Happy Friday! Can you taste February? So close! We went from amazing fluffy snow on the ground that I was enjoying bundling up and walking in for a great workout to an ice storm, and so much rain it turned it all into a muddy mess. That is the part of January that I really dislike, when it gets icky. I love Winter but not the messy moody part, lol. We did get to see the twins Monday night but sorry I didn’t get a lot of photos. But I do have some sweet Friday Favorites.

1. Flowers
Speaking of bidding January goodbye and seeking Spring: Flowers!! It’s this time of year that I start bringing in fresh flowers to sit on the counter. Often, I opt for a big bouquet, but I just thought this little one was so sweet 
and spring like.

2. Makeup Case
I have tons of makeup bags, but I was due for a really good one if you know what I mean. I feel like I’ve upgraded because this one is an actual zippered case, and it is a fraction of the designer one floating around. There are two sides. I have the smaller one and it’s perfect. It comes in four colors and it’s so nice and sturdy, I love that you can see through both sides and there’s really a little bit of room on the top that you could put things like wipes, or Kleenex, or make up remover, pads, etc.

Get one HERE

3. Outfits Lately

The minute I saw the Jeans in the first two photos in the Loft email, I knew I had to have them. So cute and well-made and perfect for Spring!

Jeans HERE // Sweater HERE // Sneakers HERE

Jeans HERE // Sweater HERE// Sneakers HERE

Sweatshirt HERE // Leggings HERE // Sneakers HERE

4. Sweet Fury Cuteness

How cute is this Teddy Bear! I went crazy in Walmart when I saw all the plush stuffed animals, how big they were, and how reasonable they were for the size and quality! This particular bear is a beautiful apricot color and comes in several other colors. He is 36 inches tall and only $35. He looks like he would be about $200. He’s ready to have tea with the twins when they get big enough, lol! 


 This girl, I tell you what! She is just the sweetest, except when it comes to delivery drivers, she’s a mini Cujo behind the glass! This picture was so cute because she was guarding her beloved bully stick. She chooses on it for comfort and was waiting on her daddy to come home.

 This picture is one of my favorites. I was down in 
the floor exercising and she was helping mommy.

5. Misc.Fun
Monday: Blank Page

The sweetness from Monday’s post was just so precious to my heart! I know you all are amazing people anyway, and even if we are just verbalizing to get our feelings out, the fact that so many of you understood and saw where I was coming from makes me know we are more alike in this world then different.


Happy Weekend my Beautiful Friends!!


  1. Awww, pretty flowers, cute outfits, adorable dog- AND January is almost over! What more could a girl ask for?? (I actually don´t mind winter but I know that many people do!) Have a great weekend!

  2. Don't be fooled! February can be a really beep around here! We usually get our biggest snows. But, I will be happy because I am planning to wear so much red and pink and do Valentine activities in my classes and I know March will be close, too!
    Love your outfits and I've been seeing that type of makeup case. Seems great for travel! I think you have a trip coming up - solids all the way - as many solids as you can find. I had very few liquids and I was proud of myself.

  3. You look amazing as always my friend- the outfits are always on point- have a wonderful weekend!

  4. January is definitely going out with a bang! We went from snow and arctic temperatures to fog and non-stop rain. But so it goes. I am glad you got some time with the girls this week. I am sure they are changing fast at this stage. Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm glad that January is almost over and on to February. I will check out the clear case which is so cute. I was at a sporting event last weekend and in a luxury box, a girl was wearing those jeans and I complimented her on them, you look great in them too. Stella is so cute and it makes me miss having a dog looking at her. I hope you have a great day and enjoy the weekend.

  6. Same thing here with the snow melted into mud! Cute picture of Stella helping you exercise!

  7. Stella Mae is precious! We have a Cujo as well, ours is named Chip and his bark is ferocious. It's so annoying, because it's super high pitched. I am telling you, this blogging community is such a beautiful place! I wish the world around us would take notes on this; it's often such a mean place. So many of us have battles that we never talk about; it feels good to acknowledge that sometimes. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend!

  8. I can't wait for February to arrive. I like the snow but not when it turns wet and muddy. Ugh! Those flowers are so pretty, I love having flowers in my home at this time of year to brighten the place up.
    That teddy bear is just adorable and what a great price.
    hahaha! I remember PE teachers in their big coats when everyone else was in their PE kit freezing.

  9. Anonymous26.1.24

    Our dog trainer said something to me that really brought it all home...they aren't robots, LOL.
    Love that teddy bear,

  10. That makeup case is so pretty and so are the flowers! Happy weekend, Andrea!

  11. Anonymous26.1.24

    Stella Mae is the cutest! She is such a good girl and what a good work out buddy she is! Anyway! That bear is adorable and I also LOVE that black and white cardigan! It is so chic. Sending you a hug and have a glorious weekend my friend! XO, Caroline

  12. Oh yes, this is the time of year I start buying more flowers for the tables too! Everything is a wet, muddy dreary mess here too.

  13. did I not know that there were no holes in that pool table in the MJ video?! Especially since I've seen it about a thousand times LOL. Happy Weekend sweet girl! Hope it's good to ya! xo


  14. Oh, you remind me that I wanted to buy tulips, but I forgot. The ultimate spring feel flowers in my head. I saw a similar makeup bag and loved it! Happy weekend.

  15. Those flowers are so pretty! Those jeans are so cute on you and I love the Amour sweater! So funny that I never noticed the pool table in the Beat It video before! Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  16. Your sweet Stella Mae is just the cutest! I had to giggle when you said she's a mini Cujo with the delivery drives, haha, I just can't see her doing that. Cujo scarred me when I was little (what was I thinking watching that movie?). Love those beautiful fresh flowers and the twins are going to love that big teddy bear, how adorable!!

    Hope you're having an amazing weekend my dear friend!!

    Make Life Marvelous

  17. Stella Mae is the cutest! Those Loft jeans look so good on you!

  18. I picked up a bouquet of flowers last grocery shopping and I think I will keep that up every 2 weeks through spring. The ones I got are still looking good and it is a nice way to bring sunshine in. We had a lot of rain last week so soaking up the sun.


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