Welcome to the Nine Home Christmas Tour 2023. I’m going let most of these pictures do the talking. Not much has changed but of course you know I always add a few trees every year. I literally could take and post hundreds of pictures, so I tried to just pick some of my favorites and I didn’t even take photos in every room that had decor this year.

We have  little tree for the twins with their 
nicknames on it and 2 of every ornament

The most different thing to note is the candy Christmas corner in the kitchen. I’m so proud of it and it is even more precious in person. The darn nutcracker has a story behind it but let’s just say a little packaging tape and my MacGyver skills and we’ve got ourselves a free nutcracker, lol.

I probably should’ve done a blog post just on this area alone, lol. I love how the chair sashes turned out and the window garland.

Gingerbread Bakery Sign HERE

You can get a lot of cool Bakery Decor Christmas Items HERE.

I do still love the Christmas guest bedroom. The tree in there is new as the one we had last year broke. I just love this sweet, flocked candy tree!

If you look up to your left, you will see that I did the shower rod with the garland hack. It is not near as easy as it looks, and some of you may have seen me talk about my frustrations on Instagram. Nevertheless, when I woke up to it fallen on the floor the next morning, I was bound and determined more than ever to get it back up there to stay and stay it has! I do love it. The tree to the right of the door in red and champagnes is also new, and it fits in that spot perfectly.

I did change the place settings a bit in the dining room with peppermint dessert plates and homemade peppermint embellishments. 

The Upper cabinet kitchen Christmas wreaths are still going strong after 5 years, I have 12 of them and it's usually one if the things I put up first. 

The Hall Tree is the only pace I still have buffalo plaid and it suits the area so well. I added twinkling lights to the garland this year.

The main tree is new and such a 9 foot beauty with 3400 lights and 10 light settings. And How did I not know about Holiday Wallpaper on YouTube for your TV. It even plays music! I can't strop scrolling through them all, LOL!

Instead of doing a separate outdoor on the porch post, I just included a couple photos. The only thing that really changed was the garland around the door, I like it much better this year with the big pieces of candy and more balls. You can see last year's porch HERE.


I truly wish you could see it all in person. I often get down on myself that it’s not enough, that it’s not good enough all because of that darn social media. Some of you may have seen me talk about this on Instagram. However when I sit and bask in it all, I’m proud of my talents. Happy I can bring just a little bit of magic to our part of the universe and hopefully yours with his post. 

I want my granddaughters to be 

excited to come to Grammy's and want to sing

carols and bake cookies. LOL.

I hope my loved ones love it. 

Stella Mae just loves her red pillow!

What's your Favorite? 

Let me Know!

Stella Mae also happens to be 
turning 2 today! Happy Birthday 
Beautiful Girl!

Have a Beautiful Day my loves!


  1. Absolutely amazing! And every tree is my favorite!! No, I think I can narrow it down. The candy tree and the whole candy area is my favorite. So whimsical and fun. How could your house/ decor ever get you down?? Your house is the most Christmas that I have ever seen Christmas. Granted I´m not on SM/ IG much at all. But your home is decorated absolutely beautiful and to the, dare I say it, the nines?? Have a great Monday!

  2. I can't even imagine the time it took you to find everything and then put it into action. It is spectacular and those little girls will feel so magical when they are old enough. I love the candy corner! You should give tours, but then lots of people would come in your beautiful home!

  3. I have been looking forward to seeing your pretties. It all looks fabulous, of course! And happy birthday to Stella Mae!

  4. So you always are on point with all of your decorating and I always look forward to your holiday home tours BUT that gingerbread room takes the cake (no pun intended)!! Just love it- amazing job XO

  5. Your home for the holidays is pure magic my friend! I see your passion in every image here. I adore the kitchen candyland and cannot get over your new tree. It is so beautiful and majestic. The twin will be in awe when they are old enough to experience it all.

  6. Terra Forrester11.12.23

    Happy birthday to Stella! It's all so pretty and festive.

  7. Anonymous11.12.23

    Wow, this is just amazing! You could seriously be a professional Christmas decorator! I'm just wondering where you store all of that!

  8. Anonymous11.12.23

    Wow!! I'm so inspired by the beauty of all your Christmas decor! I've gotten great ideas for my house for next year!! Your house always looks beautiful, and this is next level!!! Happy birthday Stella!;

  9. Charlotte11.12.23

    Wow! What a beautifully, decorated home! Everything is gorgeous! Visiting from Between Naps on the Porch...

  10. I love that you have so many trees! It just feels so jolly and cozy!

  11. Oh, my, would be hard to narrow it down to a favorite. It's all beautiful but I cannot even imagine putting all that up and especially taking it down. Tires me to think about it. :o)) Merriest of Christmases!

  12. Anonymous11.12.23

    Everything is gorgeous!! Please come to MI and teach me your craft of perfectly shaping your trees!

  13. While I love it ALL so much I think my favorite has got to be the Christmas candy corner in the kitchen. I am loving all those bakery themed items so much.

  14. Favorite? How could I possibly pick a favorite? OMG, it's totally amazing, and I love how you perservered with the garland.

  15. Your home and all your decorations are absolutely stunning. You do have such a wonderful talent and that is a gift! Your grandbabies will always look forward to coming to your home when they get older. It's a place where memories will be made.

  16. It is beautiful, cozy, inviting and looks like a Hallmark movie set!

  17. You are the decorating master! Your home is so festive and welcoming! I wish I could be there in person to see it!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  18. Anonymous11.12.23

    The guest bedroom is so pretty! I've always wanted to get holiday bedding, but never have. I LOOOVE the trees for the twins with their nicknames on them.


  19. Everything looks amazing so festive and filled with Christmas. Hugs! (please share at TFT)

  20. Happy Birthday Stella! Your home looks incredible and like a fantasy Christmas world that's come to life! The twins are going to LOVE coming to Grammy's. I love their little trees. How sweet!!

  21. How could you get down on yourself when your home looks straight out of a Hallmark movie?! Every year you truly outdo yourself! And I LOVE At Home. My entire tablescape for our Christmas party was from there!


  22. Everything looks so picture perfect! I absolutely love the candy corner in your kitchen. Darling!

  23. Beautiful, Andrea! I love the arch on your porch!

  24. You did a great job decorating the inside and outside of your house for Christmas. I love the candy corner in your kitchen. Everything is just beautiful and I know everyone loves it as much as you. Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas and new year.

  25. P.S. I forgot to say that Stella Mae is my favorite!


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