PARIS 2023 Days 1 & 2

The Eurostar train from London to Paris was super fun, and you did not even know when you were under the water. (31 mile long tube under the water). It just amazes me. 

blurry but happy, lol

We got a taxi from the train station right away to our hotel across from the Louvre museum and it was beyond spectacular, one of my favorite places I’ve ever stayed in in my 52 years, definitely top three. It was recommended by a fellow Influencer and she was spot on. 

The Hotel Regina catered to our every need. We did not have to lift a finger for anything. Not only was our bed decorated so sweetly with roses, it was a suite that had two bathrooms which Mr. Nine and I love! One was charming and one was modern. There were even rose petals in the bidets! AND oh that view. 

The Eiffel Tower view never got old. We cheers big time after Champagne was delivered to our room!

We were so excited go get a bite to eat and start our time in Paris. The concierge was beyond spectacular and she recommended this sweet little café called Café Flottes down the road. I had the most delicious Caesar salad. And we shared a delightful crème brûlée. 

We had tickets to go to the top of the Arc de Triomphe for 6:30, so we quickly found our way to walk there but it took a little bit. 

We made sure to get familiar with the metro to head back but sometimes even though you have tickets you still have to get in line so we did not end up getting up to the Arc until sunset. That actually was an amazing blessing because guess what? We got to see the Eiffel tower light up and sparkle, what an amazing site. And all those 284 steps on the spiral staircase worth it to get up there!

Stunning...then at 9.... it Sparkled!!

Our Hotel on the walk back from the Metro at night.

Even Mirrors on the ceiling too! 

Saturday, was a packed day. We had to get up bright and early for our photo shoot with a company, called The Paris Photographer, also recommend to me. But I really had reservations about doing it, it was what our photographer, Alex, told us the windiest day in Paris in three years, and it was only 39° out. His assistant, who is also his wife, did such a good job of keeping me warm. I’m currently in the process of picking out our photos so I believe it was worth it but I’ll never forget how miserable I was. Mr. Nine had a sport coat so he was a little warmer, lol. 

Sneak Peak..still selecting photos.

We grabbed a quick coffee and croissant and headed back to change for our trek to the Palace of Versailles. 

Croissants just weren’t enough, lol, so we went down to the Happy Caffe (2 F's) for crepes and I can see why it is called that. It is one of the top rated in Paris even though just a little hole in the wall, but the owners are absolutely spectacular, and so so funny! We had the best crepes we’ve ever had in our lives. Mr. Nine got a savory, and I got a sweet and we shared them and look at the precious Cappuccino.

We should've grabbed one of these.

Unfortunately, the train you take to get to Palace of Versailles was out so we had to figure out this crazy way to get there as it is about 45 minutes outside the city. Needless to say, we got kind of lost and had to grab an Uber and made it to the tour group by the hair of our chinny chin chin, lol. The Palace of Versailles is a massive and such an incredible story of power, greed and gluttony with the kings of France. 

Located in the countryside, about 45 minutes outside of Paris, the 17th century chateau boasts 2,300 rooms across  87,728,720 square feet!! You can read more about the history on their website. The below photo is from National Geographic to show you how massive the Palace and grounds are.

All that gold

I thought this tour was going to be amazing, but it was the beginning of the busy season and I thought I would have a panic attack with the wall-to-wall people. But the rooms were a sight to behold. The Hall of Mirrors was my favorite. 

Our tour guide was a little boring which I did not think would be the case. But as soon as we got out into the palace gardens, we were mesmerized and even though cold, the fresh air felt great!

We sat and admired the pond and I got a hot chocolate, but then had to get an Uber to get to the Eiffel tower for our tickets there and it was pouring down rain and we were standing on a corner in the gardens while the Uber‘s kept switching and we never thought we get there. Finally one waited for us, but we had to walk about a half a mile because they would not allow him in the gates. Everything is a little confusing in Paris and they were many ways they could’ve made it easier. Crazy. 


The clouds parted a bit so we could climb to the 1st observation area. Views were spectacular. Everyone said there was no need to go to the top and they were right. 

Rain began again and we were starving so we found a fabulous lil Italian place and had some wonderful burrata and a salad for me. 

Then, since hadn’t had berries of any kind since of been there so Mr. Nine bought me the most beautiful strawberries from a market so I could have them on the following morning: my Birthday! Can’t wait to tell you about days 3 (my favorite) and 4 next Monday. 


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Happy Fresh Week!

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  1. The Hall of Mirrors is amazing, isn't it? And the fresh produce! Can't wait to see your photo shoot photos!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. I cannot wait to see your photos from your shoot! My favorite part of Versailles was the outside grounds. Love where stayed. That view is incredible!

  3. Versailles is just amazing, I remember walking around in awe! I cannot wait to see your photos, what a great idea to have a photographer!

  4. Looks amazing! And I did see your news on insta - wow!

  5. Anonymous17.4.23

    LOVE this recap! Paris is just the best. I can't wait to hear more about it and also to see your photos from your photoshoot! Have a glorious day! XO, Caroline

  6. Wow! Andrea I love that red dress you wore for your photo shoot. It looks like you both did a lot sightseeing and such good food. I can't wait to hear about you outfits and the rest of the trip.

  7. I am devouring these posts- everything looks incredible- words can't describe and we haven't even gotten to your favorite day yet- can't wait!

  8. That red dress that you wore was just PERFECTION. I absolutely cannot wait to see more from that photo shoot. It looks like a dream!

  9. Anonymous17.4.23

    I am so sorry you did not have good weather. I think the different times I have been to Paris have been in early or late summer so it has always been warm. Looks like you still had an amazing time despite the cold and rain. I remember getting lost on the subway in Rome but thankfully never in Paris. We usually use a free app called that does not use data to get around abroad and I feel like that is what we used when we got lost trying to get to Sacre Coeur. And it does help that I speak French. Can't wait to read more about your adventures! And to see your gorgeous photographs in the red dress!

  10. I don't know what I loved more - the scenery or your fabulous outfits! Ok - Just took a vote and your beautiful wardrobe won out. Btw.. I had you down on my blogroll before you left the comment. I have an idea for a blog post for you. Call it "Stuff that doesn't look good on me." My bet is you could not find one blessed piece of clothing that would fit the bill!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh that is too bad that the weather really did not want to cooperate with you but other than that it sounds like you were having a wonderful trip!

  12. Wow, that is a lot of people in the palace. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos from the photo shoot. Congrats again on your good news!

  13. Can't wait to see which photos you chose! I hope you frame many of them and hang in your home! :) Congrats on the sweet news too! So exciting for you all xo


  14. Gosh, you were jam packed. You sure know how to do everything, and looking great while doing it.

  15. The palace looks so amazing! I haven't made it there, but hopefully will one day. The hotel you stayed at looks amazing! What a trip!

  16. I've always been so fascinated by the train that goes under the chunnel! I can't imagine how cold you were taking photos, but I'm sure they are more than worth it and absolutely stunning <3

  17. I loved Paris!!! Since we were there at the height of summer, I can't imagine being cold. Also, I can't wait to see more of your professional photo shoot -- it looks amazing!

  18. Paris is just so stunning, love all of these photos and still in love with that dress you wore for the photos in front of the Eiffel Tower!!

    Make Life Marvelous


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