Ahhh my last gift guide of the year. It’s A great one because not only am I linking up with Tanya's last Amazon Prime link up of the year but I’m sharing some of the best sellers and some fabulous things you’ll need this holiday season!

I’ll expain a little why I lOVE each one of these as gifts or for YOU!! 

1. Holiday Glam Outfit
Everybody needs a fabulous holiday outfit with a little bit of glam. And you cannot go wrong getting some pieces from Amazon to complete your holiday looks. This red beret, red skirt and rhinestone belt have my heart big time! This outfit is so festive and cute!
BUY Red Beret HERE // Red Skirt HERE // Rhinestone Belt HERE

This is such a cute cocoa set! Hershey does it right with this darling Hershey kisses, and Cocoa mug Tumbler set!


How Cute are these!

Hands-down, my favorite Amazon purchase of the year and a number one seller! I’ve used these cubes every trip I’ve taken and they have made packing life so much easier!

BUY Packing Cubes HERE 

Such a great sweater! So easy to throw on with jeans and boots and it’s subtle yet so classy!
BUY Sweater HERE

I’ve shared many earrings from Amazon, but these are hands-down the favorite and most purchased! So light weight and I love the genuine calf hair!

BUY Earrings HERE 

I have to laugh at this one big time, and I mean big time! I shared it last month on my Amazon ideas, and within 24 hours a dozen had been sold! So funny!
BUY Pooping Pooches Calendar HERE

I laughed out loud at this book! I’ve shared it before, but I wanted to again because it is so relatable this time of year and you know I love Sophie Kinsella! A definite 4.5 out of five stars!

I’ve shared cheese boards before, and you just cannot go wrong giving these as gifts or getting one for yourself to serve your favorite charcuterie goodies! I love the shape of this one and it’s only like 20 bucks!
BUY Cheese Board HERE 

Another favorite purchase that I had to share again because not only did I give my mom one of these as a gift last year, but she got one for me and it definitely helps chopping all your meats! Great stocking stuffer too

BUY ChopStir HERE 

Hands-down, my favorite leopard sweatshirt off of Amazon! Cozy and long enough to cover your butt with leggings! Only $20!
BUY Leopard Sweatshirt HERE

Amazon is having all kinds of deals on the Instant Pot which will make your dinner prep so much easier and quicker! These are a huge seller!

BUY Instant Pot HERE

In case you missed it, I shared a COZY GIFT GUIDE yesterday.

Hope you're getting lots of shopping knocked off! 



  1. Great round up my friend! That calendar is crazy! Love all of your outfit ideas!

  2. Too funny that so many calendars sold when you shared it! You have a way of picking winners! <3

  3. Those are some good ones! The beret is calling my name but alas, I just told myself no clothes shopping in December! Will put it on my list for next month or will put it on my list for hubby to get as a stocking stuffer.

  4. The instant pot is one of my very faves. So many good things! Love the sweater!!

  5. Oh I want that chop stir thing!! But I have no where to store any other kitchen thing! Hehe. Oh and that window pane sweater, yep need that too!

  6. So many good things on Amazon! I adore that festive outfit on you! Those hot chocolate sets would be great hostess gifts! I may need to pick those up!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. Love this fun round up of Amazon faves! And the chop stir is a great idea! Where has that been all my life??

  8. I love these gift guides. I always discover a few more things. Packing cubes are the bomb!

  9. So many killer Amazon finds! I definitely need that Instapot!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. I love mu chop and stir, so versatile! I love your festive outfit, the beret makes it so French!

  11. SO many great Amazon finds!!! I was actually thinking about buying my mom, and myself, one of those ground meat choppers. You and your mom love yours?? I need that Sophie Kinsella book in my life! She is one of my favorite authors! And that pooping puppy picture had me dying! Then when I read it was a calendar... LOL!!!!

  12. I love that sweater and those earrings! The packing cubes would be great for a few people on my list. Gotta love prime!

  13. I feel like I just need to get the Pooping Pooches calendar for my son in law just because :) LOL

  14. Such a great gift guid! Your holiday outfit is adorable! I love all things hot chocolate so those sets are perfect. I don't know what I would do without my packing cubes. I am loving those sweaters you found. Always great to get ideas for gifts, and things we'd like too ;)

  15. I love your list. I especially love the chopper thingy. I'm looking for some coveted small items for a gift idea with my big kids this year. The older they get, the harder it is to gift to them without spending a fortune.


  16. I've been eyeing those packing cubes for a few trips now... I think I need to get a couple of sets and see how we like them!

  17. We both loved the packing cubes for the best of 2019! I'm putting a big cheese board on my wish list this year. Great ideas. Thanks for linking up!

  18. Love all the outfit inspiration

  19. You are THE Queen of AMAZON finds, but pooping pooches?! On a calendar? Really!! Oh my gosh! Hilarious!

  20. That pooping pooches is the funniest! What a great gag gift! Love the leopard earrings too!

  21. Those are all great gift ideas. That pooping dogs calendar is awesome! I purchased a Reese's candies set very similar to the Hershey's set but got it at Walgreens for only $5. I don't own the ChopStir as the brand but do own one very similar from Pampered Chef. They are definitely handy.

  22. look like you need to head off somewhere super fun in this outfit!!

  23. I know someone who uses that chop stir device for chopping her lettuce. So funny. I love those earrings so much!

  24. Once again I love your gift guide. My favorites are the packing cubes which is a game changer with packing and the IP. My IP is 2 years old and I got mine on Amazon back then when it was on sale but I can't believe how cheap it is now! Happy shopping!

  25. As always you have the greatest gift ideas!! You are a vision of holiday loveliness in this super glam look! LOVE your top!

    xx, Elise

  26. My Christmas Shopaholic book is finally going to be here today! I can't wait to read it! It's one of my favorite series. I've read all of the others and loved them!

  27. I laughed at the Pooping pups as I didn't read what it was until I saw "calendar" ! The festive outfit with rhinestones and the red beret looks adorable on you and I love the cozy leopard sweatshirt, you can wear anything hon! Id like to read that book- maybe I should get it for the 9 hr drive to PA!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  28. LOVE the glam holiday look! Christmas Shopaholic has been one of my favorite holiday reads so far this year - it would definitely make a great gift...or a gift to yourself. :)

  29. I think it's time I get another beret--it's been years! And, the calendar, ew, just ew!


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