Happy New Year my friends! As I write this, it’s actually still before Christmas but I’ve already got organization on the brain! So, I thought my first Amazon post of 2023 with the darling Tanya, who hosts the monthly Amazon prime link-up, should be all about getting the house in order. I think it’s such a good feeling start the year fresh and tidy. These are all things that I am using and loving. 

Coffee Container // Coffee Scoop // Wicker Bins // Jewelry Box // Bento Boxes // Plastic Bin // Tree Wrap

 Storage Containers // Intimates Cubbies

Coffee Containers

I’m not going to lie; we are complete coffee snobs. In that, I mean that we like to drink really good coffee and we like to have a super organized in our coffee cabinet, lol! These coffee containers

are my number ONE for keeping it organized! Suction sealed and the pop up good!

See, just look how nice and neat all the coffees look! Get a Label Maker like the one below and you’ll love it even more especially when you know what coffee you’re drinking, lol. (it's only $25)


Coffee Scoop 

And, of course, my favorite Coffee Scoop of all time! It’s so inexpensive, but I just love the metal. 


Wicker Bins 

These Wicker Bins were the first thing I bought when I organized our food pantry! They would also work great in linen, Office and all-purpose closets as well. I absolutely love the look! 


Jewelry Box

Something else I’d like to have nice and neat is my jewelry. I own two of these white jewelry boxes and they’re so pretty. 


Bento Boxes

I think all of us are doing meal prep at one time or another. These Bento Boxes are perfect whether you are just at home, taking your lunch or have kids on the go. 


Plastic Bin 

Again, when I redid the pantry, I bought several plastic bins and I love them all but this Size with handles happens to be my favorite. Right now, I have all my beef, chicken and vegetable broth stacked in them. 


Tree Wrap

Probably my number one organizational product from Amazon of all time! THIS TREE WRAP! Last year was the first year I did this and boy did it save me time when I decorated this year. I take the pics out of several of my trees but leave the ornaments and tack. Wrap around the tree beginning at the top overlapping a little bit to each go around. Then when you pull the tree out the following year, just cut right up the center. How perfect is this. I know not Everyone has room to store the trees intact but I’m grateful I do have a tree area in my basement for the two dozen I own. Use this wrap for lots of other packaging needs too!


Flour and Brown Sugar Canisters

For almost 25 years, I had my flour sugar, brown sugar, and powdered sugar in my beloved Tupperware containers but when the lids busted and I could no longer get them from Tupperware, I changed over to these, like my Flour Container and this Brown Sugar Container and I love them just as much. They keep these baking items so fresh, and I use them all the time. 


Intimates Cubbies

When we moved into our new house, I knew I wanted to keep my walk-in closet, nice and tidy. In the center I have an island with drawers, where I keep intimates, socks, and that kind of thing. These drawer organizers are perfect, especially for bras and underwear. 

Pantry Labels

Here’s a picture of these, as not on the Collage, but I could not live without these fabulous Pantry labels. You literally can find just about any item you need in your pantry amongst them in either one that I can’t, I can cut out letters and piece together. I love that they are clear, and the font is so pretty. 

As this is published, I probably don’t have all my Christmas decorations down but nothing wrong with that. January will certainly be a month of organization. 

Will it be for you?  


Happy Fresh 2023 my dears!



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  1. Love all these organizational items! The tree wrap is genius. Going to start taking down decorations today. So sad and not looking forward to it.

  2. Well now I have coffee cabinet envy! That looks amazing. We could certainly use a little more organizing around here and we still need to take down Christmas, maybe LD and I will do that today.

  3. I always love organizing things at this time of the year! Containers are my favorite as well, but I usually just use what I have here already. I cleaned out and organized our pantry Friday, and it felt so good. It looks so much better! We'll see how long it lasts. Happy new year to you!

  4. Isn't that the goal every January!? Thanks for all the ideas!

  5. Oh I'm lovin' those pantry labels and we are all about the organization around here too -thanks for sharing!

  6. Anonymous2.1.23

    I love organisation items and you have a great selection. I'm on holidays from work at the moment and my goal is to organise something every day. So as soon as I saw your post my eyes lit up! I hope you have a great week.
    Ruth@playworkeatrepeat (not anonymous but I don't think my comments go through when I enter my name and URL)

  7. Happy new year Andrea to you and your family.
    I like how you use all of that wrap for storing your trees each year. What a time saver. I like the jewlery organizer and the sock organizer too. Thanks for the blog visit.
    I appreciate you thinking about me regarding Bosco. I'm feeling better now as each day passes and I'll cherish the memories with our dog.

  8. I was telling my neighbor about your tree wrap process, and they might do it too.

  9. I was planning to wrap my trees this year too but my husband informed me that we don't have room to store them upright and fluffed... I know he's right but I was so bummed! LOL.

  10. Your coffee cabinet is to die for! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  11. You are so organized! This is goals for me! I am really trying to own less which I think will help. Once my college kids move back to campus, I am getting out the trash bags and loading up my car for donations. I am not excited for them to move out, but I can't wait to feel lighter and have more space to breathe!

  12. OMG....the TREE WRAP ! That sounds wonderful....just took down our tree and this sounds like a great idea. We store the tree in pieces in a bag in our storage cage in the garage of our building. But, we have room to stand it up and this would work! Thank you for the idea! I did get a bit organized as we un-decorated...we will be away for Christmas next year ( husband's big birthday on Christmas Eve) so I labeled one box BASIC CHRISTMAS with the few things we will put out early in December. Thanks again for the tips..and Happy New Year!

  13. Your tree wrapping hack is amazing! I have so many organizational items, just need to use them! I do need a new makeup organizer though!

  14. You know organization is my love language! I loooove this post! I'm getting ready to start cleaning out the whole house, so I'll be looking for all the containers and organizing supplies! You have some great stuff here.

  15. Wrapping your trees is such a cool trick. I am hoping to organize my pantry a little more this year by adding a couple more containers. I am trying to be better at buying ahead with sales so need to keep that organized.

  16. Thanks for the inspo, Andrea! Now all I need is to get my rear off the couch! Happy New Year.

  17. Great items! I think I need those drawer organizers! They look great!

  18. I'm all about coffee and organization - I need those containers <3

  19. The tree wrap is a genius idea! I think I may do this!!

  20. I have nearly all of these as I am an organizational freak for sure! I've already taken 3 vehicle loads of "stuff" to our local thrift store and I'm not thru. I LOVE that label maker and use it almost daily. Happiest of years to you!

  21. Wrapping those trees is genius, I was telling my family about that at Christmas. How I wish I had the storage space!
    Happy New Year my dear!

  22. These are great organization helpers! I wish I had seen this post before I put my trees away! I'm going to have to get that wrap for next year!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  23. Anonymous4.1.23

    Love all of this. I am organizing everything this month in my house.

    1. This is me!! I was trying to comment from my phone and it has been acting crazy!

  24. I love a new year and organizing! These are some must buys.

  25. Love getting everything organized come the new year. As sad as I was to put away all the red and green - my house feels so clean! Happy New Year my friend XO


  26. SO many goodies and tips and tricks! I love tackling organizational projects this time of year.


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