What a week it has been my friends! Probably one of the most fun and festive of the season so far! I feel so blessed and you know this girl feels the Christmas cheer! It's a jammed packed Favorites for ya today! No matter how much there is to get done, it will happen, and it will happen with joy in my heart and maybe Bailey’s in my cup, LOL!

1. Chicago One
How lucky was I to get to be in the windy city of Chicago three days in a row! Here’s what went down, precious Mr. Nine knew that I would be riding the train into town by myself on Monday because the weather was looking unfavorable for me to drive. I’ve never been on the train alone so what do we decide to do last minute? Take the train together so I would know exactly where I was going, and we got to enjoy a festive weekend in town! Such a fun time and we did all the festive things and ate all the yummy treats.

More to come next week on loosing my Santa Balls, LOL Mom to the rescue!!

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2. Chicago Two
So, that gets us to Monday and boy did the ladies and I have a great day! Read HERE about out summer meet up.
Jill from Doused in Pink arranged for us to be on Windy City Live! They love having bloggers. What a fantastic show it was and included taping some promos for other shows like a gift guide segment where I was the lucky winner of an amazing cookware set! (More on this fabulous cookware and the video of the win) below. We also won cologne for our men and the entire seasons of Game of Thrones, lol. It's safe to say from what we heard from crew members that we were the liveliest on set.
With the lovely hosts of the show: Ryan and Val 

With Lifestyle and Entertainment Guru Josh McBride.
The cookware was so heavy that I had to buy a big rolling suitcase so I could get it to the train station.

We had a lovely luncheon at The Gage that my sweet friend Caroline had arranged and I was over the moon to see Laura from I do DeClaire again and meet Kathrine from Kathrine Eldridge from Kathrine Eldridge! We dubbed ourselves, #TheBlondeSquad! My Mom Said We Look Like We Could Be Sisters, LOL!

3. Week's Attire
Sweater HERE// Leggings HERE

Sweater Dress HERE

Sweater HERE // Jeans HERE// Boots HERE // Necklace HERE

4. Liquid Leggings & A Sweater
A favorite outfit this time of the year is leggings and a sweater and boots! I’m telling you; my favorite of the year has been my faux Spanx and these Nina Leggings from Peach. A true staple! They are amazing and trust me, it is an investment you want to make!

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5. Misc. Fun
Tuesday ~ Thumbelina Cookies
Wednesday ~ Festive with XCVI

CookCraft by Candace
These amazing pans were inspired by the phenomenal Candace Cameron Bure.
So, not only did I have the honor of winning this beautiful cookware but corresponding with the company. What is so cool about these pans is: The lids are unique due to CookCraft’s patented latch lid that hooks on the edge of the pan. Silicone handles on both bases and lids prevent potential burns. 
Side note, notice my gf is wearing a PINEAPPLE Apron! Um, LOVE HER

The amazing CookCraftCo so kindly is offering a promo code so you can get 20% off either a single piece of cookware or an entire set or order. 
Use code HOLIDAY 
Yeah you can say I'm in love with my new pots and pans, LOL

AND Here is the video clip of my win...the last in the clip
Lady above sat in front of us and they all were a hoot

Robe and Hummingbird
My sweet mom always likes to give me a gift or two prior to Christmas to enjoy for the season. This year she surprised me with two perfect gifts. This adorable buffalo plaid robe and you know that back saying is so me! And it has a faux fur collar. (bought at TJ Maxx) And she also got me a beautiful hummingbird for the Christmas tree. We love getting hummingbirds to remember my sweet grandma by; her mom who passed away a few years ago. I made sure he was placed on the tree like he was flying to heaven!
BUY Similar Robe HERE

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We have not had a baby born into our family in a very long time, so Sunday was a special day because Blue was born. My cousin has waited a while to be a mom and she is going to be a Rockstar!

Lunch with High School Classmates
My BFF from HS and I had not seen another friend in 30 years as she moved away after graduation. Pretty cool to see her and reminisce! 

Leopard Sneakers
How cute are these sneakers! They’re kind of a golden goose dupe but a fraction of the cost and I just love the leopard and pop of red. I’ll be showing you soon how I styled these cuties!

Monday, I will share my Chrismas Decorations. Make it a Sweet and Festive Weekend my loves!!! 
My Baking Begins!


  1. What a sweet hubby! Chicago looks amazing-hoping to get there this summer- have a festive weekend Andrea!

  2. What an amazing trip to Chicago! Congrats on the TV show and the winner winner cookware! Have the Best weekend beautiful friend.


  3. What a week for you! So many fun outings! Windy City Live was so much fun! We'll have to do it again in the Spring for sure! Baby Blue is precious! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. So much goodness here I don't know where to start! Your weekend in the Windy City with Mr. Nine looked marvelous and then winning that cookware on Monday - wow! You ladies so look like sisters and I bet they loved having y'all on set! That robe from your mom is so YOU and I love the hummingbird - such a beautiful reminder of your most precious grandmother!

  5. What a great trip to Chicago! You're a TV star!!! Have a wonderful weekend, Andrea!

  6. Congrats on being on Chicago one--how fun!!! Those pots and pans look amazing! I do need a new set and have been shopping around.

  7. So many cute things and fun times!

  8. Because of you I bought those leggings and love them!! What a fun day out. Winner winner, chicken dinner :-)

  9. What a fun time in Chicago. I would love to visit this time of year! I'm obsessed with your sweater dress. How cute were you on the show when you won? New baby Blue is so adorable! I love that robe your mama got you too!! Have a fab day!

  10. Winner winner! Those pans look awesome and your trip looks amazing!

  11. So many great moments for you this week! I love all of the Chicago fun you were able to have. It sounds so exciting to be a part of a show like that! A good set of cookware makes such a difference. Loving those leopard flats and all of your outfit inspiration. I hope you have the best weekend!

  12. The video of you winning the cookware was so fun!! There couldn't have been a more appropriate person to receive that gift. Your Chicago day just looked SO fun! Glad you all had a great time together. And your leopard jacket is TOO CUTE!

  13. A fabulous busy week! I love that you were on Windy City live! How fun is that! That cookware sounds awesome. Glad you and Mr Nine were able to enjoy festive Chicago together!

  14. What a fun, fun week you've had, sweet lady! The trip to the talk show sounds amazing! You know you're grown up when you get excited to win cookware-ha!

  15. What a fun, fun week you've had, sweet lady! The trip to the talk show sounds amazing! You know you're grown up when you get excited to win cookware-ha!

  16. You have had so much fun this week! Congrats to your cousin on the bundle of joy, what a cutie! That is so exciting you won that cookware! I know you will put it to good use! Enjoy your weekend beautiful!

  17. What a week! You've been a busy lady! Congrats on the new baby!! I just want to squish those cheeks!

  18. That's awesome that you were on Windy City Live. And what a cute baby!

  19. OH my goodness!! Your FF made up for my lack of FF. LOL LOVED the clip of you winning. Those couldn't have gone to a more perfect person. I know you'll be making all the yummy things with those. Congrats. XOXO

  20. What an awesome week!!

  21. I love the Chicago pics...what a fun week. And look at that video clip - You're famous! Hope you have a SWEET weekend!

  22. What a fabulous week of favorites is right! It's like Christmas came early; winning pots and pans, being on a show, visiting Chicago, a new baby in the family.. Congrats on it all!!

  23. You’ve had some fun trips to Chicago! Love that you won that cook set! Congrats on the new baby to the family, so sweet! Love my spanx leggings. Have a great weekend!

  24. NEW BABY... that's always exciting in a family.
    I wondered about those pans... I saw on candace's IG stories using them & I was like,OHHH - those are nice!

  25. I cant get over you guys on windy city live - that is so much fun and a precious new baby...the sweetest! Have a great weekend girl! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  26. You are too cute in all of your gorgeous cozy and festive looks! I’m going to try those Thumbelina cookies!! Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend. Xoxo Sharon

  27. You have had such an amazing week! I'm so glad I got to see you again! It was such a fun day! Can't wait to see what you will make with those pans! You keep going with the blogging segment pitch! I think you have a great idea there and I would be there with bells on!

  28. What a perfect week Andrea. I saw on IG stories how you guys got to go into Chicago for that...OMG how wonderful!!

  29. What a amazing week! From meeting those fabulous other bloggers to your old school mates! Fantastic! And you always look fantastic! Have a great weekend!

  30. What a FUN week! I love that Cookware and how exciting that you won it!

  31. This post is chock full of fabulousness. I'm so glad you're being blessed with extra goodies my friend. You work so hard and it's nice to see that pay off. Also, it's just you - you're fabulous!

  32. Sounds like a wonderful time in Chicago! Last time I was there I went o BBKings place and ate deep dish, so good! So fun you went on tv, and I adore that pink teddy coat on you. Those leggings look so good on you too!
    Happy Holdiays!
    jess xx

  33. Wow! What a fantastic week, Andrea!!! How will you top that?!? Love that you were able to go on a fun trip to Chicago... both with your hubby and then moving onto meeting your blogger friends! Congrats on the new sweet addition to your family; she's a doll!

  34. I need to check out that cookware. I love how you got to go to Chicago with your hubby and your friends. What a great time!!! And I am still loving those Spanx leggings soo much!


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