Happy Good Friday! We’re Baaack! Part of me is so glad to be back home, and the other part wishes we would’ve had just a little bit more time as the weather started to get nice, which we never really got to enjoy, lol. But you know we Nine’s, we made the most of it with gusto.


Today, since it’s the 7th, I’m sharing my top 7 favorite things from our trip in seven different categories, but I will get into much more detail in my recaps. So much to do, so much to see so much to wear; I could probably do a month’s worth of posts on London and Paris, lol.


Food/Drink in London:

The Dom Perignon Afternoon Tea in London

Mr. Nine and I did research on our English afternoon tease, and we knew that we had to do this one at the mirror room. Of course, I chose the Dom Perignon art afternoon tea. This is so beautifully presented in the most beautiful location and loved it. We had an afternoon tea plan for the next day, but we canceled it, because this is a lengthy process, but so enjoyable!

The scones were my favorite but Monday I'll show you the "artful" desserts.

Attraction in London: 

Westminster Abbey! 

As I was walking through the Abbey, I could just hear Elton John singing “candle in the wind” at Princess Diana’s funeral. Originally, I thought that her and Charles got married there too and then I remembered that the wedding was at St. Paul’s Cathedral, where we went a couple days after this. Westminster Abby is absolutely stunning, and so rich in history. I loved that we got to go up to the Queen’s jubilee and have a view like this.

Food/Drink in Paris:

My favorite meal was at a little spur the moment café called Treize au Jardin, on the only good weather day we got, so we got to sit outside in the sunshine and enjoy brunch! Um this pic says it all!


Hotel Suite View in Paris

This was something I was so excited about because I knew our suite at Hotel Regina would overlook the Eiffel Tower, but it exceeded my dreams. Especially on the last night when we got the one and only Sunset of the entire week and a half! The neat thing about the Eiffel tower is that at 9 PM it lights up and then every hour for a few hours and for five minutes long, it’s sparkles!

Attraction in Paris:

Palace of Versailles

It was all really cool, but I have to say the Palace of Versailles and the gardens there are a sight to behold! Did you know it took 104 years to build the Palace of Versailles and over 39,000 men lost their lives during its Construction! Plus, it’s a very interesting story about the kings of France and how indulgent and horrible they were.

Magnificent Hall of Mirrors

Best Day:

Sunday, April 2nd; My Birthday

My favorite day of the trip was absolutely my birthday! Sunday, the 2nd, it started with breakfast in bed, and the most beautiful spread presented by our hotel. They even lit a candle for me. 

My Favorite Photo of the trip

Lunch was at the magnificent. Le Maison Rose, a very famous pink restaurant in my favorite section of the entire city called Montmartre! So charming. 

The waiter had everyone in the restaurant sing happy birthday to me and I got yet another candle. 

Then that night we did an evening dinner cruise and got to see all the sites lit up in the evening along with a four course French meal. And they also sing happy birthday to me along with another gal who shared the same day, and my third and final candle of the night to top off the best day.

View of Eiffel Tower from the Boat



By Mr. Nine I should say, lol. We shopped enough that we needed to buy an additional suitcase to take back, lol. But besides this trip being my birthday gift, Mr. Nine indulged me in a Saint Laurent purse and coin/card purse. I was lucky to get the last two of these items with the gold on them, which is what I had my heart set on.

Bag HERE // Flap Card Case HERE

I was going to get a colorful Louis Vuitton, but I like the classy aspect of Saint Laurent so that is why I went with something more refined.


PS FAV: My Birthday Pie

Oh so wonderful to come home to a clean house, a happy doggie and my annual Key lime birthday pie from my beautiful mama! She took such good care of everything and even had my beloved ham and beans waiting in the fridge so I wouldn’t have to cook after our return! She is the best, and so is her pie! Check out her recipe HERE

I’ll be back Monday with some travel recapping: this one will be all about the beginning of our trip in London.


I’m happy to report it’s finally going to be a beautiful weekend here in Indiana that we have desperately needed.


Happy Easter

He is Risen

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  1. I really enjoyed following along on your trip! While I have been to Paris several times, it has always been a a tight budget as a 18 year old and as a mom of 2 then 4 so seeing all the possibilties for a couple's trip is really neat! We have visited quite a lot of the city but some of the restaurants would be really neat to visit as well as actually stay in the city. I also have never been to Versailles even though I put in on the list each time. Can't wait to read your next posts. Happy birthday once again!

  2. So happy that you enjoyed your trip! What fabulous pics you shared here. You look amazing and now I want to do the Dom afternoon tea. Now let's talk about the bag and card holder. Perfection my friend! Glad you went the classic route. You will have those pieces for years to come. So glad you birthday was amazing and celebrated you in the most perfect way. XO

  3. I so enjoyed following along on your amazing birthday trip! What beautiful memories you made. Can't wait to talk to you about the trip!

  4. What a glamorous trip! I can't wait to see more. I am so glad you had a great time!

  5. It looks so amazing! I want more details - how did you plan everything and did you have enough time in each city. I also want to here how you traveled from London to Paris. And, a packing post! All the details!!!!

  6. Happy Easter my Beautiful Friend! Ok you look so amazing and happy! I can't get enough- can't wait for more posts- the trip sounds like perfection and your outfits of course, as always, are on point! XO

  7. Welcome back! I'm so happy you had an amazing trip! Love reading through your favorites! Your new bag is gorgeous!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. The trip looks amazing! Happy Easter!

  9. I would totally drink in a whole month's worth of posts on both those destinations!! That sounds like such a fabulous trip and I am loving all those photos of the Eiffel tower. After touring Versailles it was easy to see why the French Revolution was so bloody and filled with angry mobs.

  10. What a wonderful trip you took to Europe Andrea. The food and drinks sound so good and same for the sightseeing. I can't wait to hear all about your trip. Have a happy Easter.

  11. Your trip looked the trip of a lifetime and what a wonderful way to spend your birthday! It's been years since I was in Paris (1992) but I remember Versailles, the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, the Seine, and Notre Dame all like it was yesterday - such a charming city. You are going to love that YSL bag - what a great gift!
    So glad sweet Stella Mae is feeling better and that you went on the trip!!!

  12. Anonymous7.4.23

    It truly makes my heart happy that you guys had such a wonderful trip. These photos are beautiful and so you are you my friend! Oh and so is your new bag!! SO gorgeous, I love it! Have a glorious weekend lovely friend! XO, Caroline

  13. So glad you made it back safe and sound, and that you decided to go even with all of the hoopla before. I can't wait to see all the treasures you bought.

  14. Oh my gosh -- what a fun trip! I can't wait to read more.

  15. Tracy7.4.23

    I've always liked your style but your outfits for this trip were beyond amazing! And happy belated birthday!

  16. Looks like the trip of a lifetime! Love your new bag and card case!

  17. Following along on your trip was so fun! It looked romantic and beautiful. I would have the hardest time packing, that's for sure!! How could I bring my whole closet :) Happy Easter, sweetie!


  18. My goodness, what a trip! Looking forward to reading more about it.

  19. Oh I would love to read more about the trip. Afternoon teas are the best! I have been to France once when I was 14, very long time ago, lol. Its a intriguing city.

  20. It looks so amazing! Happy belated birthday!

  21. This looked like a fantastic trip to two of my favorite places. I loved having a flat that looked out at the Eiffel Tower, that was the best! I loved when it would sparkle. That photo of you looking out at it is stunning! I know it's good to be home but it's hard to leave such magical places! Happy Belated Birthday!

  22. What a perfect birthday and such a fantastic trip! I'm so glad y'all had the best time!

  23. What a beautiful trip! We went to Paris after graduate school. Oh we were so young! OUr daughter cringes when we recap all of the things we did or wore that screamed Americans! I love that white fluffy sweater and the handbag! xo laura

  24. Oh my goodness, every single place looks amazing!! So happy you had an amazing trip!! :)

    Make Life Marvelous


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