What glorious Friday it is! Oh, my friends the weather has been in the 80's this week and absolutely spectacular! I know I normally do Friday favorites but this trip to London and Paris is going to be a favorite of the entire year, so I know you’re wanting to see all the details, so why not do Day 3 & 4 today!


Day three was my favorite in London! Of course, we started off the day with rain, lol but we got to behold Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard. We did not stay for the whole thing because we had a tight schedule, but so happy with what we saw. I can’t believe the king lives there. And the queen did for so many years, although I don’t know if you know this, but near the end of her life, she lived in her place at Windsor castle.

This guy was late to his post, lol

I was so ready for a coffee, and we found the cutest little café. Now this is a chain in London called E L & N and is in other European cities too, but my goodness is it ever precious, talk about photo opportunities I wish I would’ve had on a pink outfit, lol! ADORABLE & Yummy, lol

Then, of course, it was the thing I have been waiting for shopping wise, and that was to go to Harrods department store, the most famous iconic shopping destination to behold in London. I was so in awe.

All those designers had this girl wanting to dress to the “Nines”! Lol. 

We didn’t have very long because we had to get back to high tea but wow, so incredible! Before tea, I had to fit in a visit to Princess Diana’s water fountain! It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but if you read this plaque, it will explain why it was designed the way it was.

We quickly went back and changed and went down to the mirror room at the Rosewood hotel, which was just two blocks from ours. It was absolutely magnificent! We spent three hours there. High Tea in London is a lengthy process but still relaxing and worth it. We ordered the Dom Pérignon Art Tea

What they do at the Mirror Room is an

Art High Tea where the desserts are crafted after an artist who has works in the Tate Modern Museum. This rotates with the season, and it is phenomenal! We started with a little finger sandwiches then the most amazing scones I’ve ever had, then spring like sponge cakes and finally those works of art. And of course, 2 kinds of tea.

Pinky up!

Then they topped it off with a cute little dessert and candle for me to get the birthday week started.

 The bathroom was phenomenal and the entire place so elegant and pretty. Great spot for photo ops. I shared this photo on Instagram and someone asked me if the dog was real, it sure did look like it!


Then it as back to change again for the musical Mamma Mia! Of course, I have seen this musical in the states but after researching, it was the number one rated show of them all in London, so this is what we chose & our seats were wonderful. I do have to say I had to sip Sprite the whole time as in between since having tea, I had terrible tummy troubles if you know what I mean. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to musical, but it got better. Oh, and I almost forgot right before heading out I burnt my beautiful Anthropologie dress while ironing, a hole right through it, so I had to hurry up and figure out something else to wear that was not restrictive around the waist, lol

Next day we had intended to get to the millennium Bridge for sunrise but the time was too early for the tired Nines, lol! 

Instead, we found some quick coffee and started our day with the Tate Modern Museum. It is exactly what you would expect in modern museum to be, but I was expecting more sculptures.

Then we had reservations to tour the sky garden. It is a spectacular venue on the 35th floor that allows you 360° views of the city and it was amazing. 

We were super hungry by then. I use TripAdvisor all the time. It usually never steered me wrong, so I looked up lunch spots near where we were and found a delightful, hidden gem called the Wardrobe. We got a traditional English lunch with me getting the veggie pie, and Mr. Nine getting the bangers and mash. It was so delicious and so charming.

So yummy!

Next up, it was time to tour, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, the iconic church, where Princess Diana got married, and rich in so much history. It was stunning.

Since we were so tight on time, we had to cancel our tea at the building, called the Shard. We really wanted to go up there for at least cocktails, but they were booked, but here was a beautiful tree in the entry. 

Time for the magnificent Tower Bridge with a glass bottom. I must admit it was a very weird feeling, but we did it. 

After sideways winds and 22,000 steps, we were exhausted. So, I don’t even have pictures for the rest of the night. We went to a pub. Mr. Nine was dying to go to, but it was wall-to-wall millennials, so he had a quick drink and we left. We ended up having smash burgers that were delightful, and then back to pack in early to bed.


Every single place you go eat somewhere different when we would step on the tube, the underground subway system, every place we would walk out into a different by, and we loved that! Our 5th day was heading to the train station to take the Eurostar to Paris.


The only famous person we saw in London: The Fruit of the Loom guy, lol.

Let me tell you if I have not already: 4 or five days in London is NOT nearly enough! You need at least a week and in hindsight, we would have done a week+ in London and a week in Paris.  I’m thought I had not planned activities close together but we had to omit some because getting from place to place takes a while so allow plenty time. Taxis and Ubers are great but extremely expensive because traffic is so packed it could take you even longer. If you’re planning a trip, trust me, we have lots of tips of things we did right, and things we did wrong, lol. And so many pictures, so little time or attention span for you readers, lol. Thank you for hanging in.


I’ll be back Monday with the Paris Day 1 & 2 recap. AND keep your eyes on my Insta in the next few days: HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT coming!!! 

And in case you missed it: Trip Favorites HERE and London Days 1 & 2 HERE  


Love ya! Happy Weekend!


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  1. So much to see in London! Now that I saw this recap I want to go now. That tea was amazing and that cafe is so cute! I adore that tulle skirt you wore too!

  2. Your recaps are making me want to plan a trip to London! So much to see! That tea looked amazing!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. I could definitely use a few more days in London! We stayed right around the corner from Harrod's - and yes, that store is amazing!!!
    We did not do high tea, looks like fun - must do it next time!

  4. It definitely seems like a whirlwind trip, but how fun! Now you will be ready when you go next time!

  5. Wow! So much goodness and so much beauty to see- jealous you saw Mamma Mia! That must have been incredible and sorry for the tummy trouble ;) Beautiful pics of a beautiful couple in a beautiful city XO

  6. It seems like you saw a ton of cool things!

  7. Happy Friday!
    It looks and sounds like you had a great trip to London and fitted so much into a couple of days. Buckingham Palace is amazing and everything around it. What an adorable cafe. I have always said if I win the lottery I would have a massive shopping spree in Harrods. lol

  8. Anonymous14.4.23

    Love this recap! I have not been to London in a long time, you are making me want to go back. I am so happy that you had a nice time and Harrods is so fun! Have a glorious weekend lovely friend! XO, Caroline

  9. Anonymous14.4.23

    My husband always finds the best and most interesting places to eat using TripAdvisor. Looks like you did well. I am loving all of your fun outfits and seeing all the places you visited. I only went to London once as a child.

  10. Bangers and mash is the best! It looks like you had fun at Harrods! The high tea looks amazing!

  11. So so many beautiful picture taking spots! Eek! Y'all had so much fun and you squeezed so much in! I want to go soooo bad!

  12. Anonymous14.4.23

    Omg, I looove London! I went a few years ago, and it was AMAZING. Gotta go back!!

    Lots of love,
    Krissi of the marquise diamond

  13. I want to go to London asap!!

  14. Anonymous14.4.23

    It's not someplace we had thought about going but it sounds like there is so much to see!

  15. That sounds wonderful!! I find that no matter how long I plan my vacations to be it is never long enough to see and do it all.

  16. You guys were busy busy! But how wonderful that you got to see and experience SO many wonderful things! And your tulle skirt could not be more perfect!


  17. London is amazing. So many fabulous things and places to see. So much fanatic food. Lovely to read about your journey.

  18. Anonymous17.4.23

    Wow! Andrea you and Mr. Nine did a lot of sightseeing! The tea looks great and I love your outfit. How fun seeing Momma Mia. I can’t wait to hear about Paris!
    Julie at Julie’s Creative Lifestyle

  19. Lots of fun Andrea. London is a lovely town. We experienced all of that years ago. Also saw three shows, including Mama Mia, our favorite. Love your hot pink tulle skirt. I am happy to feature your fun trip to London at Love Your Creativity.

  20. Oh, that looks like a really amazing place for High Tea! YUM!!! And we want to walk across the Tower Bridge next time we go to London. We were too hot to do it this past summer.

  21. I bookmarked this post - I hope to travel back to England within 1-2 years!


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