It’s time! Target Time, lol! Seems to be Target time at least once a week for me! Even better I’d when 5 of us, the Blonde Squad goes to Target! Even better if we all could’ve gone together! LOL!

Jill had a wonderful idea for a post: what we got at Target for $100! Just like I always love seeing what people buy on Amazon. I also love seeing what people get at Target, one of our most beloved institutions, lol. 


If you read my blog way back in the day, you may remember a post I did in 2015 entitled 9 Things That Inevitably Happen at Target.

It was my post popular post that year and showed my newbie lack of blogging skills, but it was oh so fun and a favorite to this day!!!

Now I want to preface by saying that I did go over $100 but for a very good reason. If you are familiar with Target the Circle, you know that we often get great deals and last week when I went if you spent $125, you got $15 back on your Target Circle. Therefore, I spent $127 and got it lol.

$18 was for Mr. Nine’s Coke Zero (He’s addicted)! Soda pop is so incredibly expensive, so I only get it for him when it’s on sale and I happened to notice it was, so I grabbed him the three cases, so we won’t count that… Boring, lol! I'm addicted to Bailey's but I didn't get this seasonal goodness, just wanted to show you how pretty the bottle is, LOL! (Only in Stores)

I took my mama with me on this trip as my photog and videographer, lol. We had an interesting discussion in the deodorant aisle, LOL. I love the Native Brand of deodorant!

Of course, we had to try some things on. The clothing area is the first place I go. I think they conveniently put it in front at all Targets, lol. I really didn’t see much on this trip clothing wise but when I saw this DRESS, I immediately knew I had to have it because it was just the style I was looking at for my upcoming Europe trip. It fit like a glove. Some dressing rooms at Targets are not good at all, my local one is like trying things on in a shoebox. And another Target Circle Plus was dresses were 20% off so this was under $30!

Years ago, before many of the major tanning mousse is creams and lotions came on the scene, I used Jergens glow, and it worked great. However, a few years ago I got on the Loving Tan Mousse bandwagon, and I am so in love. When I saw at Target that Jergens had come out with A Tanning Mousse, I decided to get it and the mitt, along with the Melanin Glow Moisturizer and see how it compares to the others but is substantially cheaper.

 Of course, I had to get some Easter candy! Mr. Nine loves the Reese's Eggs and we always have to have at least one Cadbury Egg a season! However, I do have a bone to pick with Reese’s, they stopped making the mini Reese’s eggs. The eggs they sell now in the bag are flat (eggs halced) and a little eggs with Reese’s peanut butter in them had the best ratio. I miss those!

And OK, I got a Bottle of My Favorite PROSECCO, LOL!

I loved the Pixi Eye Makeup remover pads, that they used to sell at target, but they stopped so since I love the cleanser so much, I got the Cetaphil Gentle Makeup Remover and it works great! Also got my favorite eyeliner: Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus and Crackers:Simple Mills Almond Crackers.


Check out the blogs of my dear Blonde Squad pals in alphabetical order! Caroline from The Petite Fashionista, Jill from Doused in Pink, Kathrine from Kathrine Eldridge Blog and Laura from I Do DeClaire.

I am so excited to see what they got! 

More on my Instagram Stories today.


I’ll be back tomorrow with the cutest 

seasonal food board you ever did see!

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  1. That dress with some white sneakers will be tres chic in Europe! I have a friend whose daughter was just in Rome and she wore that type of outfit with a cardigan. I commented on how stylish she looked!

  2. I love that dress on you and it will be perfect for your trip! That Bailey's sounds so good! Such a fun collab!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. Great finds! $100 doesn't go quite as far as it used to, but it looks like you got some good stuff.

  4. What a great idea for a post - I think The Blonde Squad needs to host a monthly link up featuring Target buys. Can't wait to see what the rest of you beauties got!

  5. I love the dress you found! So perfect for Paris. I need to check out these tanners and love Native products. I learned about them after staying at the Nine resort. Lol!


  6. Wow, we used to do $10 at Target posts. $100 is a lot!

  7. The dress is adorable and prosecco for the win! Love it and love Target :)

  8. So FUN! That prosecco is my favorite too!

  9. Fun to see what everyone got! I usually have to make sure I have a list when I head to Target because I get distracted.

  10. How fun to go shopping with your mom at Target. I like the dress and the tan products look good.

  11. Anonymous13.3.23

    Well honestly you look good in everything. I do love the dress on you though. The Europeans say they can always tell we are American because we wear sneakers. Tennis shoes aren’t seen much in Europe.

  12. Anonymous13.3.23

    That is my favorite self-tanner that I have been using for years! Fun post!!

  13. Anonymous13.3.23

    I love that dress and it looks beautiful on you! I also immediately thought of you when I saw that Bailey's in the store haha. You found a lot of great things and this was another fun collaboration my friend! XOXO, Caroline

  14. That last meme - YES! OMG, how does Target get us like this every single time! Haha. It's so baaaad.

  15. That Baileys sounds so good! I need to try that! I'm glad I'm not the only one to get chocolate goodies! Haha! Love the dress on you!

  16. I use that Jergens mousse and it is pretty good. I don't like it as much as the old Banana Boat mousse that I used to have but can't find anymore. Do they sell liquor in your Target? In Tx, they sell beer and wine but not liquor.

  17. Shopping days with Mom are always fun! And I love the dot dress, cutest!!



  18. I loved this fun blonde squad collab, friend! I made it through all the posts and enjoyed seeing what each of you picked up. I definitely don't blame you for going over the $100 especially since you could get the $15 back - very much worth it! I giggled at the Coke Zero - that's what my husband and I drink, along with the Sprite Zero, haha! It is SO expensive though, so we do the same and just stock up when it's on sale. I love the dress you got, it's so pretty and looks fantastic on you!! You got so many neat things! :)

    Make Life Marvelous

  19. Love this series. You gals need to do this every season!! Or holiday. Or both. Hope they still have that Bailey's when I pop into Target tomorrow. Sounds divine. And St. Patrick's Day is more a state of mind than a one-day-a-year holiday, right?
    Love that dress on you. It most certainly does fit like a glove. Gorgeous.
    Your mom did a great job snapping pics. Do you hire her out? PC is most reluctant to help me with picture-taking.

  20. This is so fun. I love to see what other people get at Tar-jay! Love the dress on you. I wish our Target had booze. :( That Bailey's looked so pretty and tasty...and I'm always up for a glass of prosecco! Good deal with Target Circle, I love it!


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