You know I’m all about getting good, healthy nutrients. Isn’t it wonderful to have access to powerful superfoods? Proper nutrition, isn’t just about eating the right foods, it’s about consuming ingredients our bodies can truly use and absorb easily. Ingredients that are found in Ancient Nutrition  products.


Ancient Nutrition sources the world’s highest quality ingredients and rigorously tests them. Their products use traditional preparation methods such as fermentation and time-tested combinations of herbs and spices, to improve bioavailability and absorption.

Their inclusion of powerful superfoods is everything to me.

Here are the products I am currently using, the benefits I’m seeing from them and why I love them.

Multi Collagen Protein

I’ve been using this Multi Collagen Protein Vanilla nonstop in my smoothies, pancakes and yogurt bowls. I feel like the added collagen is the cherry on top. Each serving gives you 10 types of plus 20g of collagen, plus clinically studied ingredients like SBO probiotics and Vitamin C. This groundbreaking formula delivers real results you’ll see and feel, whole body wellness right here!

Multi Collagen Advanced

This berry flavor tastes great, and I love its rapid absorption.

Multi Collagen Advanced is a true innovation in collagen. You’re getting all of the benefits from Multi Collagen Protein I mentioned, plus an additional six food sources of collagen from nutrient-packed, grass-fed organs and bone broth. Each formula is powered by clinically studied ingredients and ancient superfood blends to help breakthrough your wellness goals and look and feel your best. Benefits for me have been improving exercise recovery, advanced hydration and my joints don’t seem to be as stiff.

Bone Broth

Yum! Chocolate milk, anyone, lol. This Ancient Nutrition nourishing concentrated Bone Broth  also comes in vanilla. Several people I know stated how with a little bit of dairy alternative milk it tasted just like chocolate milk while making it easy to get all the benefits of healthy gut, joint and inflammation support.

Bone Broth Protein is a nourishing, concentrated bone broth that is 3x as potent* as homemade broth†

A Little Bit about Collagen and it's importance:

I love collagen because it provides key amino acids such as glycine, proline and arginine that are not found in high amounts in common protein sources such as chicken and lean meats.

Amino Acids are the “building blocks of proteins." Collagen uses include supporting joint health and comfort, muscle repair and healthy skin, and support for gut health, just to name a few.

Did you know that collagen helps maintain the structure and function of almost every part of our bodies? Our bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, skin, and gastrointestinal tract all greatly depend on the consumption of collagen-rich foods, yet top dietary sources of collagen such as bone broth are nearly nonexistent in today’s diet. Ancient Nutrition offers us such products rich in COLLAGEN which our bodies truly need for optimal functioning.


Our gut health is so important! Nobody wants tummy troubles. We want our stomach and digestive track to be just as healthy as the rest of us. Enter the Metabolism Support Probiotics . These ROC Probiotics bring you an ever before seen combo of Prebiotics, Postbiotics and over 30 probiotic strains.

Organic Tumeric

I also told you I recently started taking Turmeric and I was seeing a difference, but I had been hearing how good the TUMERIC  was from Ancient Nutrition, so I gave it a try and love it! One reason why I like it better: this Turmeric contains fermented black pepper fruit. Time tested superfoods that are optimized for absorption. My joints, stiff neck and inflammation feel so much better.


With the Ancient Nutrition Magnesium Supplements , I am sleeping so much better! I was already using a magnesium at bedtime, but it just wasn’t cutting it. I needed more! Did you know that magnesium promotes calmness bit it dies so much more like help with proper calcium absorption this promoting stronger teeth, bones, and even healthy cholesterol levels. This one from Ancient Nutrition is 300mg of body-friendly magnesium.

 Supports a positive outlook & calmness†  Supports cardiovascular & bone health†   Supports healthy immune system function†

Besides, creating such wonderful multi collagens, bone broths and supplements, Ancient Nutrition is dedicated to making this planet better. You know, I love a company that gives back. According to Ancient Nutrition, not only are they committed to bringing clinically studied proprietary superfoods to our daily lives, but also to restoring the ecosystem that provides them. They dedicate 1% of all revenue to their R.A.N.C.H. Project, which supports our commitment to regenerative agriculture, nutrition, and climate health. I love that they are on a mission to heal the planet by going beyond sustainability and leading the Regenerative Revolution in body, mind and planet.

I love the vast array of products that Ancient Nutrition has to offer. There is something for the needs of all consumers. Their inclusion of superfoods is something we can all feel good about. I'll be sharing a recipe video made with AN on my Instagram. 

Shop HERE for some of these fabulous, high quality products.

Use Code WELCOMEAN For $10 off your first purchase

What about you? Do you take Collagen? Do you try to get a high amount of protein? And do you take any supplements to help you feel your best?

Happy New Monday!

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†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*2x or 3x more per serving, based on overall sodium and potassium levels. Plus, this formula includes magnesium and calcium. 

**My results and opinions are all my own.


I know it’s “Here Comes PETER  Cottontail,” but with all this goodness from Mr. Cottontail by Mr. Christmas, all I can think of is that song in my head and Peter hopping down the bunny trail, lol! I have a confession, with St. Patrick’s Day being so close to Easter I haven’t really gotten out my Easter decor. But then this happened: two huge boxes of Easter decor arrived on my porch, and I’m swooning. So much so, I had to share it with you in a dedicated post. My Easter game just got leveled up. This was not my intended post today but after Springing forward, I think we all need this cuteness!


Just wait until you see all this cuteness! Let me start with the beloved, Ceramic Trees! You may remember when I won a contest this past Christmas season and got the ceramic LED nostalgic Christmas tree? Post HERE. Well, look at these three bunny trees as I call them, they are their famous, ceramic trees in pastel colors with bunnies on top that light up as well when you plug it in. They are 13' and perfect as can be!

Teal Tree HERE

And will you look the minis? This little Trio of Tress are battery lit with AAA batteries and they are on timers. Look at the little eggs on top. I have them sitting on my mantle now, and they are so cute! They come with little individual gift bags as well.

And oh my goodness, will you look at the tablescape I created with the Mr. Cottontail Set of 4 Scalloped Easter Plates! Aren’t they just the cutest! So vintage looking and so adorable with the chicks and the bunnies! This is just the sweetest little table. I’d like to sit here and have a piece of my

Plate set of 4 HERE// Napkins HERE //Plate Chargers HERE // Similar Bunny Ear Napkin rings HERE

And the lighted figurines are just adorable. These include a set of two Easter cottages just precious us can be, and the Lamb, bunny and chick looking oh so festive! I just adore that all these things are on timers.

3 Set of Lit Figurines HERE

 Super Cute Night light too. Here it is unlit and lit up. Darling!

Bonus: I also received a 10-inch ceramic LED shamrock tree, and a trio of battery lit trees that I just adore from their line Mr. Lucky. You bet I am lucky indeed, to receive all this goodness and decorate my home with it.

Trio of Shamrock Trees HERE

As you can see, Mr. Christmas is not just about Christmas. They believe in celebrating all the holidays in the most festive and nostalgic way possible! These are pieces you can pass down from generation to generation. Their products are made of the highest quality and was so much love behind them! This family owned business is 90+ years strong and it shows!


What’s your favorite? Do you decorate for Easter? See my last Easter porch post HERE


Happy New Monday!

 I know you might be dragging from the Spring forward! But you can do this!

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Hi friends! For those of you that saw my Instagram stories last week, you know that while my mom and I were on vacation in Florida, our condo got broken into. It’s been quite the ordeal. I’ll have an update soon as the company, Great Ocean Condos, STILL has NOT refunded a night stay as they promised as of yet. Even though we had a scare, there were definitely still fun times to be had so I’ll do a little trip recap for this week of Friday Favorites!


1. Where We Were

We were in New Smyrna Beach. It’s a very quaint little area. We are not used to staying on the east side of Florida, so it was a nice change. The sunrises were beautiful although I do miss ocean and lake sunsets. 

And we also had a few nights of brilliant moonbeams. It’s only one of two beaches in Florida that you can actually drive on, so it was fun to do a little drive on the sand.

The beach was lovely and a great spot to people watch. Unfortunately, the ocean was still too cold to get in and the pool was not heated so it was about 50°, we were not happy not being able to get in the water and cool off, but par for the course on this trip, lol.

We laid out by the pool anyway just so we could take advantage of the lounge chairs, and lay on our stomachs to even up, lol. And at one point, Mom even dipped her toes in and I got so far as my knees, and just called it a cold plunge, lol

2. What We Ate 

Another bright spot was the food! We had some phenomenal meals!


A really fun place with great Italian food is The Garlic! It was fun to sit below a disco ball, and the waiter even asked me to dance, lol! Scott Bakula was sitting behind us, and they had the cutest cocktail car there for photo ops. 

The Eggplant/Arugula Stack

The Lemon Tres Leches Cake

And mom found her a cute little Porsche.

We enjoyed sitting outside at Outrigger on the marina as well. Look how cute my mom is with her Bloody Mary and….

...Look how cute this statue is of Snoop Dogg.

The Dulce de Leche Crepe from Third Wave was the BEST! 

Our favorite was the last night at SoNapa Grill. I was overjoyed to get a Keylime Martini (My Favorite) and dessert was praline bourbon bread pudding with pecan praline ice cream, so yummy.

My açaí bowl rocking on a porch was delish too.

3. Time With Mom
Best of all was spending time with my beautiful mama. I did not get near enough pictures of us as the last couple days we were still kind of in a shock from the break-in and I didn’t take as many photos. But spending time with her is a treasure. 

Doesn't she look like Barbie with her pony and Pink Robe

4. What We Wore
Did not do a lot of outfit pics. We did get some pretty pictures on the beach one night. Doesn’t my mom look adorable? Her pants are from TJ MAXX And my Dress is from Chicwish and such a lovely shade of pink! Unfortunately, shopping was kind of a bust. I did get one swimsuit and coverup set but we a are not fans of all the touristy/Florida retiree clothing, lol!


LOVED matching that cocktail car with my Eva Varro Jumpsuit

Earlier Post of the Week 

Happy Weekend my Sweet Friends!!



Happy Mighty March. Looking good weather wise so far. Here we are for the monthly Prime Link-Up of Tanya's. 

I’ve bought so much this past month. Many things for travel and all so good. This is not even all of it but some of my favorites. Pray for my Daddy today. He's having surgery at 6:00am today in Bloomington so you know where to find me.

Secret Tape // 1 Above  // Travel Mirror // Travel Case  // Hoop Earrings // Bag // Pink Top // Eyelashes // Hat // Card Bouquet

Secret Tape

What a versatile tape. While, it is primarily used for fashion and can literally hem an entire pant leg, you can use it for so many things. I especially love a little piece the hold a blouse together, so it doesn’t gape.


1 Above

I think I mentioned this before, but this 1 Above Reboot is great for Jetlag, for a pick me up for a hangover, lol or just when you want to feel better, but it’s essential for me for travel.

Travel Mirror

My mom got me this mirror for Christmas. It is a Travel Mirror that folds and fits perfectly in the pink case I was telling you about. It has a few different light settings is rechargeable and just perfect.


Travel Case

I cannot sing the praises of These Cases enough. First, I got the smaller one, then I loved it so much, I got the larger size. All my toiletries and accessories fit in it and it’s so sturdy, I just unzip and set on the counter.



I am a huge fan of Gold Hoop Earrings and these are just beautiful! $12!


The perfect Tote Bag for dinner, beach, shopping, plus it lays flat in your suitcase. It looks pretty with a scarf tied around the handle too.


Cute Top

I wore this darling square neck Striped Top in Florida, and it is so cute. Just look at the sleeves. I recently wore it in Florida. So cute!



This design is what I call my Dressier Lashes. The ones I wear for special occasion and event that are just a lil more fluffier, lol


I can’t stop with the NY Yankees Baseball Caps for casual fashion. I love the color of this one for the warmer months. 


Forever Flowers

We just sent this to our sister-in-law. It is a Card Bouquet that comes in a beautiful large mailer that you mail, and the recipient pops it open and has a forever bouquet of gorgeous flowers. 

 Have a great week loves!