Last Wednesday I shared a Reel Video where I talked about how eating a date a day helped lower my overall cholesterol substantially. 


You heard right, lower that cholesterol like I did with yummy dates! 


True story: I have a history in my family of high cholesterol, and my numbers were starting to creep up to the point where my doctor talked about putting me on a statin drug the next time he saw me. Then I heard a couple doctors talk about eating a date or two a day to lower those numbers and sure enough when I went back at six months my total cholesterol had dropped 40 points and my ratio was much better!

I didn’t change my diet. I eat fairly healthy. I still exercised almost every day but yes, of course I was still skeptical. That is until two fellow friends of mine were also in the same boat and begin eating dates every day, and they had similar results with lower numbers in overall cholesterol.


I’m telling you friends there’s something to this. Plus, dates are a healthy and delicious snack. And I absolutely love them! I put them in energy bites. I open them up and put almond butter in them. They give me my sweet tooth fix too. It’s a total win-win. It’s worth a try. Most days I even eat two! 

Last year I even out them on my Christmas Trays. You stuff with Peanut Butter and drizzle with Chocolate and they taste like "Snickers." You can put a couple peanuts on each one too.

~I am not a Doctor and do not claim this will work for all. It’s just a factor that worked for me! 

Here is a list of even mote benefits from dates. Makes me even happier to eat this sweet right from nature!!

*Excellent Source of Fiber

*Relieves Constipation

*Helps Boost Energy

*Helps to treat Anemia

*Nervous System Health

*Improves Eyesight 

*Strengthens Bones

*Reduces risk of Stroke

*Maintains Healthy Skin

*Nourishes Hair Roots & Scalp 

My Favorite dates are the ones above (I find at TJ Maxx and Marshalls). I also love the ones in the plastic tub in the produce section at Trader joes.
And Favorite sweater HERE

How’s your cholesterol? Do you like dates? 

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  1. Ok definitely going to try and will let you know!

  2. I need this. I am lowering mine by eating more oatmeal and whole grains (and less egg yolks - controversial, but I am trying it) but this seems like an easy thing to add. Thank you!

  3. I am going to have get some dates, I am afraid I'll eat too many, they look delicious and sweet! Thanks for sharing!
    Love ya!

  4. What a tasty way to lower your numbers!

  5. I will try them again because I love what they did for you. The peanut butter added to them looks so tasty. Thanks for sharing my friend!

  6. I get them from aldis and they are a little smaller, but they still work! I love them with a bit of peanut butter. Transforming them into a dessert is a good idea! You know this worked for me!

  7. I've never heard of dates lowering cholesterol, that is awesome! I'm so happy it helped you and by 40 points, that's huge! I may try to pick up on this habit. I've ate dates maybe a handful of times, but I feel like this would be a good healthy habit to start!

    Hope you have a fantastic day, Andrea! :)

  8. I'm going to give this a try. Michael has high cholesterol and takes a statin. Mine is ok, but I love dates. I'm going to pick some up at TJ's.

  9. Wow Andrea that is great news. I was wondering if prunes would work too? I will give them a try.

  10. Anonymous13.2.23

    The dates from Trader Joe's are delicious too if you have not tried them. I am really happy that this worked for you and your recipe with the dates and peanut butter look SO yummy! Have a glorious day lovely friend! XO, Caroline

  11. Good for your for finding a natural way to lower your cholesterol.

  12. We always have them in our fridge. I prefer the pitted ones, but we sometimes goof and get the ones with pits. I'm surprised we haven't broken a tooth yet, haha.

  13. I love dates. I will have to try these out.

  14. That is awesome to know!

  15. I saw an episode of Shark Tank with dates and ever since have been wanting to add them to my diet! Didn't know that about cholesterol!

  16. This is true. I've been eating them for the past 6 months and it works!

  17. I've never acquired a taste for dates but finally bought some after watching your IG reel!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  18. I go through my date phases. I definitely want to go back to them now!! I like the bins at Costco but the pitted ones from there are good too!

  19. My dad has a family history of high cholesterol and even though he eats healthy and works out regularly, he still has to be on cholesterol medicine. I am definitely going to mention this to him!

  20. Dates are the best! I love baking with them to replace other unhealthy sugars. I need to mention this to my mom. She is on a statin and I have always told her there are natural things she could do to try to come off.

  21. Anonymous15.2.23

    The only thing that worries me about dates and why I only have them occasionally is that they're so high in sugar. Like 16 g for just 1 of them... and, I don't have blood sugar issues or anything and I know it isn't a processed sugar by any means, but it is interesting they help with cholesterol. It def. has to be the fiber as I know a low fat diet and 25 g of fiber a day is the key to getting it down (unless your genetics really suck). I read a lot of nutritional stuff for fun, so I geek out on this stuff. Ha, ha!! I am glad you got yours down, that is amazing! My husband just got put on drugs for his last year and so we've been trying to do a low fat diet for him (16 g or less of sat fat a day). Fun stuff with getting older (not!).


  22. I just recently discovered them and love them! I split in them in half, put peanut butter on them and freeze them. Makes for a yummy mid day snack for me when I need a sweet treat. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your hunny! xo



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