I’ve been on a roll, my friends! Finding all kinds of good recipes, and snacks that are low-calorie, high protein, and somewhat low carb (we need some carbs!!) These are 4 of the recipes I’ve shared on my Instagram lately. They are all very customizable. While they may seem like breakfast or a snack, when I am eating healthy, I eat these any time of day. I hope you make them and love them as much as I do! They have all been so yummy!
Trying to eat clean for the most part.

Homemade Protein Bars

I love protein bars, especially when I’m on the go or in the afternoon with a cup of tea, I usually just have half a bar. Some of them are OK but some of them have some of the yucky stuff in them that I don’t like putting in my body. So, I decided to make my own and oh are they ever delicious! I did decide to cut these in half as well to keep down the calorie content and really, it’s the perfect serving. AND there is a typo on the recipe card below, it should be Coconut OIL like in the topping, not butter, LOL. I must've been dreaming about slathering on Cococnut Butter in the sunshine, LOL!

12 Servings. Nutrition:  125 Calories,  10 grams protein,  10 grams carbs

Greek Yogurt Cookie Dough Bowl

Holy moly is this ever delicious, tastes just like you’re eating a bowl of cookie dough! You could use some apple slices, or graham crackers to dip in it but I like just eating it with a spoon. You could also make it ahead of time and chill it, but I want to dig and right away, lol. I was very happy to find these HU Chocolate Chips, only four ingredients, no sugar added, all natural and none of the yucky stuff.

1 Serving. Nutrition:  330 Calories,  30 grams protein,  24 grams carbs

High Protein Banana Pancakes

I have my mama to think for this recipe. All she used was two eggs, a banana, and a little vanilla. I decided to make it high protein with a scoop of vanilla protein powder and oh my goodness talk about yummy. It makes a lot and that’s what’s really cool you can eat the entire batch and it’s only 210 calories. Then my mind was blown when I found out you can put all of this in a cookie sprayed glass bowl and microwave for 90 minutes for one big fluffy pancake bowl.

1 Serving. Nutrition: 210 Calories, 12 grams protein, 15 grams carbs

3 Ingredient Egg Bake

I have the amazing AMY from Coffee and Cocktails at the Casa to think for this recipe! She was spot on with how fluffy the cottage cheese makes this casserole! And three ingredients can you believe it? I did add salt, pepper, and some garlic powder. You could also put some additional shredded cheese on top if you wanted to, especially when you heat it up in the microwave but it’s so perfect just as it is! Listen to these nutritional details. You could make it be eight servings, but I want a little bit more than that especially for the protein so in six servings, it is only:

Nutrition:  90 Calories,  10 grams protein,  2 grams carbs


The delicious protein powder I use:

Orgain Organic Protein made with Oatmilk

Happy Healthier Eating.
Happy easier Prepping/Cooking and Baking!

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  1. Good job on healthy eating and finding good, go- to recipes. I had a weekend of over indulgences but it was due to celebrations- YOLO and all that but I am going back to the {fairly} healthy eating grind today...

  2. Aww! Thank you for the shout out and I'm so glad you put this post together. I have all the recipes screenshotted on my phone! Ha! I am really thinking about buying the Orgain powder. Right now I use Premier protein but this seems versatile for many recipes and I love vanilla bean flavor.

  3. These all look delicious. I used to make those banana pancakes for LD when he was a baby, but got out of the habit. I should start making them again!

  4. Thank you so so much for sharing these amazing recipes-will def give them a try!

  5. Thank you for sharing these recipes. I've been trying to eat healthier to help with my menopause symptoms. I made the cookie dough and it was delicious. Next up I will try the banana pancakes and the egg bake. Looks so good!

  6. I screenshotted the cookie dough recipe last week, and can't wait to try it <3

  7. These all sound so good. I have been doing some recipe experimenting with cottage cheese lately. I am going to try the egg bake soon.

  8. All of these sound delicious! Does the cookie dough recipe taste like Greek yogurt? I want to love that, but my mouth refuses to swallow it every time I've used it. I don't know what it is about that makes me like that! I'm not a picky person, either. So funny that we both talked food today!

  9. Andrea, these look like really good recipes. I would love to try out the pancakes, protein bars, and the egg bake. Thanks for sharing this recipe round-up. Maybe you could bring back Tastey Tuesdays?
    Thanks for the blog visit and I hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

  10. Anonymous29.1.24

    The egg bake looks delicious and so does your Greek yogurt! Thank you so much for sharing and have a glorious day my friend! XO, Caroline

  11. Thanks so much for sharing these recipes, my dear friend! They all look delicious, and I'm going to grab the ingredients for those protein bars when I go to the store this week! Something my hubby and I can both have, he is always trying to get more protein.

    Wishing you a fantastic week my friend!!

    Make Life Marvelous

  12. Anonymous29.1.24

    These are wonderful Andrea. It's so important for our health (and mood) to have nutitious food. We've started added cottage cheese to our eggs occaionally too.

  13. My mom just made some protein bars that are similar, and they are so delicious!

  14. Love that incredibly looking egg bake.
    I visited you via Metamorphosis Monday A New Addition To The Garage For The Rainy Days
    My links: Spicy Sticky Mozambique Sauce Chicken and Lamb Stew with Dumplings. We will be so happy if you share your links with us at SeniorSalonPitStop. Link under BLOGGING.

  15. I make that greek yogurt cookie dough all the time, and yes it is SO YUMMY. You almost feel like you're cheating and eating something unhealthy! Thanks for sharing these tasty recipies! xoxo


  16. Anonymous29.1.24

    OHHH I need to try that greek yogurt cookie dough and I still need to make your bars. Thanks for sharing these in a post!


  17. I need more protein in my diet and am always looking for new recipes to try. I want to make all of these!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  18. HI Andrea sharing the homemade granola bar on the Weekend Edit at Everyday Edits on Saturday! Yummy!

  19. Thanks for sharing these! I'm looking to get more protein in my diet!

  20. Yum to all of these! I've been making pancake bowls on repeat with protein pancake mix (from Aldi). My banana/egg pancakes never come out. I want to try all of these recipes. Thank you!


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