Bonjour! And let’s go to the Pub! The Nines are headed to London and Paris! You may recall a couple years ago when I turned 50 and we were unable to do any big trips due to the Vid! I knew I just knew I wanted to get out of dodge this year for my birthday and more than just our normal Chicago getaway. I feel like this is the first year that the pandemic seems to be by the wayside.

Going to be lots of this going on, lol

Isn’t the title picture of Miss Stella Mae in a beret the cutest way to announce this trip! Sweet Grandma Giga will be taking care of her, but there is part of us that wishes she could go across the pond too, lol. 

How Stella truly feels about it since she doesn't get to go.

Dog Beret HERE // Dress HERE // Eiffel Tower HERE

Look at this precious Gift that was such a coincidence from my mom. She had ordered it for me for Valentine's the morning before I called to tell her where we were traveling. She didn't realize it had an Eiffel Tower in the globe part. And look it's as if the bears are Mr. Nine and I and he is presenting me with the trip along with Cherry Blossom (let's just say they are) trees that might be in bloom when we are there!! I LOVE IT!!

(it's so well made and packaged so nicely, 
the globe top comes off the mug)

I think between not being able to go the last couple years, everything going on with my dad, when I was sick a few weeks ago and everything with menopause led Mr. Nine to really want to do something special. It’s funny, I think he’s more excited about London and I’m more excited about Paris and there are quotes that are directly kin to that like the one at the bottom and this one:

I’ve heard London is one of the best cities in the entire world, so I am beyond excited! I think I’m probably equally excited about both, but on the morning of my birthday, I get to wake up to a view of the Eiffel tower, which is the ultimate cherry on top! Below is our Hotel.

9 Paris Hotels with the 
BEST Views of Eiffel Tower HERE

I’m even excited about the flight itself as will be sitting and hopefully sleeping in recliners. It’s an overnight flight, but I can never sleep on planes.  The first five days will be spent in London. We have found the most wonderful YouTube videos to help us plan our itineraries. A couple of my sweet Blogger friends that have been have helped me as well. On Saturday, we sat down, and we mapped out each day. London is very large, so you want to plan your days according to areas. One of the things I’m super excited about is, we’re going to do two very unusual afternoon tees. And of course, we will be seeing a show in the West End! Along with Kensington Palace, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye, etc. And something I am very excited about is just exploring the various neighborhoods.  


Then we will be on the Eurostar to Paris for five more days.  Since it is a different country, we will have to go through customs, and then we plan on being greeted at the most glorious hotel across from the Louvre with the Eiffel Tower view as seen above! Of course, I am so interested in the main attractions, in addition to the Eiffel tower like the Arc de Triomphe, Sainte-Chapelle, Seine River, Musée d’Orsay, Tuileries Garden and The Louve.


This outfit is a strong contender for a London or Paris evening. 

FP Body Suit HERE // Faux Leather Pants HERE (AMAZING and great Price) // Belt HERE

Since the fire in 2019, Notre Dame is being rebuilt, so we are very sad we will not get to see that. We are also planning a day trip to the Palace of Versailles and that has me super excited as well. There will also lots of cafés, people, watching, croissants and banquettes eaten. AND MACARONS!!


Some of you may have seen a few hints on Instagram leading up to this.  A macaron and pastry shop called love Le Macaron & French Pastries recently opened in our town and my mom, and I went last week, and boy did that get me excited. (and how lucky are we and Stella to have sweet, stylish Grandma Giga taking care of our girl!) 

AND Just look at these clocks. It’s Paris time and my town time.

Express Blazer HERE // Joggers HERE // Nikes HERE// Hoodie HERE// Pin HERE

Of course, I am planning all the outfits like crazy and plan to be a little more refined for London, and a little more flair in Paris. Is packing ever going to be a chore, lol!  


In each city, we are going to take time to just wander on one day not stick to the itinerary and see where it finds us! 


We pretty much have our itineraries planned, but I would love to hear your thoughts; if you want to go someday, if you have ever been to either or both…what some of your favorites are? 

Merci and I LOVE YOU!

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Hi beauties…wow how did another WUW with Shay get here so quick? February has been good for the most part! Lots of goodness for ya today. Always love these types of posts. 


Carrot Cake! I made an amazing carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for our son’s fiancé’s birthday. It was so good. The little carrots came from Target Here seasonal for Easter time. So adorable on it! Do you like Carrot Cake?



Spending the last 2 days with my friend Jill from Doused in Pink !!

We had the best time shopping, eating, drinking champagne, walking, talking life, blogging and ugh Instagram, lol. 

We did a fun try-on at Anthropologie too! Here are a couple of the outfits!

Dress HERE

Pants HERE // Jill's Top HERE // My Tee HERE


All the S's, LOL...Signs of Spring as in The 2 swans are back in the pond.

AND SPANX!! Yes, I know I sound like a broken record, but you guys I wear my Spanx Air Essentials probably four out of seven days a week! That’s why I’m so excited that Spanx gave me a promo code for you all! You need to live wearing air too, lol! Best thing I’ve ever put on my body! More on order! Feeling like Air Essentials is my home and errands uniform, lol! 


10% off! 

Half  Zip sweatshirts HERE // Crew Sweatshirts HERE // Tapered pants HERE and Really LOVE the Wide Leg Pants

Stella loves beings up against it too! Spanx needs to make doggy clothes. Lol.


See #7 x's 2!


Another month going too fast. 


St. Patrick’s front porch, and foods regarding the fun and Lucky Day! (wait til you see them!!)

Also working on Spring organization in cabinets. I had good intentions in January, but the bathroom cabinets especially need organization!


Wedding Planning. We have a date for our two in Baltimore: June 1st, 2024, but we met with these two and her parents recently and they are perhaps planning a destination wedding for October.


Shrinking (so good by the producers of Ted Lasso), Truth Be Told, Dear Edward (also Fabulous and heartwarming!)

READING: The Stories We Tell by Joanna Gaines. Get it HERE


9: WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Country, Classic Rock, T-Swift, Elton John..



Evereve!! This Elton John Tee from Evereve. I took it from Breakfast to Lunch to Dinner! Love these looks! My favorite is the 3rd one with the Pink Skirt!

Tee HERE // Pants HERE // Hoodie HERE // Jacket HERE // Sneakers HERE

Similar Blazer (Not faux leather) HERE

Skirt HERE //  Jacket HERE // Boots HERE

Here is a great Evereve jumpsuit too! Get it/ See It HERE and Shoes HERE


 It will be a chill weekend and we have a couple projects to tackle.


EEEK you'll find out on Monday...exciting surprise!! 



Last time I traveled with my mom, she had one of these lil mini hair straighteners that comes with a pouch. I found the perfect one on Amazon HERE at a great price! Just got it yesterday! LOVE!


Happy Day Pretty Peeps!

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This was another one of those weeks in Indiana where the weather was all over the place! We had beautiful sunshine and temps in the 50s and then 50 mile an hour winds and now today they’re calling for a high of 28°! Let’s get to some of my favorite things this week as we get closer to spring!


1. Mom & I with our Strap On's
It was a special day for my mom and I on Valentine’s Day, we went to see the movie 80 for Brady and then we had lunch at a new to our area restaurant, called Social Cantina, the best tacos, and cocktails! My mom had heard that in the movie Sally Field called her Crossbody a strap on, so she got one, and we decided to wear our Stop On's together to the movie! What a hoot! And the movie is so good and funny.

Pink Earrings from Mom HERE
(tons of colors)

2. Spanx Air Essentials

Oh, the Love affair with Spanx continues! The air essentials line is my favorite comfy/athleisure line of ALL TIME!! I cannot say it enough. Like wearing air! And isn’t the Pale Pink Crew Sweatshirt (lots of colors) so cute with the Button Down crisp white shirt! The cute pants are the tapered in navy and so good!

Use Code:


For 10% off

Crew Sweatshirt HERE // Pants HERE // White Button Down HERE

And wow, I loved the Cocoon Cardigan so much that I got it and the Wide Leg Pants in the dark palm color in addition to the black ones. These will now be my ultimate travel pants!!
Cocoon Cardigan HERE // Pants HERE

3. Serovital Hair Regeneres Advanced 

My hair! It’s another aspect of my body that aging, MENOPAUSE and stress have changed! My hair was thinning, breaking and dull. I was longing for brighter, healthier, more voluminous hair.

 Enter SEROVITAL Hair Regeneres ADVANCED! It’s a hair supplement that works from the inside out to assist hair rejuvenation. It’s a science-backed formula for lifeless hair. Great for Postpartum mamas too!


+ Reduces stress-related hair loss

+ Nourishes the scalp

+ Reduces shedding and breakage

+ Regrows thicker, stronger, fuller hair

  USE CODE : ANDREA15 for 15% off 

Serovital products HERE

4. Lululemon Restocked Bags

Speaking of those strap ons up there, my favorite is the Lululemon everywhere BELT BAGS and they are restocked in different colors and patterns! Get them before they sell out again.

5. Misc. Fun


Have a Fabulous weekend Friends!!

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Last Wednesday I shared a Reel Video where I talked about how eating a date a day helped lower my overall cholesterol substantially. 


You heard right, lower that cholesterol like I did with yummy dates! 


True story: I have a history in my family of high cholesterol, and my numbers were starting to creep up to the point where my doctor talked about putting me on a statin drug the next time he saw me. Then I heard a couple doctors talk about eating a date or two a day to lower those numbers and sure enough when I went back at six months my total cholesterol had dropped 40 points and my ratio was much better!

I didn’t change my diet. I eat fairly healthy. I still exercised almost every day but yes, of course I was still skeptical. That is until two fellow friends of mine were also in the same boat and begin eating dates every day, and they had similar results with lower numbers in overall cholesterol.


I’m telling you friends there’s something to this. Plus, dates are a healthy and delicious snack. And I absolutely love them! I put them in energy bites. I open them up and put almond butter in them. They give me my sweet tooth fix too. It’s a total win-win. It’s worth a try. Most days I even eat two! 

Last year I even out them on my Christmas Trays. You stuff with Peanut Butter and drizzle with Chocolate and they taste like "Snickers." You can put a couple peanuts on each one too.

~I am not a Doctor and do not claim this will work for all. It’s just a factor that worked for me! 

Here is a list of even mote benefits from dates. Makes me even happier to eat this sweet right from nature!!

*Excellent Source of Fiber

*Relieves Constipation

*Helps Boost Energy

*Helps to treat Anemia

*Nervous System Health

*Improves Eyesight 

*Strengthens Bones

*Reduces risk of Stroke

*Maintains Healthy Skin

*Nourishes Hair Roots & Scalp 

My Favorite dates are the ones above (I find at TJ Maxx and Marshalls). I also love the ones in the plastic tub in the produce section at Trader joes.
And Favorite sweater HERE

How’s your cholesterol? Do you like dates? 

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sooooo me, lol