Hello 2024! I see you! I don’t really do a word of the year, but I am making a list of the things I’m letting go of this year! If you want to check it out, I shared an Instagram Reel this week entitled Letting go in the Snow, lol! A winter Blast is headed our way..YAY! Don’t plan on letting go of Friday Favorites. I love sharing the things I love!

1. Family

The Best Gift: Having our family all under one roof!

4 Generations on Christmas Eve at Mom's

2. Twins 

These sweethearts turned three months old on December 28th. They are getting so much more vocal and interactive, and we just love it! 

They are the light of our lives!

Miss Coco

Miss Cici

3. What I Wore

Of course, I lived in pajamas a lot over the holidays, but there were occasions when I put on regular clothes.

Santa Jams

Wait, let’s first talk about some of my favorite new jammies. I even did a Reel in these with Stella. Just look at that feather trim on the sleeves and bottoms. AND PINK. You might want to go ahead and get these for next year! 

Link HERE 

UNDER $30!

Dressed Up

Here was my favorite dressed up outfit! We finally got to try a new restaurant in town with friends that has had all five-star reviews. I really liked the outfit I put together that night!

Jacket HERE // Bodysuit HERE // 
Skirt HERE // Tights HERE// 
My Fav Boots this year HERE

Comfy Cozy

Look at these 2 cute pieces Mr. Nine got me. I loved the Top so much; I ordered the tan as well. The Leggings are plum and so pretty with a perfect fit.

Top so Soft HERE // Leggings HERE // Sneakers HERE

LOVE these Sneakers so much, I got my mom a pair and a back-up pair when these wear out.Do you ever do that? 

4. Necklace

Several of you have been mentioning this brand. Susan Shaw. My mom got me one of her necklaces for Christmas and her piece are exquisite. Love the statement, the chain lengths and toggle. 

LINK to this one HERE

Packaged so sweetly..great Valentine gift too!

5. Misc. Fun


Monday ~ Amazon in the New Year...JUST 3 PURCHASES


Look how Pretty. Every year we have red velvet cake in some form but one of the girls wanted a carrot cake, so made that AND red velvet cupcakes.

I made lots of other beautiful foods, too, including three charcuterie boards, but I might save them for inspiration next season, lol.



Speaking of family, this precious boy has a birthday today! He and his beautiful fiancé are headed to New York City to live it up. Here is one of his favorite pictures from this past year, running his first half marathon in their current city of Baltimore! So proud! He’s worked so hard, and his workouts have kept him busy while living in a city they don’t love. Always so hard to be away from them on their birthdays!

Happy Weekend!
Do you have snow? Is January dragging for ya?
I Love ya!



  1. I am liking January so far! No complaints, although no huge snow storms are in our forecast either- stay safe. It looks like it´s going to be a doozy! Love the pictures of the twins and your going out to dinner outfit- so chic! I l love running race photos- inspiring and bonus when the pictures make the runner look like an Olympic athlete like your son´s does. Have a great weekend!

  2. Cici and Coco are so identical! Are you having trouble telling them apart? 3-6 months is so fun! Their little personalities will really start to show. Great pics and thanks for sharing! Love all of your outfits! Those sneakers came with me to the UK and my feet never hurt. They are the most comfortable ones I own right now. I am wearing them to school this week a lot!

  3. Happy New Year! The babies are so beautiful and love to see them grow! Your holiday outfits, even the pjs, are so on point as always!

  4. Love all these photos of your family and your grand babies! I bought my sister that exact necklace for Christmas and she loved it. I want one too! I love those sneaks as well! Happy Friday Andrea.

  5. I am so happy you were able to have the whole family together at once! Such a fun time. Enjoy the weekend, Andrea!

  6. 3 months is a great age! Love the family photos!

  7. Love your leggings outfit (and the dressed up one too). I did quite a few days of leggings and sweatshirts and fun sneakers this break. Happy 3 months to the babies!

  8. Anonymous12.1.24

    I love all of the photos of your family and of the girls! They are beyond precious. I have never heard of that jewelry brand, I will have to check it out! I also LOVE that outfit that you wore out for dinner! Have a glorious weekend lovely friend! XO, Caroline

  9. The twins are just beautiful!! And I love those pajamas. Red velvet cake is my favorite too!

  10. Anonymous12.1.24

    The babies are just getting cuter and cuter! Love the pic of your son finishing his half marathon. I don't Baltimore would be my favorite place to live either! Have a good weekend - stay warm!

  11. Oh my goodness those precious girls!!! You must be over the moon holding them. Heart burst! Happy birthday to your big boy! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  12. How lovely to have all of your family under one roof. What lovely photos. The twins are just adorable. Happy birthday to your boy.

  13. Andrea, it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. The twins are just precious. Happy birthday to your son. I hope you stay warm and cozy this weekend with the storm coming.

  14. Lots of love in your family! Love seeing these photos! Happy Birthday to your son! And the girls are so precious! They are growing so much!

  15. I adore this! So much family love in one post. And those cute little grandbabies are EVERYTHING. January has been OK for us so far, except for a few trips to Urgent Care and the ER...ha! Never a dull moment around here... happy weekend babe! XO


  16. Anonymous12.1.24

    You sure clean up beautifully, Andrea, but then again you always look good. Those twins are such blessings and you have such a great family,

  17. Oh my goodness! The twins are precious!! What sweet family time. Those pajamas are adorable and I may need to go ahead and snag them for next year!

  18. Anonymous12.1.24

    Those twins are just so precious. And those cute little socks! Aww!! Your son looks SO fit in that half marathon photo. I look like I'm near death in mine! Ha, ha! I need to check out that necklace site, I could use some new ones.


  19. Oh the twins are growing fast! Before you know it they can walk! Love the outfit you wore when you had dinner. Beautiful colours!

  20. Loved this first Friday Favorites of 2024, my friend! It is so wonderful you got to have everyone over for Christmas and the dessert looks amazing! Your precious grandbabies are just the cutest, they are so blessed to have you and your hubby as their grandparents! :) I love all your pretty outfits too! A belated happy birthday to your son and that's incredible he ran a half marathon!!!

    Make Life Marvelous

  21. Anonymous13.1.24

    I agree with your son. I lived in Baltimore for 6 years. I did not like that city or the people at all!

  22. I can't believe the twins are already 3 months old. You are blessed! Congrats to your son on his first half!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  23. Love your Santa jammies! And those twins are just adorable!!

  24. I can never get enough of the baby pictures! That picture of four generations is just so special. I know you'll treasure that forever.

  25. Those babies are so sweet! It looked like such a fun holiday with everyone!! Love your date night outfit! I hope all is well with the Nines!


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