It was a good week. The humidity finally came down, Stella turned 8 months, and I smiled all week remembering the great girl’s weekend that took place last weekend.

1. Friends

I’ll share more in a recap on Monday, but here are just a couple photos of the sweetness. In the next two favorites I’ll share a couple other brands that helps to make the weekend special. And there are many more to share. This was the last photo we took when these precious ladies had to depart Sunday morning.

Lots of memories made!

What we did first Friday noon....EAT
Here is my spread and of course see a charcuterie board by my dear friend at Graze by Erica, the local charcuterie extraordinaire with her own shop including fabulous gifts in our town! What you can’t see is all the other things I made which included pasta salad, mini versions of like crunch parfaits (blueberry here), pasta salad, cream cheese and bacon cucumber bites, and my mom made us her fabulous Key Lime Pie! Notice I linked to some of those recipes, a few of my favorites!

2. Cozy Earth

My love of Cozy Earth runs so deep; I have everything from pajamas to lounge wear to sheets to pillows and comforters to tanks and midi skirts! There was one color in the long pajamas that I didn’t have and that was navy, so I decided to make sure all the ladies got a pair of pajamas to get cute photos and a video in our bunk room! We had so much fun making this Reels Video for Instagram!!! A true slumber party girls’ weekend! The long pajamas are hands-down my favorite color I wear my black pair every Saturday morning to lounging! As always, I have the generous Cozy Earth promo code for you to get 40% off!


3. Teddy Blake "Emma"

Let’s talk stilettos! And you thought Teddy Blake was just amazing handcrafted Italian leather? No, they also have added shoes to the repertoire and are they ever gorgeous! These lace up beautiful heels called the Emma come in five of the most glorious colors. I love my baby blues! Here is a sneak peek with them on and I cannot wait to show you how I styled them. Each one of the ladies visiting this past weekend got a pair and a different color. 

Use my Teddy Blake code: TBANDREAN30 

For 30% off everything on Their Site; handbags, and shoes!

4. M.Rena
Talk about CUTE and Comfy! The clothing from M.Rena is luxury basics made with softer and breathable blends that provide undeniable comfort. They’ve developed their own fabrications for a unique and incredible feel that you just can’t find anywhere else. M.Rena celebrates every shape and size with authenticity, sustainability, reliability, and top-notch customer service. These terry linen joggers and tie dye tunic are fabulous! They also have provided a fabulous code so you can get 15% off, you should see their new arrivals! 

5. Misc. Fun


Our sweet girl turned eight months yesterday! A week from Tuesday she gets spayed, and you know I’m going to be a nervous wreck, LOL! This first picture is her and her lemon dress awaiting the arrival of the ladies last Friday.

Her Lemon Dress HERE

Her Top HERE


Olivia Newton-John

A sad note for sure was the passing of Olivia Newton-John at 73! Wasn’t she amazing? True story and one of mine and Mr. nice first dates at a party, we sang Summer Lovin and it’s still remembered to this day! I loved everything she did from Grease to Xanadu to Physical to her quest for breast cancer cues and awareness! I will always be hopelessly devoted to her! The tribute from John Travolta…so moving!

Happy Weekend to all the Sandy Fans out there......

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Coming off the sweetest girl’s weekend and couldn’t wait to show some of the pieces that made it extra fun!


Wearing Cabana Life by the pool is always a good idea, not only because of the built in UPF sun protection, but because of the cute factor as well and today it’s times 5!!! Showing off the glorious colors of our Cabana Life Eyelet Midi Dresses!


And I’ll be sharing more about our girl’s weekend in the days to come but we were blessed to have no rain and enjoy not only a day by the pool but a nighttime pool dip as well! These beautiful friends of mine are the REAL DEAL! Laura From I do DeClaire

Kathrine From Kathrine Eldridge

Jill From Doused in Pink

Caroline From The Petite Fashionista

We ate, we drank, we laughed, we cried, we sang, we fixed a chirpy smoke alarm, we worked, we gave gifts, we swam, and we appreciated EACH OTHER as women! So important in this tough world we live in and so good for the soul.


Check out my Instagram today for the cutest video we did not only sharing the darling dresses but some adorable, personalized beach towels from Hello Nautical by Pontoon Girl. Use Code IDODECLAIE for 10% off those!



Soak up these August days and grab some 

Cabana Life cuteness to do it in!



Whoop whoop, what a Friday it is..have such a fun weekend planned beginning with lunch around noon today. Been excited for this for several weeks now and cannot wait til you see who my weekend guests are!! OH WHAT FUN!!

1. Saturday Fun Day
What a sweet Saturday with our girl Stella Mae. Last weekend was the most perfect weekend of the summer here in Indiana and we enjoyed it to the fullest! We drove an hour and a half north of us to a brewery that we didn’t love but it was decent. However, we were redeemed when we drove 20 minutes south to South Haven Michigan for a fun afternoon! Our little Miss Stella even got her own seat alfresco and was able to order chicken off the menu, lol! She literally was the perfect girl that everybody stopped by to talk to her! We watched the boats go in and out, went for a fun walk, got in some people watching, Mr. Nine and I split a gourmet hotdog and ended the night with her favorite ice cream!


2. Sporty Spanx

Sporty Spice is what I call this! I am absolutely loving all the little tennis skirts but THIS ONE is probably by my fav because it’s from Spanx! Size up in this one, I like the little flounces in the back, it also has zipper pocket up by the waistband in the back and the material feels so nice! So cute with the Dona Jo Tank Top! AND This Skort comes in a more modest 17" length too.

3. Elephant Ears

Oh, you know I love my elephant ears! Normally we have two of them on the porch but this year we put two more out by the pool and we planted the ones we saved last year in the ground by our pool shed and both of those are coming up as well! Love love love these!

4. Bring on the Sunshine

Bring on the sunshine baby! While I am starting to record stuff for Fall, I am still all about summer mode! This is one of my favorite colorful summer outfits for running around! The Graphic Tee is so soft, the Shorts; well, I own 3 denim washes and the Sandals...ooooh those that raffia!

5. Misc. Fun

Hair cut..whoohoo


and my fav...

LOL...Happy Weekend, come follow me on Instagram for the weekend FUN!! It invloves some people you may know!

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