Now, don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up and going out! Love it, love it, love it. But as we get older, it seems there are less holiday parties to attend and what we love most of all is being cozy at home! Here are some fabulous Cozy, snuggly Gift Ideas for you and yours!

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1. Sweet Sugar Pajamas
I think everybody loves getting cozy jammies. I don’t usually wear long pants or long sleeves to bed because I get hot, but this is exactly the type of thing I love to lounge around in during the day, especially during the holiday season!

This is a small version of the big Capri blue candle, but the scent packs a punch and it’s a great price. You could even use it as a stocking stuffer.  
 BUY Candle HERE

If you know me, you know I love Bailey’s Irish cream! Now, with this Cocoa/mug set, the alcohol is sold separately, LOL! But what a great gift and you could even put some of the mini Baileys bottles in the bag with it!

Cozy socks are always a fun gift especially when they come with pom-poms! And in pretty pink to boot!


What a fun book! All kinds of cozy recipes, home and craft ideas! For 12 bucks, you can’t beat it and would make a beautiful coffee table book!

I am asking for these from Mr. Nine. I have 2 pair of the slip on kind but I really love this pink and moccasin style.BUY Slippers HERE

You guys of heard me talk about Sherpa pullovers a million times, I absolutely love them, and they are warm enough that you have to don’t have to wear a coat over them. I also love when they’re slim fitting and this one from express is perfect and such a beautiful shade of pink.
BUY Pullover HERE

What would a cozy gift guide be without a fabulous and snuggly blanket! I’ve shared with you my Barefoot Dreams one that I love as well as the soft Fringe ones, but this blush faux fur is to die for!

BUY Blanket HERE

I think this mug is so beautiful, such a gorgeous red. And what a great gift idea for only 15 bucks! I think everyone loves getting a new mug!

You know I’m crazy about Pom beanies! They are indeed cozy and comfortable! I love it when it’s a contrast with a fur pom. 

11. Red Robe
When Kohl’s has a sale, they have great sales. I have seen this robe in person, and it is so soft and plush and festive! For only $20 with all your Kohl’s coupons, you cannot beat this fabulous gift!


Total cuteness for a wee one you know. My cousin is due with her baby girl this week! These were a present for her shower. LOVE Cozy baby Uggs!

Happy Cyber Shopping!!



  1. Great ideas, Andrea. Gotta love those Uggs!!! Could they be any cuter? Enjoy your week.

  2. So much cozy goodness! You are the queen of cute and cozy my friend, sure wish I could share a cup of cocoa with you this holiday season!

  3. All the warm and cozy feels over this post, Sista!! Love all your ideas because you are SO RIGHT!! I wish I could stay home and cozy up to a nice book today! Hope your Monday is wonderful! Miss you!!

  4. Give me all the cozy gifts! This is such a great gift guide. Capri Blue candles are my absolute FAVORITE. I always light them when we have guests over!

    Rosy Outlook

  5. I can say I have none of these items! :) Great gift ideas Andrea. Everything looks so pretty and perfect for under the tree. Have a wonderful Monday!

  6. It's so true that there don't seem to be as many dressy holiday parties anymore. But I loving ALL the cozy goodness here! That pink sherpa pullover really is darling!

  7. Soooo cozy! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love all of this. They would make great gifts for Gabbie, sadly she is my easiest to buy for and I'm almost done with her gifts!

  9. All the makings for a very cozy day!! I love those slippers and hope they are under the tree for me! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  10. Super cozy gift finds! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Same for us - less dressy parties, and more cozy days at home! I hope you have a wonderful Monday.

    Daily Style Finds

  12. I would love SO many of these things!!! I am all about staying in and being cozy! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, Andrea!

  13. I'm working on a cozy gift guide too, but I want to stop and just get myself one of everything from yours! This is the snuggliest gift guide ever and I LOVE it!

  14. I love all of the cozy in here. Capri blue candle, that faux fur blanket and the loungewear with ugg slippers sounds like a good Sunday to me!

  15. Yep, I could use every single one of these in my life & just fall into my couch with a book & hot coffee

  16. YES! Gimme all the cozy items, and I'll snuggle up at home any time! I need that candle oooh and those slippers <3

    Green Fashionista

  17. I'm obsessed with Baileys this time of year so the mug set would be perfect for me!! Some great gift ideas xx

    Georgia Rose |

  18. Cozy is my love language. I seriously could love anything on this wish list!

  19. Those baby uggs are so cute! My mother in law would love that Bailey's mug.

  20. So much coziness! I love my UGG moccasins and those baby ones are something I really want when the time comes!

  21. I'd pick cozy night at home over holiday party ANY day! :) Checking out that cute blankie now...Riley has all of a sudden made the one we own HIS blanket. That puppy has expensive taste! :) XO


  22. I love all these cozy picks! More and more I am choosing cute items for my lounge wear. It makes me feel so much less frumpy even when I'm only cleaning the house and doing laundry! That Bailey's set is so cute! I love Bailey's but I'm not a coffee drinker so hot cocoa is the way to go!

  23. I would LOVE to receive any of these gifts, for sure! I think I need those UGG Slippers!

  24. These are all great gift ideas and some I've already bought for people in the family. I love the slippers, hat, and the mugs.

  25. I'm all about cozy. Heck, I thought I wouldn't need half this stuff in AZ, but it's been chilly lately.

  26. So much good gift fodder here. I'll take one of each. You just know when I have a little grandbaby, I'll be having to buy those baby UGGS. XOXO

  27. Loving all of the coziness here! Those pj's are darling and I love those Ugg socks! I'm going to add both of those to my wish list!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  28. Oh my...those baby ugg's!! I love all the cozy things on your list, especially the ugg mocc slippers. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  29. I basically want to cuddle up with all these things!!!! I love buying the “fancy”candles for hostess gifts.

  30. I love all the cozy feels this gives. Now I just want to bundle up with a nice throw blanket. Those slippers look super comfy. I should just send this whole thing to Eric because I'd love everything on here. I have those baby uggs for C and can't wait for him to wear them!

  31. Yes to all of these! It's the coziest time of year and I love it!

  32. Yes Yes and More yes to all of this coziness!

  33. Yes to red and leopard! Always a favorite combo and especially around the holiday like you said. You look amazing in those leggings!
    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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