LONDON 2023 Days 1 & 2

I am loving reliving our fabulous trip to London and Paris. I am not reliving how horrible the weather was, but so blessed to have been there. You know, it is exactly as they say. London is more refined and sophisticated and Paris is more charming and romantic! 


It truly is kind of hard to pick a favorite because they are both so different in their own right. We began in London and actually had a decent weather day that day as well as our last in Paris, basically was bookends on some sunshine and that was it, but like I said, we ventured out right away, and found Mr. Foggs, the most charming pub. 

Wait, in the middle of writing this, I realized I’m going to make this 2 parts so we’re going to just start with days one and two or this post would be waaay too long. 

We stayed at the Hoxton in the Holborn area, which was such a great location. We love Hoxton hotels, the one in Chicago is one of our favorites, but man the lobby was packed with millennials every single night, and we could never find a place to sit! Even saw one couple making out like crazy on a couch (should've gotten a pic, lol.) 

They did have a lovely little coffee area and the gal made me the best oat milk lattes.

Back to Day 1


We ventured to Covent Garden and watched a hilarious street magician, saw the Trafalgar Square and beautiful aesthetics.

Stopped at a cafe for Matcha and Biscoff Cheesecake!

Unfortunately, dinner was terrible, but we loved where it was, the Seven Dials market, and I did get some yummy Panna cotta soft serve ice cream for a walk back to our hotel.And Yes I did sit on a giant banana, lol.


We were so hungry and did not see it wasn't "real" meat, 

I like plant based but the flavors were sooooo OFF!!

Day 2 

Up bright and early the next morning for a fabulous breakfast at Cafe de Provence; our BEST breakfast spot in London.

 Then to see the parliament area and Westminster Abbey, and it did not disappoint! Truly one of the prettiest churches I have ever seen, and in my mind all I could think of was candle in the wind, like I said, on Friday, being sung by Elton John at Princess Di’s funeral. And in just a couple short weeks, King Charles III will be coordinated there, and we saw the coronation chair that they were getting ready for him. 

Your chair awaits King Charles III on March 6th!
But I am still unhappy your wife will now be called "Queen!"

Then it was, of course, seen the major iconic attractions like Big Ben in the London eye. I had so many people ask us if we rode the Ferris wheel, which is known as the Monday night, and the answer was no because so many people told us that was not the best vantage point, and it took up some time and trust me. We did not have time on our side was so much to see. 

We were getting hungry and craving the fish and chips we had heard so much about but not just any fish and chips. All the YouTube videos we watched told us that we must get our fish and chips from Poppies, the original Poppies and they were right, so delicious! Super retro inside too.

We went back to the hotel and rested up a bit and then headed to a highly recommended pub called the Old Bank of England. It was packed. Mr. Nine had made a reservation but we were so jet lagged, it was for the next night but guess what? After ordering our drinks (mine was a ”Porn Star Martini”..very popular in Europe), our sweet waitress got us a table. There is an old bus you can go sit in the have cocktails out back too. My soup with focaccia was incredible! Such a cool place!

So ready for bed after dinner!
Be back soon with days 3 & 4..they are even more exciting than these.

Happy Week my Loves!


  1. Keep the posts coming! Living vicariously through your trip photos!

  2. Looks amazing already- so much history to absorb- love how British your outfits looked too- always on point :)

  3. It looks like a blast. Now I want to plan a trip!

  4. Now I want to go to London after this post! That church is stunning and would love to visit that bar you shared at the end. So glad you enjoyed this part of your trip!

  5. We didn't ride the Eye either, it's so hard to fit it all in! Looks like you guys had a great time though. It does rain a lot, we were never without an umbrella but I guess that is the price you pay for all the beautiful flowers and greenery. I just couldn't get over the charm!

  6. It looks so amazing. Your photos are great!

  7. London looks like an amazing city! Love your pics and your gorgeous outfits. I am also not at all happy that Camilla will be called Queen!

  8. Anonymous10.4.23

    I forgot that they have a Hoxton there! I am so happy that you enjoyed London and I love these photos! Have a glorious day my friend! XO, Caroline

  9. What a wonderful trip Andrea. I can't wait to hear more about it. The sightseeing and food look great.

  10. Anonymous10.4.23

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  11. Gosh, if it weren't for jet lag, we could enjoy the travel so much more. I love seeing such iconic sights.

  12. I'm adding London to my bucket list now! It looks like so much fun! Can't wait to see more posts!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  13. That sounds wonderful! You have lots of beautiful photos too.

  14. EEK! So much fun! When Ben and I went to Paris about 12 years ago, I wish we would have gone to London too!

  15. It looks like you checked all the boxes for London! So fun!

  16. Anonymous11.4.23

    Thanks for taking us along. Will need to bookmark your posts in case we go to London one of these years!

  17. It all looks so wonderful! I'm sorry the weather was crummy, but it looks like you made the best of it! And those fish and chips look AMAZING. They are seriously my favorite and would love to try them in London!


  18. London is my favorite city to visit! Honestly you could spend weeks there and not see it all. It looks like you were able to cram a lot in! I love fish and chips and no one does it like the Irish or British!

  19. So many beautiful photos! I have always wanted to visit London and now you have me reeeeally wanting to go!

  20. London is one of my favourite cities -- I could go there over and over again!

  21. Love all of these pictures, Andrea! I've had your trip posts in my 'saved to read later' section of my Feedly for so long now, so I wanted to pop on and get started finally, haha! This would be such a gorgeous place to visit, and all that food (minus the plant-based place you said was awful, haha!) looks delicious!

    Make Life Marvelous


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