It’s been a fun and festive week around here. Lunch and Shopping with a friend, 2 Peppermint Chip Shakes, Getting "Recognized", Shopping and Bakery with mom today AND We’re gonna continue that right into the weekend because Stella Mae turns 1 year old on Sunday! So excited!


1. My Sweet Candy Canes

I hope you saw the Instagram video reel Mr. Nine and I did in our matching candy cane outfits with our sweet Stella! Watch it HERE
We just might wear these to a party next weekend! We got these from Shinesty, and they have so many cute and festive his and her looks.

Dress Dress // SUIT HERE // My Red Boots HERE



2. Fun Weekend

We had lots of fun last weekend!!

Notre Dame Game

We went to the Notre Dame Syracuse game, which was so fun, especially since it was so close and we ultimately lost by one point. I love the pace of basketball games.

Afterwords, we went to the Irish pub across from campus called O’Rourke’s, and it was so yummy!

I didn’t really feel like wearing the team logo, so instead, I wear the team colors in a chic way with the Blazer and Sneaks.

Blazer HERE // Satin Shirt HERE // Sneakers HERE

Son's Birthday

Then, on Sunday, we celebrated this boy turning 25! We had a great brunch at one of our favorite local restaurants, and I made his always requested apple crisp!

3. Wearing Red
Red is one of my favorite colors, so you can bet I put a lot of it out this time of year!

This DRESS is from Draper James at Kohl’s, and it is such a pretty sweater dress, with great detailing in the net and the bellowing sleeves.

Dress HERE // Necklace HERE // Boots HERE


It was a week of Blazers with this pretty red one and some gray jeans.

Blazer HERE // Jeans HERE // Shoes HERE

4. Dunkin' Gift Idea

I know many people who are fans of Dunkin’ Donuts! This is the perfect little affordable gift to put together. The Dunkin' Chocolates in their most famous donut flavors are available at Target as well as the Dunkin’ hot chocolate bombs. Put a gift Card from Dunkin’ in a cute coffee cup Gift holder and you’ve got the perfect gift.

Box of Chocolates HERE // Hot Cocoa Bomb HERE // Coffee Cup Gift Holders HERE // Gift Card HERE

5. Misc. Fun


This girl who turns the Big ONE Sunday is truly the light of our lives. She gets to go on a little road trip with us next week. We got her lots of cute gifts for Christmas and her birthday the sweater below is one I’m super excited about. She is so easy on her toys but this is her second pink monkey, she thinks it's her "baby" and the first one got all dirty, lol



I hope this last one doesn't offend everyone but it's an innocent mistake and so something that would happen to me!

Have a great, Festive weekend my sweet Loves.

I'll be here Monday with eek:


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  1. Those candy cane outfits though! So dang cute! Great Post!

  2. Your outfits are the cutest! I love your game day outfit! Blazers and jeans look so chic! Happy weekend and happy birthday to Stella Mae!

  3. You should definitely wear those candy cane outfits to the party, you'll be a hit! Happy Birthday to Stella Mae - that was a quick year for your sweet girl! Hope you have a super weekend and stay warm!

  4. I love red as well, I just don't have much of it, but I go all out in the month of December. I wear red lipstick, sparkly Christmas tree earrings and bright red glittery nail polish (dip powder). I've had so many compliments on my red lipstick lately that I'm contemplating my usage of neutral colors the other eleven months of the year. 🤣 The handsome fella who turned he your son? I ask because you do NOT look like you should have a 25 year old kid! My sons are all grown as well- 23,22, and twins that are 19. I loved all your fun outfits this week!

  5. Those matching outfits are so fabulous! I loved your reel and I'm so glad you are wearing them again. I love those sneakers that you wore to the Notre Dame game. Happy birthday to your son and enjoy your weekend!

  6. Your candy cane outfits are the best and I'm glad you'll be wearing them to a party! It looks like a wonderful time celebrating your son's birthday! I got Lana the barefoot dreams sweater but haven't put it on her yet. I have a feeling she will destroy it trying to take it off. lol.

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. You guys are just the cutest couple ever! I adore that you got matching outfits! And Stella Mae is the most adorable little pup!!!
    Big hugs xx

  8. You both look so festive in the candy cane outfits Andrea. Happy birthday to your son and to Stella Mae! Lot's of fun celebrations.
    I appreciate it and thank you for your thoughtful comment about Bosco. Have a happy Friday and weekend Andrea.

  9. I can't wait to see sweet stella in her new sweater! Too cute! Our dog is the same way with one of his toys! It's so cute!

  10. You all are just so adorable including Stella Mae!

  11. I'm so in awe of those candy cane suits. And Stella is the sweetest thing ever,

  12. Anonymous9.12.22

    I loved your reel and you guys should totally wear those outfits again, they are fantastic! Stella is the CUTEST and I am happy that your son enjoyed his birthday! Have a glorious weekend my friend! XO, Caroline

  13. Your matching outfits are soooo cute. I love it. I love your red dress too. Super festive and just might need to make an appearance on me. Love your funnies. That is the cutest dog sweater! Have a great weekend!

  14. You two are so cute in the candy cane outfits! As is Stella! Happy birthday to that sweet girl! And your son! Hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Love your look for the game. Sporty CHIC! Happy sweet Birthday to Miss Stella!


  16. That red Draper James dress is fabulous! You and your husband are so cute.

  17. You two are the cutest together and the candy canes outfits are just proof of that. It looks like you have been keeping busy and having so much fun! Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Hi Andrea! laura here in Colorado! Love this post and your new car! Your garage is immaculate. OMG I cannot show my husband! Love that model! Got my eye on new car in 2024 (tuition-free celebration). That dog sweater is so cute. We have two Bernese mountain dogs so not sure I could wrestle that on either one of them. We have all but abandoned the Denver Broncos, but curious about our new CU-Boulder new hire! Your son is adorable! Is he still at Iowa? On my son's radar for grad school! xo laura in Colorado

  19. You both would be the stars of the party dressed like that! Happy Sunday.

  20. So CUTE in your matching outfits! Happy Birthday to Stella Mae!

  21. OMG, could y'all BE any cuter?! Mr. Nine is so much fun. I love that he goes along with all of your ideas!


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