Just three things! That’s all I bought from Amazon so far in the new year! However, they are three very spectacular things that I love, so I’m going ahead and posting today for lack of quantity. They’re definitely quality. 

And it’s safe to say that all three of these are health related, which is great!

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Protein Bars New to Me

One of our boys is very into high protein eating and working out. When he was home over Christmas, he told me about THESE BARS! Now, I am very selective about the protein bars I put into my body, but one of the top things is they have to be tasty and not taste like cardboard as Mr. Nine would say, lol! Imagine how excited I was to try these bars that he suggested. After I tried one, I was blown away. Couldn’t find them in the store, so I’m so glad to be able get all the varieties on Prime! I am trying to also eat high protein right now, but because these bars have lots of different ingredients in them, and I’m trying to eat fairly clean, I will save these as a special treat and not eat more than two a week. I just ordered the Caramel Cashew. So yummy!


This review summed them up perfectly on how I felt about them!

Have you tried them?

Food Processor

I don’t know if you follow Dr. Mary Claire Haver, the GYN and menopause expert on TikTok but she’s amazing. She shared the Kelly Salad mix, it is a salad base made up of spinach leaves, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, romaine lettuce and mint leaves

 that you keep in the fridge and mix with other things such as vegetables, proteins, and cheeses, vinaigrettes, that kind of thing. I only have a tiny food processor so I needed a good one to get the job done, but didn’t want to pay a lot of money for it. Enter this Black and Decker Food Processor Beaut!! I’ve heard so many great reviews on it, and it chops up those greens in no time. Plus, I’ve also gone to shredding all my own cheese as the chemicals in badged shredded cheese to keep them fresh are terrible. You can pop a whole block of cheese down in there and it shreds your cheese in seconds.



If you have followed me for a while, you know that I am a supplement girl, hence this post HERE. I am all about taking nutritional supplements that benefit me and my body! I have been hearing about the benefits of Tumeric for a very long time it was when I read Lindsay's 5 on Friday Post of Lindsay’s Sweet World, and how much Turmeric helped her that I knew I had to start taking it. Mr. Nine was on board as well. It has helped so much with inflammation in our bodies, of our joints and it’s just an amazing supplement to aid in digestive support, help with cognitive retention, balancing blood sugar, and cardiovascular health! I’m sold! I even said in that above mentioned post, that I planned on taking Tumeric. Better late than never, lol. I saw This Brand of Tumeric at my local pharmacy, but it was actually cheaper here on Amazon. I’m sold! 

Do you take it?



I had already typed up this post when the cardigan I’ve been anticipating arrived. It is my most favorite cardigan that I have ever received from Amazon! 


I absolutely love everything about it, so I hurried up and popped it on to get a picture for you! Comes in three colors. REST of outfit linked on my LTK HERE.

How CUTE Is Stella Mae!!


for those of you that are back to the Blogging World. LOVE YA!

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  1. I discovered Bare Bells at Trader Joe's and they are seriously the best protein bars I have ever tried. They literally taste like a candy bar. I am curious about adding turmeric, too!

  2. That cardigan is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the length and style.And I never knew you could shred cheese in a food processor?! I always use an old fashioned grater. I need to start shredding all of our cheese too - it tastes so much better and melts so much easier than the bagged stuff.

    Visiting from Hello Monday!

  3. Thanks for sharing these finds. I love the cardigan and need to follow this woman on TikTok! Need to try those bars too. Have a great week Andrea!


  4. I just started taking Turmeric and it's really made a difference in my joints. Going to check out those protein bars!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. I tried turmeric too but didn't think it made much of a difference for me! I like the cardigan!

  6. Will definitely check those protein bars out- thanks for sharing!

  7. Anonymous8.1.24

    That cardigan is really cute, I might need it lol. Thank you so much for sharing all of your fab finds and Happy New Year lovely friend! XO, Caroline

  8. I just added the turmeric to my cart!! I loved Lindsay's result!

  9. Anonymous8.1.24

    I'm going to try the turmeric - planning to buy the gummies they have at Sam's next time I go. I will get some of those protein bars to send in a care package to my son! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases today! Tanya

  10. That cardigan is so cute! I've been thinking about getting a food processor. We use our ninja but I've heard a processor makes a difference.

  11. We take Turmeric too and it's amazing. Love that cardigan and it's cold enough that you need it!!

  12. I have heard of the benefits of tumeric. I really need to start on some supplements as this year is shaping up to be a difficult one. Love that cute cardigan. I am really hoping to add some spring/summer things soon: for some reason it is so easy for me to buy new sweaters and scarves and winter jackets and scarves but I have a harder finding warm weather clothes that I truly love.

  13. Anonymous9.1.24

    I am excited to see you bought the Tumeric that Lindsey suggested, because I did too! I didn't start it yet, but I have it. I tend to get headaches (mainly from wonky hormones at certain times of the month- BLEH) and was wanting to try it out for that and its other benefits. That cardigan looks SO cozy!


  14. I've tried those bars before, and YES..they are so good! Hope your year is off to a fabulous start, and you had the most special holiday season. Happy New Year, friend! xxoo



  15. I love that cardigan and I have heard good things about turmeric. Taking it in pill form would be a lot easier than trying to work more into your diet. Have a great week, Andrea!

  16. The bars sound great and you look great in the cardigan.

  17. I take tumeric for its anti-inflammatory properties as a runner. It is a great supplement!

  18. Going to save those protein bars on my wishlist for my hubby! I love how your husband said they don't taste like cardboard, haha!! That is actually the perfect way to describe all the ones I've tried before! I'm really bad about not eating enough protein in general, I just don't care for meat that much, so these could fun to try. Like you said though, they may be more of a treat with all the other stuff that's in them.

    I love that pretty cardigan, taking a look at it on Amazon right now! Also, that food processor sounds amazing on the shredded cheese note. I buy shredded cheese often, I just use it in a lot of stuff, but I have heard how icky it can be for us! So I need to start shredding my own. I used to do it with a grater, but just being honest, I didn't love that it took me for forever, haha! The processor would be awesome!

    Make Life Marvelous


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