasn’t even a water snake, lol. ( I won't show you the photo of the snake)

My View when getting ready...

Like I mentioned last week, the fireworks got rained out on the 4th so Mr. Nine and I watched them from the deck of our place of the lake the following evening and I have to say, they were spectacular!

2. Sutton's Bay
Every year when we go on a vacation, we take a day trip somewhere! Up north Michigan is literally a plethora for fabulous little lake towns and Sutton’s Bay did not disappoint! It was so darling! We did a little shopping, had a little lunch, and found with us now our favorite brewery that’s far in our years of brewery hopping, lol….

3. Hop Lot

OK, whoever created this place north of Traverse City is absolutely genius! I just wanted to stay there and camp out, LOL! You can get Smore‘s kits for all the open fire pits, they have the most wonderful food that we didn’t know about so we just after for drinks but we will definitely be headed back up there sometime. It is just cooler that I can even note. I think all of you whether you like breweries or not would love this place there were a lot of kids there and they had cute little areas like this one that I got for the web for kids to play.

In fact, before we got the photo, a little boy told me that this was “his” restaurant, lol

4. Kayaking 

We literally have the most beautiful day for kayaking the two-hour truck down the Platte River! It was the perfect temperature, and we went early enough that it had not gotten too busy yet! Talk about true serenity!

Then we sat and had some snacks and found a neat little beach area that we had not known about. Our plan was to go back the next morning but unfortunately it rained. Next we were headed to...

5. Sleeping Bear Dunes Climb

We have not climbed the sand dune in years and in fact, it has been even longer for me because one year when the boys wanted to do it, I refused because it was 95° and the sand was scorching. Needless to say, they didn’t go very far but this time Mr. Nine and I made it up to the peak and what a view! Sleeping bear dunes has been noted as one of the most beautiful places in the United States. It is truly a sight to behold.

Side-note, the kayaking, and dune climb were done in the same day and by the time we were done at the dunes I truly looked my absolute worst but Mr. Nine decided it would be nice to have an early bird dinner so we could chill in the condo the rest of the night. I had no make-up with me, but we went to our favorite hole in the wall called Joe’s Friendly Tavern and I didn’t even care, now that is relaxed and vacationing, lol!
Wrapping it up..
There wasn’t much to report on our last day, like I said we got rained out for our original plans in the morning, so we just had a nice little lunch at the storm cloud, sat on the beach for a couple hours, ate our traditional Friday Fish from the Port house in the park, ate ice cream and got to enjoy a Friday evening concert in the park as well! Then it was a beautiful sunset night and a running game of rummy on the porch.

Like Diamonds by Day...Fire at night!

....And on the Way home..last walk & view of our Lighthouse, then clouds part with Beauty in the Bay and a Stop at the Farmer's Market for flowers.

Truly our favorite place on Earth!
Happy Weekend!

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Ok, let me just get this out there, I literally took about 37 outfits. Now to note, I did wear about 2/3 (photo shoots included) of them but and this is a big BUT, LOL! If I were not a blogger and an influencer, I probably just mainly would’ve taken T-shirts, tanks, swimsuits, and shorts! Yep you read that right. That’s how laid-back upper Michigan is and how I feel most comfortable! Maybe would’ve thrown in a couple decent outfits for dinner but one day, I promised Mr. Nine that I will get it down just to a handful of outfits and shoes, lol! It’s so much worse for me when we drive because I know I can take ALL THE THINGS? Are you like that? Do you tend to pack more when you drive? It is a running joke, but I have a big red suitcase that literally weighs 100 pounds when we go and either Mr. Nine or the boys must carry it up and down three flights of stairs. Mama must make some packing changes, lol!


OK, now to some of the cuteness that I did wear in addition to the Cabana Life Cuteness I showed you last week. And at the end of this post, a couple pieces that I never did wear but took.


This Target Sweatshirt is the SOFTEST I own and right on trend with the tennis/Beverly Hills/sweats trend the teens are especially sporting these days. Perfect outfit for a walk on the pier. Jean Shorts HERE

This entire look from the Knit one Shoulder Top to the Checkered Skirt and Straw Sandals is under $75!! The two clothing pieces are from Target, and I love them! Perfect outfit for Italian and Ice Cream! 

I really took quite a few beachy linen pants and this pair was a fav! I love them especially great with a guaze white shirt and fav bling sandals. So Beach town sweet!

LOVE me some Yellowstone this tee came from Meijer but linking the pants and bag, one of my beloved Lulu bags of course. 

Oh, my Stars, this Cardigan Sweater is one great Amazon Find. I LOVE that the stars are black so it’s not just for Patriotic occasions. Looks so good with the black beachy Pants and I love that the grey is heathered and lighter in weight. 

Tank HERE ad Flip Flops HERE

This Romper is from Cabi Clothing and I shared it on Instagram HERE but it is another with the detachable back is it is soooo good!

Now to a couple of the cute things that didn't get worn..

Literally one of my favorite outfits from the Summer and BEST Cardigan EVER from Evereve. The paper bag amazing SHORTS are from Walmart and identical to a pair of $98 ones I saw.

OH, this Peplum Cutie TOP from The LOFT! This top also has the CUTEST back tie. Sandals HERE

And of course the necklace set I wore almost everyday on vacation, get it HERE, so inexpensive and perfect!!

Which look is your favorite?