There’s Amazon finds and then there’s AMAZON FINDS! You know, those things that you buy over and over again or find yourself using all the time that you do a little “thank goodness I found this on Amazon!” Today in linking up with Tanya's popular prime purchases, I’m sharing some of my favorite Amazon buys of all time!

Necklace Set 

I absolutely sound like a broken record on this but it’s hands-down one of my favorite Necklace Sets and I wear it at least three times a week. I have now had a set for over 2 years, and it has not tarnished. I bought a backup set just in case and I’ve given this set as a gift numerous times, and not one person has said it has tarnished yet! So lovely! 


Rubbermaid Brilliance 

You may remember me talking a couple times about my beloved flour, sugar, brown sugar, etc. set from Tupperware. I had those things with the hunter green lids for over 20 years, and I love them! But the lids are cracked, and no one was able to find me replacements. So, when I redid the pantry a couple years ago, I ordered these Brilliance Containers from Rubbermaid. I use them almost daily as I have lots of other things stored in them as well. I ended up buying about 20 in total, and they keep the pantry so nice and neat, keep the food fresh, and I just love them!


Car Guys Cleaner

NOT JUST FOR CARS! Car Guys Super Cleaner can literally clean everything! Talk about Power. And for under $20, you'll feel like your house has had a deep clean and even old dirt will be wiped away. Such good stuff! A SUPER cleaner for sure!


Cerave Eye Cream

Finally, an eye cream to help with puffiness! I really love but this Creave Eye Repair Cream seems to work just a little bit better and at such a great price point! It’s the ultimate #1 item on Amazon right now for a reason!


Kate Spade Sunglasses

I wear these Kate Spade Sunglasses almost on the daily. I am on my third pair. (Lost one and one as backup) My husband bought me a pair of these at Nordstrom several years ago for over $200 but on Amazon you can find them for a quarter of the price. They are literally the perfect sunglasses, and I always love the quality products from Kate Spade! 

Checkered Door mat

I used the black and white Checkered Door Mat so much that I bought a backup. And then per the holidays, started buying in other colors. Love layering door mats with a checkered one underneath. 


Affresh Products 

I love all these products. From the coffee maker cleaning tabs to the ones for your washer and your Garbage Disposal: they are fabulous. But my favorite happens to be the Dishwasher Tabs. They truly make your dishwasher look sparling and brand new. And all these are so affordable! 


Packing Cubes! 

Hands-down in the top three of Amazon purchases! I bought my first set of packing cubes in 2019 and have used them so much; well of course for that little lack of travel there during the pandemic, but I loved them so much that I just bought a second set for our London and Paris trip. I thought that I could use one for one city and the other color for the other. The ones in the lavender are the same brand but they are considerably cheaper right now as I write this! 


RePHresh Probiotic 

I take digestive probiotics too but this RePHresh Probiotic is The Clinically Tested feminine probiotic developed by doctors to maintain vaginal health. I buy this monthly and it’s $10 cheaper on Amazon than in the store. Not all probiotics are the same. Some are used for digestive health and immunity but are not specific to vaginal health. So, it is important to choose a probiotic with strains clinically tested to balance yeast and bacteria, like RepHresh Pro-B for vaginal health. Knock on wood but I rarely have yeast infections anymore. 


So Many Fashion Finds

I have had some good fashion finds like these Daily Ritual Joggers and  Jumpsuit!

Also my favorite hats and Belt are from but I decided to leave those out for this post but definitely some of my favorites!


Happy Week Ahead Loves!



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  1. So many good finds! This is why I love this link up. Without it, Amazon can be super overwhelming. I have never had packing cubes, but I would definitely get them for Europe!

  2. I never thought to look for KS sunglasses on Amazon! I need new storage containers for our pantry and will check out those out!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. I do love all of the Affresh products - they are the best! You have he best KS sunglasses, they look so good on you, I may need to snag a pair!

  4. Thanks for sharing these favorite finds! I need to get the necklace and use those Affresh washer cubes. Love those sunnies!

  5. Andrea, I have that necklace and I love it. The packing cubes are the best.

  6. I'm on my way over to check out those cute shades! Have a wonderful week, dear Andrea!

  7. What an awesome idea for a post. I'm going to add the eye cream to cart right now, and look forward to checking out the rubbermaid containers. hanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  8. I just started using those dishwasher cleaners & they are great - keep that smelly stuff away

  9. I like packing cubes too.

  10. I just ordered those exact joggers yesterday. Great minds think alike. Put the probiotic in my cart as well. I've taken the digestive probiotic forever. Have a great one!

  11. Ok I obviously need that cleaner ;)

  12. I have those Kate Spade's and LOVE them too! They are also my everyday go-to!Hope you had a great weekend, love ya!


  13. Packing cubes and affresh tabs would make my list too! That and my pineapple peeler/corer/slicer thingy.

  14. It's amazing how those packing cubes really help. I was doubtful until I tried them.

  15. I will definitely check out that Cerave eye cream! I love all of their products but I haven't seen that one before!

  16. Anonymous7.3.23

    I love Cerave products and I just ran out of eye cream, so your timing is great! I will check that one out. I also love that necklace! XO, Caroline

  17. All time favorites - very bold statements!! Definitely going to try the cerave eye repair!

  18. I need to try that cleaner! It sounds so amazing!


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