Many of you have said that our home is magical at Christmas and indeed it is. See why I love staying home so much and basking in all the lights and the surrounding 18 trees. Plus there’s 5 on the porch, lol. I hope you saw the front porch decor post this year, it’s my favorite Christmas porch so far. I am showing you a lot of Christmas casa Nine but this post would be too long if I showed it all so these are some favorites.

Must host a Holiday Party

I do have two new trees this year, but other than that not a whole lot has changed. Subtle updated touch ups here and there. 

The Dining Room is still one of my favorite areas. The addition of the red slip covers over the blue end chairs is a WOW factor. 

LOVE the slim Cashmere trees flanking the buffet.

Yet Another dinning room tree.

The Christmas guest Bedroom is another favorite spot. The other new tree is in this room and I call it the "Candy Tree". If you come stay I'll leave a Candy Cane on your pillow, lol

Isn't she a Beauty!!! 6 footer from Amazon and
This Tree on sale right now too.

The Candy Cane garland at the end of the bed was fun and I added a red blanket this year instead of grey.

Here is a another new tree. Lots of reds, white and there is even a set of red high heels on it. Really LOVE the 24" Tree Skirt. The Flocked Pencil Trees are my jam!

I love all the red in the house so much since our palette is primarily gray and white. It just pops everywhere. I add lots of champagnes. I think the only rooms that I don’t have red in is the master bedroom and upstairs glam space/my office. Another slim flocked tree in the bedroom.


Oh how I love the pink glam area...this is the only tree 
that stays up year round!

Adding the wreath to the stove vent instead of above the stove was smart, it got too hot from the oven and now it’s perfect! 

The Hall Tree Area remains the same simply because i works so well here with the buffalo plaid.

Sweet SNOW tree in a basket.

Many of you have asked how long it takes me..about 45+ hours (guesstimate) but it used to be more until I got better at storing. The trees are easier because I take the picks out of some and simply wrap in packaging wrap, then cut right down the wrapping when I bring them back out. 

My Dress HERE

Happy New Week from the one year old and I (Her birthday was yesterday)
We are headed out on a fun road trip today.



  1. Happy birthday to sweet Stella! Your home is a showstopper! So beautiful and festive!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. I love it all! I also love all the pops of red all over my house, because it's a color I normally don't use. I love all those trees!

  3. You haven't missed a single detail, the house looks so festive! Have fun on your trip!

  4. Beautiful just like you! I think the dining room is my favorite but I LOVE that red is your theme color throughout :)

  5. You are the queen of holiday decorating, that is for sure! Everything is beautiful and I love that you even got the red slip covers for the dining room chairs.

  6. Your holiday home is stunning my friend! Each tree is so fabulous! Love the new wreath above the stove and that pink glam tree is my fave.

  7. WOW! (insert mouth drop and huge eyes) It's absolutely stunning. I can't even find the words. I feel like I could come for a tour and that could be like a light show that I go see each year. As you mentioned, there is no need to go anywhere when you have such a beautiful home to enjoy. I have to ask though, where do you store all this stuff in the off season? Do you have a storage unit? Or a large garage? Either way, have a beautiful week ahead. Only 2 more weeks until Christmas.

  8. This is beautiful! Can I please hire you to decorate my house? Also that is so smart to wrap your trees already decorated! Do you do that with your largest tree to or just your skinny trees?

  9. Your home is so beautifully decorated for the holidays! I think. you could have this in a Hallmark movie! I adore your dining room!

  10. I am seriously hiring you to come decorate my house next year. You do such a great job!

  11. Everything looks AMAZING and beautiful!!

  12. Everything is just so beautiful! That guest bedroom would make anyone want to stay with you and soak up the feelings of the season.

  13. Your holiday home is stunning! I know it is a labor of love to get decorate it!

  14. I don't think I knew you had that many tress?! I would kill to have that kind of storage lol :) So beautiful, my friend. Truly magical! xo


  15. I love that trick of how you wrap them up. That's so smart.

  16. Every year, I love this post. & am always in awe over it all.
    I was just telling someone about your decorations the other day at work -LOL
    Such #GOALS

  17. Your home is beautiful ALL seasons, but it really shines at Christmas! You did a fabulous job with all your decorating!

  18. Your home is absolutely gorgeous and you have an amazing talent. It is like a Christmas resort done very elegantly and tasteful. Beautiful!

  19. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I love all the skinny pencil trees you have. I need to get one for our front entry way and would love to put one is Zoe's room when she grows out of her dress up area.

  20. Anonymous13.12.22

    Oh friend, your house is pure Christmas magic! Everything looks beautiful and the pink glam tree is my favorite, no surprise there lol. Have a glorious day! XO, Caroline

  21. Your house and Christmas decor looks stunning! You can tell by all of those hours you spend decorating it Andrea.

  22. Your home looks absolutely magical. I love it!!

  23. It's so beautiful! I love how all your trees turned out, so fab!

  24. Gorgeous! I hope you're having a party with that beautifully decorated home!

  25. Wow, Andrea, your house is like a hotel! Just stunning and so festive! We don't even have ornaments on our tree yet... though this is also our first Christmas with a cat, so we're not sure how she's going to feel about ornaments, haha.


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