Sweet friends may this Friday bring sickness behind me! I have been down and out this week; even blew my nose so much that I cracked it and it bleed, lol. And I had to postpone a trip to see a dear friend. But I still have some favorites...always Lots of Love even when I feel bad.


1. Stella's Gotcha Day
Oh, my dear, sweet Stella! I shared her gotcha picture on Instagram Sunday, a year since the day we brought that sweet bundle of fur home!!
and this was my caption:

A YEAR of Loving you STELLA MAE! Happy GOTCHA DAY!

 You light up our lives, your precious, loving, smart and playful personality has us wrapped around your little paw, lol! You love us with every ounce of sweetness in your 8-pound body but still find ways to love us deeper every day!

 We found you at exactly the right time! The sun shined a little brighter beginning February 5th, 2022. Our little Girl and an angel on Earth!

 If you have a dog, you know the JOY they bring! You know the depths of loss when you lose them and the depths of love when they join your home and become one of you!

 And yes, she has her own walk-in closet, lol!

2. cabi X-Factor Dress

In THIS POST on Wednesday, I showed you some favorites from the new cabi spring collection. Today is the X-Factor Dress. Wouldn’t it be the perfect dress for Valentine’s Day. You can do the classy, black, and white or add in some pops of color all spring and summer long. Perfect to dress up or down! It’s such a great, comfy fit and such a great wait. There’s even an X design on the back.

Oh, and definitely add in the collar necklace!


What cabi has to say about it: “Feeling like your spring wardrobe is missing that “it” factor? Well, look no further, because the X-Factor Dress will fulfill all your wishes. This black-and-white floral wrap dress has a kimono feel with an A-line skirt and a black fabric belt for the finishing touch. Now, you’ll have that “Je ne Sais quoi.”

Handbag is one of my Favs from Teddy Blake
Use Code TBANDREAN30 for $30 0ff a bag!

3. Spring Finds

I don’t own a trench coat that I’m completely in love with, but that will probably change when I get one of THESE!! The checks is a pale blue along with the other check being a gorgeous green, and I love it in person! Under $50 from the Free Assembly line at Walmart and looks and feels like $150 coat with the detailing. Get one HERE! So CUTE!!


Lots of winter left, and I truly wish that sandals did not start appearing in stores so early but to get the cute ones you’ve got a jump on it and these sandal finds had me dumbfounded. I literally had to do a second look in Target because there are 2 styles that look exactly like Dolce Vita.

Target Save Sandals HERE

Dolce Vita Sandals HERE

(these are on sale now)


Here’s another easy to wear Half Zip Top in the color coffee!

 The material is so great! 

Top HERE // Pants HERE

4. Oral B Electric Toothbrush

Of course, Mr. Nine and I have matching toothbrushes, lol! I was on the fence about getting a rechargeable toothbrush, but when he got me the pink one for Christmas, I was sold after he knew how much I loved it, I got him a black one. They are under $50 in my charge lasts up to three weeks, then I just recharge again overnight. You will LOVE the Oral-B Pro Crossaction 1000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush! And so will your teeth!

Get one HERE


5. Misc. Fun

1st is my Fav!

Have a Fabulous weekend Friends!!

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  1. So happy you got Stella! She is a doll. My best friend finally got a dog after being adamant that she wasn't a dog person and didn't want one. Now she is so obsessed with her little dog. The joy they bring us is just infinite. I say spoil her to pieces. Ernie is getting pumpkin, sweet potato, eggs, and his usual chicken, green beans and carrots along with his kibble. He is getting extra walks and snuggles.

  2. Unfortunately I got the crud this week too. Luckily the boys seems to be ok, so at least I didn't spread it around the house. I hope you are feeling better! Happy gotcha day to Stella.

  3. Those memes cracked me up - the BEST!!! I know the whole in your heart Stella filled and the joy she has brought you - cannot believe it has already been a year! Target has the best dupes, I swear, their versions are spot on!
    Have the best weekend, love ya!

  4. So sorry that you are sick my friend. Sending prayers of healing. I need to get my hand on those Target sandals. What an awesome dupe and can't believe Stella Mae is one now. Time goes so fast!

  5. I hope you are on your way to feeling better Andrea. Stella is just the cutest dog and she has such a loving mom, dad, brothers, and grandma. I like your half zip top and it look comfortable. Have a happy Friday and weekend.

  6. Congrats on a year with Stella! I like the sandals - I think Gabbie has similar ones already! Hope you feel better soon.

  7. I love a good trench and that one looks fabulous! I hope you feel better, sweet friend!

  8. Missing you and hope you're feeling better! Those trench coats are such a great find!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  9. Stella is the cutest! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. I hope you're feeling better soon! I got an eclectic toothbrush in last summer or fall and ended up getting everyone else in the house one by/for Christmas. I just love it!

  11. Hope you are feeling better soon! Love that X factor dress on you!

  12. Those meme's made me laugh! I'm down with a cold right now - ugh..the worst! Hope you're feeling better soon, my friend XOXO


  13. Anonymous10.2.23

    I love how you styled that dress, you look beautiful! I hope that you feel better soon too my friend. Love you and have a wonderful weekend! Xo, Caroline

  14. Wanna hear something gross. Rob and I share the same electric toothbrush, we just change out the brush part each time.
    Stella has been such a blessing...I'm so ready for a dog,

  15. Over here in the Netherlands we are sick too. Everyone seems to have the flue, feel better soon.

  16. ENyberg11.2.23

    Looking super sharp in that CABI dress. Lover the Valentines porch background too!

  17. Awww hope you and Stella had a special weekend celebrating her adoption :)

  18. I really love Dolce Vita, so I would definitely look at that dupe. I can't believe you have had Stella for a year now!!


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