Starting to see some signs of Spring until old man weather in northern Indiana says 3 to 6 inches today, lol! But I know spring is springing! I’ve seen it, with a set of double swans in our pond, and the greenery popping up out of the ground. I hope the snow and cold doesn’t hurt it. Let’s get to the favs! Oh and CHEERS!! AND don't forget to Spring Forward. Ugh!


 1. Life Insurance

As I’m getting older, I’m really starting to think about more Term Life Insurance preferably cheap term life insurance. Premiums have skyrocketed.

More affordable coverage and less hassle is important to me. I have a policy my dad got me when I was a teen that is great and Mr. Nine has a good plan but it’s very important to have assurance for your family and the earlier you start the better. 

How old were you when you got your first policy?

2. St. Patrick's Day Porch
I decided not to do an entire post on the porch, but I made it a little simpler this year. You know as I told you on Monday, I’m loving the checkered doormats for the bottom layer, and I was super excited to get a green and white one HERE. I can’t believe St. Patrick’s Day is next Friday already, so I thought I better share in case you’re still doing any decorating or just wanted to see it before it got away from me, lol.

Rockers HERE // Pillow Covers HERE // Planters HERE

3. Fawn Color and Photo Area

Foe or Fawn? You know I can’t stop fawning over the Spanx air essentials line (I mean literally, I don’t stop talking about them because I’m in love) and when they released their new colors, I was jumping for joy. The fawn color was my new favorite, so I got it in the Half Zip the tapered leg pant and the adorable sleeveless, Mock Neck


10% off!  

Top HERE// Pants HERE // Sneakers HERE

Mock Neck Top HERE // Pants HERE // Sandals HERE

While my closet is big, it has a middle island and the aesthetic is a little more cluttered for me to do some of the Social Media reels videos in there, so I upgraded my clothing racks with this Gorgeous One HERE, got a pretty picture from Hobby Lobby, (with an Eiffel Tower of course)  a gorgeous White RUG, and this will work when I’m not doing the videos elsewhere.

4. Happy Hour
Let’s get this weekend started with a little happy hour, a happy hour graphic Sweatshirt from Old Navy! It is so stinking cute! It was under 20 bucks, and I have been loving some of the new Old Navy pieces. I especially love these Dynamic Fleece Pants. They can be for comfy athleisure, or you can even dress them up a bit. They are the most wonderful material and I’m going back for the black ones! These just might be my airplane pants, lol.

5. Misc. Fun


Big bonus on today’s post is a classic white button up. I own several, but I don’t think you can have enough. I love the oversize boyfriend fit of This one, my mom got it for me when we went shopping this week because they are buy one get one 50% off so she got one as well. LOVE THESE JEANS too!


Have a FABULOUS weekend! 
Did you see my HILARIOUS REELS VIDEO on Instagram poking fun at influencers?? Don't miss it for a laugh!

Good Luck with Spring Forward and the Oscars. lol. Be back Monday for a very special post with some gal pals of mine, let’s just say involves Target, lol

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...I mean with the snow coming today and all, lol!!


  1. I am so excited to spring forward! Sorry for more snow for you. None for us but back in the 40s. I have got to get that Happy Hour sweatshirt! I love it so much! I am loving my button up shirts right now. They are so versatile!

  2. More snow? My goodness, I cannot believe it. Hope you have a great weekend and stay cozy!

  3. Oh I am loving that boyfriend shirt- I think I need it in my life- ha! That clothing rack is everything too! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. Loving your upgraded clothing rack area! So pretty! Your porch looks fabluous as always and loving these Spanx essentials. Have a wonderful weekend Andrea!

  5. I love your happy hour shirt and the clothing rack! Have a great weekend!

  6. Gosh darn it if life insurance isn't the most affordable when it's the last thing you are thinking of. I guess it makes sense though! Your clothing rack is beautiful and is sure to make a nice backdrop for your reels. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. We got a policy when our kids were born and then were able to convert it from term to long term. I'm so glad we did, especially since my hubby makes so much more than I do. It's reassuring to know we would be good and not have to move or anything!

  8. Andrea, you did a great job decorating you porch for St. Patrick's Day! I love all of the outfits. I need to take a shopping trip to Old Navy. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  9. Your porch is so pretty! I have a life insurance policy, but I need to add more years to it or get a secondary one. I love your Happy Hour sweatshirt. So cute.

  10. Cute picture area! I saw that sweatshirt at Old Navy today.

  11. I remember those snow days in spring when we lived in Denver. We have a guest bedroom available if you want to come visit!!

  12. Your porch is so festive!! I love it!!

  13. Your porch looks amazing!!

  14. Loving your St. Patrick's Day porch! Sending all the spring vibes your way sweet friend <3

  15. You know I love your porch! So festive and makes me SMILE SO BIG! xo


  16. We got life insurance when our daughter was born but they were 20 year policies and are now expired. We need to supplement that. Your porch is so fun and you know I love your new photo area!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  17. Spring ahead this weekend! More daylight, whoo hoo!

    I actually work for an insurance brokerage that offers life insurance- it's so important! And finding a great rate is key- you want to have the right amount of coverage for your situation while still staying within your budget.

    Wishing you a happy weekend, babe friend!


  18. Great jeans! And love that happy hour sweater. Have a good weekend.

  19. So much goodness in this post, Andrea! I absolutely love your porch, you always decorate it so pretty for each holiday! :)

    Make Life Marvelous

  20. Your porch is so cute! Festive and welcoming as always!

  21. So much fun here! I love that Happy Hour sweatshirt and that white button down. The memes are on point as usual!

  22. Love all of your festive decorations!


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