Ok, let me just get this out there, I literally took about 37 outfits. Now to note, I did wear about 2/3 (photo shoots included) of them but and this is a big BUT, LOL! If I were not a blogger and an influencer, I probably just mainly would’ve taken T-shirts, tanks, swimsuits, and shorts! Yep you read that right. That’s how laid-back upper Michigan is and how I feel most comfortable! Maybe would’ve thrown in a couple decent outfits for dinner but one day, I promised Mr. Nine that I will get it down just to a handful of outfits and shoes, lol! It’s so much worse for me when we drive because I know I can take ALL THE THINGS? Are you like that? Do you tend to pack more when you drive? It is a running joke, but I have a big red suitcase that literally weighs 100 pounds when we go and either Mr. Nine or the boys must carry it up and down three flights of stairs. Mama must make some packing changes, lol!


OK, now to some of the cuteness that I did wear in addition to the Cabana Life Cuteness I showed you last week. And at the end of this post, a couple pieces that I never did wear but took.


This Target Sweatshirt is the SOFTEST I own and right on trend with the tennis/Beverly Hills/sweats trend the teens are especially sporting these days. Perfect outfit for a walk on the pier. Jean Shorts HERE

This entire look from the Knit one Shoulder Top to the Checkered Skirt and Straw Sandals is under $75!! The two clothing pieces are from Target, and I love them! Perfect outfit for Italian and Ice Cream! 

I really took quite a few beachy linen pants and this pair was a fav! I love them especially great with a guaze white shirt and fav bling sandals. So Beach town sweet!

LOVE me some Yellowstone this tee came from Meijer but linking the pants and bag, one of my beloved Lulu bags of course. 

Oh, my Stars, this Cardigan Sweater is one great Amazon Find. I LOVE that the stars are black so it’s not just for Patriotic occasions. Looks so good with the black beachy Pants and I love that the grey is heathered and lighter in weight. 

Tank HERE ad Flip Flops HERE

This Romper is from Cabi Clothing and I shared it on Instagram HERE but it is another with the detachable back is it is soooo good!

Now to a couple of the cute things that didn't get worn..

Literally one of my favorite outfits from the Summer and BEST Cardigan EVER from Evereve. The paper bag amazing SHORTS are from Walmart and identical to a pair of $98 ones I saw.

OH, this Peplum Cutie TOP from The LOFT! This top also has the CUTEST back tie. Sandals HERE

And of course the necklace set I wore almost everyday on vacation, get it HERE, so inexpensive and perfect!!

Which look is your favorite?



  1. Anonymous20.7.22

    Pretty pretty- your outfits are so summery and looks so comfy too :) Holly @ Pink Lady

  2. So many chic summer looks! I'm going to try to pack light on my next couple of trips but I don't think I will be successful. Lol!


  3. I'm a chronic over packer too. Love every single outfit! They're all so comfy chic!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. I love that you share Target and Walmart items as well as the boutique ones!

  5. Such cute vacation looks, I love the gingham skirt. How I wish it got cooler here at night so I could throw on extra layers - it's hot and humid non stop and I look like a drowned rat - ha!!!

  6. Love all your outfits. I definitely overpack when we go places, but ummm, not to the extent you do lol. When we went to the beach for 9 days, I managed to take only 4 pairs of shoes: one to wear with dresses, one to wear to the pool/beach, a backup pair of pool/beach and a pair of sneakers to workout in. I was so proud of myself.

  7. The shade of yellow on your Yellowstone shirt looks so good on you! So sunshiny!!

  8. I loved all your vacation looks - a great mix of dressy and casual!

  9. LOVE that one shoulder red number! And yes I am the same way - I tend to overpack when I know we are driving to a destination as opposed to flying where I do my best to only bring a carry on. All the lost luggage lately is giving me anxitety!

  10. Anonymous20.7.22

    Love that one shoulder-tank and that cardigan! I may need both lol. I count the days that I will be gone and pack accordingly! I just don't want to deal with carrying a bunch of stuff. Have a glorious day friend! XO, Caroline

  11. I love all of your outfits. I used to be such a great packer, but I haven't traveled a lot lately and now I always way overpack. Ha.

  12. I used to stress about overpacking, but then I decided to just embrace the fact that it happens. Heck, I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it, haha.

  13. These outfits are all so cute on you! I am loving those beachy pants especially!

  14. Cool looks! Love the gingham skirt and one shoulder top outfit.

  15. I like the casual Yellowstone tee!

  16. I definitely pack more when we drive vs fly but probably not 35 outfits lol! You did pack some cute things and my favorites are the linen pants and gauze shirt as well as the outfit with the star cardigan. I am actually thinking anniversary outfits right now as hubby and I have a destination in mind so I know I will be purchasing some new things soo!

  17. These are all gorgeous vacation looks, Andrea! I love the one shoulder top and skirt together as well as your scalloped shorts and printed tank. So cute!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


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  18. Those beachy linen pants are darling!


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