Hello Friday! Can you believe we were colder this week than some parts of Alaska? I don’t believe we’ve had this cold of temperatures since the polar vortex several years ago but the windchills got down to near -30 and I actually did not leave the house for four days. And then when I did, I busted the driver side mirror on my car. Not the best week. Hopefully it’s on the upswing now and we’re looking at 40° temps next week, lol. That’s Indiana for you.

 1. Winter Storm
So the good news was the beginning of the storm dropped several inches of snow and the temperatures weren’t so cold yet that you couldn’t be out in it so Stella Mae and I took a quick walk last Saturday while Mr. Nine snow blowed the driveway and it was heavenly. I have missed our walks this week and cannot wait to get back to them!

All I’m gonna say is thank god for this cutie Stella Mae everyday!


2. Twins
Precious as Ever in their Pooh Bamboo!

3. Best Sellers You'll LOVE too
These were the top things y’all bought in 2023. The good news is almost all of them are still available. All linked below collage and 
The top three were as follows:
#1 Sweater Cape (Under $30)
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4. Outfits

 All cozy of course..

first one kept me warm the 1st day I ventured out!

Coat HERE // Sweatshirt HERE // Hat HERE // Leggings HERE // Socks HERE // Boots HERE

Sweatshirt HERE // Leggings HERE // 327 Sneakers HERE

Pullover HERE // Leggings HERE // Slippers HERE

5. Misc. Fun
This post got lots of love and I’m glad many of you could relate and feel something from it.

This actually might deserve a post all its own. I just might do that. One of the best series I’ve watched in a while was Firefly Lane based on The Book by Kristin Hannah. I think I literally cried every episode, because it was that moving! I just resonated with the time period and the characters too. It’s only two seasons on Netflix, but it wraps up just as you hoped it would! I cannot recommend this enough. It has skyrocketed into my top three favorite series of all time. Just ordered The Sequel called Fly Away l and I hope it becomes a show too!


Happy Weekend!
Did you have snow? Is it Bitter Cold or Gloriously Sunny and Sweet?


  1. That last meme has me howling- ha!! Love your cozy winter outfit. Stay warm my friend. How many days until spring? I can't take it!! :)

  2. Happy Friday, my friend! It is snowing here in southern Ohio. I am over it and ready for spring/summer, haha! Glad you and miss Stella could sneak in a quick walk with your winter weather and very sweet of your hubby to get the driveway all cleared! Your precious grandbabies are just the cutest!!

    Make Life Marvelous

  3. It's definitely stay in and cozy weather around here too. I think this is the longest snow has stayed on the ground in years, usually it melts in a few days and we have 2 week old snow still hanging around. We have 2 more arctic days on the forecast, then a little warm up. 40 is going to feel so good!

  4. You do snowed in chic really well! Wow - can't believe the cold weather you got! I am home today for the third day this week trying to do E learning. Wish they would just give a good old fashioned snow day.
    But, at least I'm home! We went one day to school this week - yesterday - so it was good to see everyone!

  5. Your outfits are all so cute. I need more cozy clothes I think! I loved the book Firefly Lane. I didn't finish watching the show though!

  6. I love your cold weather style! All of your outfits are so cute and cozy! Need to add Firefly Lane to my watch list! Stay warm!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. Anonymous19.1.24

    I love seeing Stella in all of her winter gear. I keep telling Piper I'm going to knit her a sweater but Rob won't let me, LOL

  8. Anonymous19.1.24

    Your cozy outfits are so cute! I also love seeing Stella Mae in her winter coat and that photo of the twins is beyond precious. Their little faces! Anyway! This weather has not been fit for man nor beast my friend! LOL. I hope that you are staying warm and have a glorious weekend lovely friend! XO, Caroline

  9. Anonymous19.1.24

    You have some GOOD memes today, I haven't seen them, but they have me chuckling! Those twins are looking so cute, as always! I am SO over this cold! We haven't even gotten a lot of snow, just yucky cold temps and wind!


  10. Lots of cozy cute outfits! The grandbabies are looking adorable!

  11. We had snow and ice and some more snow and while it's been cold it hasn't hit any negatives that I am aware of... but I have yet to leave my house at all this week. In fact, I'm sitting by the woodstove right now in my cozy clothes watching a feel good movie while blogging. :)

  12. I should watch Firefly Lane as I have heard it's really good. But I don't want to be sad! I like that you said that it ends as it should so maybe I'll give it a go. I love all your cute warm outfits and the twins are so precious.

  13. It was soooo cold here in KC, too! I'm not built for this, haha, no way. I stayed inside except when the dogs needed to go outside- and then I was hurrying them like no tomorrow so we didn't freeze to death.

    Stella is so cute, and of course so are the twins! Loving you in your cozy chic winter outfits!

    I've got a new post on the blog; hope you stop by, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  14. And I thought it was awfully cold here! Brrrr, I hate the snow. Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Happy weekend my friend! You did get a lot of snow. Love all your best sellers. I'm really thinking of getting those sneakers. Stay warm!

  16. You look adorable and cozy! Your temps sound crazy. My brother lives in northern IN and he didn´t tell me that your area was that cold. I have not seen Firefly Lane but you´re making me want to watch it! Hope your weekend is going great.

  17. We are currently in the middle of the first of 3 storms, then next week it's going to almost 80! I hate this time of year closet is so confused :) Love all your snowy pics! Stay warm, and have a happy weekend with Mr. Nine and little Stella! xo


  18. It is so cold here for us and we had a winter storm the first of the week. I've stayed close to the fireplace but am pleased that roads are clear now. It's still cold as rip but no snow or ice. Happy weekend! The girls are so cute!

  19. We got snow last week and on Friday. It's nice being out in the snow and it looks like you Stella like it too. I just don't like driving in the snow! The twins are adorable and I like your outfits. I will check out firefly lane. I hope you have a nice week ahead Andrea.

  20. Love seeing those precious girls! Firefly Lane was so good! So many feels and overall just a great watch. I never read the book, so not sure how it compares, but I would have to think it was also good.


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