One of my favorite post of the year is here! You know I love to decorate, and I truly enjoy transforming the porch with the seasons! Last year, you may remember from this Post, that I stayed all neutral with white moms and white, green and blue pumpkins! With the black accents on our house, it just felt right to add in some oranges this year especially after I bought a new pumpkin wreath at HomeGoods! 

Then the “welcome to our patch” easel sign from Kirkland’s sealed the deal that I had to add in some brighter colors, and I love how much better it pops!

And you know, since I also include fashion posts on my blog, I am always in need of great photo spots. With this beautifully decorated Fall porch, I realized my own steps made a great spot for photos. So, I had to share my new rust corduroy skirt and the fun neutral pieces to complement and finish off the outfit! And I found out, golden hour on the front porch is about 6:30 PM right now, LOL!


Of course, I kept some of the white and black buffalo checked items but I added in some fun new elements like a new welcome mat and the cute burlap bag I shared Friday that I got from the Target Dollar spot and filled with newspaper.

Welcome to our Patch Easel HERE // Checkered Doormat HERE // Checkered Pillow Covers HERE // Orange Pillow Covers HERE // Come Back with Pumpkin Spice Doormat  HERE // Rocking Chairs HERE

So, what do you think? Which do you like better? Last Year's? Or this year? I always appreciate feedback, especially with decorating!



Fall is barely even here and just like that; poof September is about gone. With as warm as our temps have been, we are so happy that we kept our pool open until October 7! October will probably fly as fast, but let’s try and slow it down, LOL! Excited to get to some favorites!

1. Sunflower Fields
Well, so as you know this summer, the lavender fields were a bust but when my mom told me about some local sunflower fields, I was like yes, that could work for some pictures! The plan was to take two outfits but when I got out to the car to change my clothes, I realized I had everything but the most important thing and that was the top I wanted to showcase. So, I only got one outfit session in and I will share that next week. It was such a glorious evening and the sunflowers are a delight to see!

2. Booties
Boots, Boots, how I love these, This pair from Steve Madden quickly became my favorite pair of the season. Wore em’ all day one day and super comfy!


3. Week's Attire



4. Striped Delight
Oh, this Sweater is a striped delight all right! Don’t you just love the colors? I had been wanting this one for quite a while and could not wait to wear it when it got down to 75 degrees, LOL! I just think it came together so cutely with the black hat and boots!


More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun
Posts of the Week 
Wednesday~ Falling for Overalls All Over Again and Link-Up

BURLAP SACK & Monday Preview
Monday is the day I share this year’s porch d├ęcor and I am so excited. Here is a look at a favorite find. These burlap bags that I stuffed with newspaper are $5 in the dollar spot at Target and oh so cute! 

Some time left to join the AMAZING Giveaway from PinkBlush! So many cute and affordable clothes! You could get the cutest outfit with $100! See Wednesday's Blog Post to enter!

Have FUN & May Your Be WINNING & SWEET!

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Oooh it’s a great day when there’s a Fashion Link-Up, a cute Fall outfit and one of my lovely readers can WIN a $100 gift card for the amazing PINKBLUSH. I shared with you a couple of my Fall PinkBlush Pieces pieces a few weeks ago and I’m sooo excited to partner with them for a chance for you to WIN and shop their CUTENESS! 

In the past 15 years or so, I can honestly say I have really only worn overalls once and that was when I shared with you my fabulous Z Supply CAMO ones! They were awesome when I was in high school, I even had mini skirt ones and they were absolute comfort and perfection when I was pregnant, but after that, I was like no way!

UNTIL these Olive Corduroy Cuties from Pink Blush came into my life! As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted a form fitting off the shoulder top for under and a little leopard pop of course.


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I did it! A year ago, this week, I joined Instagram! After dragging my heels on joining the end all be all Spot for beautiful photos, one year ago I hit Share and now I have a gazillion thoughts on the platform. Some good, some bad and oodles of mixed emotions. 

I’ve never been a Facebook girl, never will be and Twitter was getting boring and with my blog growth at a standstill. I needed something, so Insta it was. I had these visions of wonderful photos and taking pictures with things like a giant Birthday Balloons, did that; Christmas tree lots and pumpkin patches & Old Trucks!


Reality is, pictures aren’t instantly better on Instagram, they’re still the same old pictures you’ve been taking and if you don’t travel weekly or have an interesting place to take photos, or a dedicated assistant, LOL, they can sometimes be a little vanilla, but that’s OK if that’s what you have to work with!

It is a complete love-hate relationship with this social platform. For this post, I’m going to break it down into three things. The things I adore about Instagram, the frustrating things about Instagram and Tips to grow your Instagram.
I am by no means any expert, but I am a research girl, so I did my research for almost a year about Instagram before I even joined. I felt prepared and quickly learned some of the ropes. I still have a lot to learn and I’m hoping that will help me maximize my priorities and not spend so much dang time on there! Particularly, getting sucked down rabbit holes, LOL! Don’t we all?

OK here is what I adore about the Gram! Hands-down, the community and relationships there! I was truly worried about the comparison and all the younger girls dominating but definitely not the case! Everyone is so uplifting and supportive and there for you if you’re struggling with something and shared on your stories. I truly want to lift up others there and they do the same for me! It’s a beautiful thing!

Just like the Blog, I’ve even “met” people on Instagram that I’ve become real life friends with. With Insta, I’ve been blessed to meet people close by that I can actually get together with. We bond over local loves. 

The opportunities it has opened in regard to the blog and acquiring products. I did fairly well with affiliate links and ads and some sponsorships on my blog, but I’ve been opened to even more opportunities on Instagram, often in exchange for great free products that I would’ve maybe purchased anyway!
Yeah and you stage photos of said products like this one, lol!

Stories are fun! It took tons of getting used to, hearing my own voice, not feeling awkward but you get used to it. They’re fun to do and watch. It just once again, takes time. 

You get inspiration from other people's Insta photos much like Pinterest.

The cons, oh the cons! I will try not to make a huge list but sometimes they do outweigh the benefits. First of all, the creeps! I even shared once in my stories how I’ve been offered an allowance to be some creeps platonic friend. No thanks, my husband gives me an allowance, LOL! Block, Block, Block. 

Then, it’s the constant barrage of people wanting me to join their fitness routines or pick up a side hustle or buy into diet products or how to be successful promotions. Nope, I’m good on all accounts. I’m early retired for a reason and I do just fine with my fitness and diet, LOL!

Oh, and let’s talk about the people who follow and then Unfollow. Yes, sometimes it can be hard to tell, and I know a lot of my friends have tracking apps for that but I keep a list and go in and physically check it every now and then. There was one time when I followed someone who I truly admired and thought the admiration was mutual only to be devastated that she unfollowed me. I know I should not take it personally, but I actually called her out on it and she felt so bad and said that it was because of a service and that if it ever happens again to let her know. I so appreciated that honesty. Trust me, I get it, everybody wants to grow but not have to be following thousands of people because you don’t want that many filling up your feed and not be able to see all the people you love when you scroll. However, don’t follow me if you’re going to Unfollow me in a day or two. I appreciate the people that follow and stick around and often times it’s those people who I interact with that I absolutely want to follow back!

And finally, I’ll leave my last con at the algorithm! Before I was on Instagram, I often heard about this but had no idea what it meant in relation to the app. Now, I totally get it. Instagram has total control over if what you share gets seen and that is just wrong!
I hate NOT seeing the people I love in my feed or seeing posts from 2-3 days ago. Please keep it current and in order Insta!! 
 And on that note, please do not take away the likes, it’s not a game, it’s just nice to see who actually likes viewing your stuff!

Ok, the growth! My goal was 1000 followers each quarter, so by the end of this month I was hoping to have at least 4000 and I have surpassed that. Now, keep in mind I am not normally a numbers girl but if I do want to continue to be successful and have growth, then I need to get to that golden 10,000 that makes it easier for your readers to just swipe up to find a product. If my account was just a personal account, I wouldn’t even care about the numbers, but it is indeed part of my business and an extension of my blog. It’s so funny, because when I started thinking about joining Instagram there were so many people that told me, had I joined it when I first started blogging almost 5 years ago, I’d be making six figures by now. I really don’t pay much attention to that, yes the extra money is fun, but it’s my hobby and it’s awesome to be creative and share what I love with others!

So, let me share with you what has worked for me to grow my Instagram.

Hands down, the number one thing is ENGAGEMENT! I like and comment like crazy! And not just a comment like “so cute!” Rather, I leave genuine comments! Does it take a lot of time? YES! But it’s worth the work and I love complimenting others.

With that being said, BE AUTHENTIC!!! That is so important to me!

To help with time spent on Insta, I usually only post 3 times on week and on the same day I publish a blog post, but I do spend 3-4+ hours broken up on those days engaging. During the days in between, I comment for about hour.

Take care of your followers first, engaging with them, then check the comments from those you follow and find new profiles to comment on. Sometimes they follow you.

Tread lightly with giveaways. I’ve only done a few and one was a little sketch. Make sure the person or team running the giveaway have a lot of followers, communicates well, they unfollow as soon as giveaway is over so not as easy for participants to unfollow and prices to join are reasonable. A good majority will continue to follow you if you have good content. One thing I won’t do is buy followers or join a growth service.

Refresh your feed often so you can see more of those you follow.

Try to do stories but don’t feel obligated especially if it makes you overwhelmed. Stories are Hard!! It took me forever to get used to my own voice on there. And I don't think people hear everything I say as scrolling through is a thing, lol!

If I really had to give only one Tip, it’s the genuine, hard work commenting on as many as you can and answering your comments. People like to be heard and valued.

Here’s hoping year two teaches me even more. Tell me what YOU think about Instagram. I am a huge believer in lifelong learning and change is inevitable so who knows where Insta will takes us. But above all, have fun, stay true to you and take media breaks to clear your head! Now, I’m off to take pictures with pumpkins, lol.
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