Happy Friday. We were so blessed to have two of our boys and their lovely ladies with us for vacation even if it was just for the first few days. Our other son who had moved to Baltimore a couple months ago as you may remember was so bummed that he and his girl could not be there. Hoping to have all 6 next year!

1. Beach
Since our condo is right on the beach, of course there are going to be beach days! Day one was the perfect day out there!

Swim  Top HERE (I loved it)
2. St. Ambrose Cellars
Mr. Nine and I discovered this place a couple years ago and it is the neatest outdoor brewery and winery with the big red barn showcasing live music. It also has great spots for photo opps.

My Top HERE // Shorts HERE

3. Parade
Finally! The past two years, the 4th of July parade was canceled due to Covid and road construction! While it wasn’t quite as big as it has been in years past, this is one of my favorite things in our favorite town!
My Tee HERE// Shorts HERE

4. Italian and Ice cream Night

The night of the Fourth of July, we had a lovely Italian meal at a new Italian restaurant in town and afterwards we went to an ice cream shop that we walked by gazillions of times and had never been in it all these years! What were we thinking, the Scoop is just adorable!

More on this outfit 
next week..entire loo under $75!

I was hoping #5 would be Fireworks. Sadly, the fireworks got rained out and our kids had to leave the morning of the fifth. Mr. Nine and I watched them that night, but it just wasn’t the same.

Here we are ..sad after they left


5. Misc. Fun


My beloved Cozy Earth has a new collection, the bamboo ultra-soft collection. I’m taking it to the streets as these pieces were meant to be worn out and about not just cozy at home! And I have a generous code for you for 40% off, I old so much Cozy Earth and I just love it! One of my Fav Vacay outfits!

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My Posies are looking so pretty...Just look at this view in the Back!

Our baby girl turned seven months this week! Such a sweetie! 

Reunited!! Somebody was happy to see mommy and daddy!!
And there's that Necklace set I wear all the time..
bought 7 on Prime Days for gifts!

Happy July Weekend Friends!!

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  1. Your beach vacay looks like it was a huge success! So happy you had 2 of the 3 boys there with you and their sweet ladies! That ice cream shop is so cute! Just love all these beautiful photos and I know your little Stella Mae was so happy to have you home!
    Love ya!

  2. Anonymous15.7.22

    Ok girl- you look amazing! You are in better and better shape every day- amazing and so inspirational- love all of your vaca fun and your outfits are on point- thanks for sharing! Holly @ Pink Lady

  3. Love seeing all these family pics! What a wonderful vacation. I feel you on not having your entire family with you. Dealing with those emotions today. Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  4. Oh my goodness, it looks like such a blast! It is fun seeing all your boys looking so happy with the lives they are building. And I know you love getting the time with them. Hopefully they all get to come next time.

  5. What a fun time with your babies!! I know I'm going to miss when mine are little, but it's going to be so much fun when they're adults, too! I'm actually looking forward to that!

  6. Anonymous15.7.22

    Your vacation looked wonderful and I love your family photos! I also LOVE that ruffle one-shoulder top and the red one! Have a glorious weekend my friend! XO, Caroline

  7. You have a beautiful family! It looks like such a fun vacation! Happy Birthday to little Stella Mae!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. You know me and how much I LOVE family vacay's. There is something so special about that time together. We just did a family trip to Vegas and while the activities were so much fun, the laughs we shared together will stay in my heart forever. I know you feel the same about your beautiful family too! Love you guys! XO


  9. What a wonderful vacation - love that two out your three boys were able to come! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. What a great vacation with your family. I love that the girlfriends get to go too. What incredible memories. I love your 4th outfit. so cute.

  11. Sounds like you guys had a great vacation!!! Sorry the fireworks were rained out. Zoe and I watched the ones at the beach inside our condo, she doesn't like the noise lol. Loved all your outfits. Fingers crossed that next year you get all three boys with you!

  12. I am so happy for you that two of your sons got to join you on vacation! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time together.

  13. There’s nothing better than vacation with family. So glad you guys were able to do that even though one of your sons were not able to do so. I just adore your 4th of July graphic tee. It’s super cute and made me smile. :)

    Maureen |

  14. That little ice cream parlor is so cute! Love your festive 4th of July outfit!

  15. Anonymous16.7.22

    This looks like my kind of vacation. Your 4th of July outfits are SO cute. I love that tee and the other outfit with the long gingham skirt is so pretty. I think it is so nice your boys vacation with you and bring their girls along. I am sorry you were missing one of them! Italian and ice cream sounds like the perfect day!


  16. What a lovely looking trip! I think we all are entitled to a serious vacation after surviving these last few years, haha. That ice cream place is truly adorable!

  17. That's a great place to stay there right at the beach! Love the outfits!

  18. What a wonderful vacay! Loved seeing your family pics.

  19. Awww, I just love this! The whole fam-- plus the boys' significant others!-- together! What an amazing way to celebrate!

    I've got a new post up featuring super bright + in your face green! Haha. :)


  20. How FUN to have the kids with you for a few days. I'm hoping for lots of this in our future too!

  21. Such a darling family Andrea. How fun to hang with them. I am featuring your sweet post today at Love Your Creativity.


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