Let’s just get it out there right now, I was skeptical of people who cut out gluten in their diets. The dairy I could understand because I have a son who is lactose intolerant and I dealt with irritable bowel in college and would cut back on dairy at times. That is extremely hard because I do love my dairy. However, the gluten thing was another issue. For a long time. I thought it was a made-up thing until I knew couple people with celiac disease and a handful who assumed a gluten free diet and it helped them feel so much better. I admit, I was very mis-informed.


Enter menopause, and while I had no problems with bloating the first year after my surgery, the bloating came back along with extreme gas, so I had to do something. My first source of attack was going to be cutting out the gluten and dairy, which made me so sad. I sometimes I ask myself if all those peppermint chip shakes from Chick-fil-A around the holidays did me in, lol 


Anyway, while there are days I have eaten some gluten and maybe had a smidge of sour cream or some kind of dairy, for the most part I’d say it’s been 95% cut out and I do feel a little bit better, and my symptoms are somewhat better. Now I am not going to be a person who is going to stay gluten free, dairy free all my life, but I will do what it takes to feel my best!  


Before I get to the satisfying snacks, and I have been researching a lot of them, I want to tell you that none of these are substitutes for wholesome raw foods and lean proteins. My diet is primarily those, but sometimes a girl’s got to have her snacks you know so this list of 10 is my primary my repertoire right now for easy snacks in the gluten-free dairy-free world! And I did include my fav whole foods snacks: Berries and Nuts!


Here is the good news: whether you are gluten-free, dairy-free or not these products are yummy! 


I tried to link some of these where I can as many people have said they can’t always find some of these in the stores. 


Heavenly Hunks 

Hunka Hunka Yumminess! I was overjoyed when I found these. My first ones for the peanut butter chocolate and I was panicking because I couldn’t remember where I got them or if I could find them again after researching, I heard that these and these were really yummy and I was happy to not only get a big bag on Amazon, but find them in another local Target. These satisfy the sweet tooth like you would not believe. Get them HERE.

Air Popped Popcorn

I love popcorn, microwave popcorn is filled with a yucky process stuff. I especially love kettle corn, so I was so happy to find Lesser Evil sweet popcorn, with only blank grams of sugar, of course gluten and dairy free. 

Made Good Products

Made Good products are indeed GOOOOD! Last year I had tried the chocolate chip granola bars, and those little bars are wonderful. Also good at the granola bites in a little pouches. However, my favorite Has to be these Crispy Squares. At only 80 cal, dare I say, they are even better than rice, crispy treats. 

English Muffins

I love a good English muffin, but man talk about finding gluten-free dairy. Free bread that’s yummy, that’s almost impossible. That is until canyon bakery. The only thing I’ve tried so far is their English Muffins but their consistency is amazing and they toast so well. I like to add no sugar added apple butter or almond butter. I’m going to make egg McMuffins this week for Mr. Nine and I, mine without cheese, of course. I can’t wait to try more of their products. 


Well, I am primarily talking about prepackaged foods of convenience that are gluten or dairy free, I will tell you that I eat the top 4 berries, at least one of the varieties every single day for a snack. Several doctors have said that strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are the top four fruits of all time packed with antioxidants and to me, they are just the best snack. Go ahead and throw in some grapes and watermelon my two other favorite fruits also in the top 10!

Nuts & Nut Butters

The great thing about nuts is you totally can get them in conveniently prepackaged! If I don’t have them portioned I tend to eat way to many. With nuts being high in calories that’s not what I want to do but I do eat them everyday so I try not to eat too many. My favs are cashews, pecans, pistachios and almonds. 


Along those same lines: nut butters. My favorite is almond butter; ideally Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter. My favorite is just on a spoon or a lil inside a date or on apple slices. Stella LOVES almond butter.

Crackers & Cheese

Sometimes you just neeeeeed crackers and cheese and man, when you’re trying to eat gf/do that’s tough! BUT I found a satisfying solution. I was loving the Simple Mills Crackers anyway but when I finally found the Boursin Dairy Free spreadable goodness in garlic and herb, it was a whole new WOW and great snack.


Let’s be honest, a manufactured cookie, whether gluten-free and dairy, free or not, will never hold a candle to homemade cookies. Mr. Nine even says that my cookies are better than crumble cookies, lol! With my sweet tooth, though sometimes I just want a cookie and I have not yet attempted to bake any that are gluten-free or dairy free. Enter these Partake Chocolate Chip Cookies, two of them are perfect with my afternoon tea or decaf coffee.

These Good Girl Birthday Cake  vanilla sandwich cookies are the ones I shared with you on a Friday Favorites and I mean OH SO yummy! I’m super excited because this company.


Tortilla Chips and Salsa 

Can you believe that I had no idea that most corn tortillas and chips were gluten-free? Therefore not only do I like getting the grain free Siete Brand, but I can pretty much do most regular tortilla chips as long as they’re corn. Low cal salsa is also a great choice to dip them in. And hummus.

Coconut Rolls 

Can you believe I got these at the dollar store for what is now $1.25, lol. These Tahitian rolls of goodness are so amazing and the black sesame seeds really good for you. They have the perfect amount of sweetness and crunch.  


Now why can’t there be better cheeses alternatives? I’m craving a yummy pizza so bad. That was actually the last meal I had before my bloating came back with a vengeance on December 14. Who knows but there will be a day soon after being on this diet for a month that I will try Pizza again. Wish me luck, lol. 

If this post gets lots of love, I'll be back with meal ideas and other non-repacked and more convenient options. 

AND tell me: any prepackaged yummy gluten/dairy free snacks you’ve tried and loved? 

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  1. Great ideas! I will love for some of these new to me products. I miss out on some by doing online grocery shopping because I don't go in the store much. I love Simple Mills crackers.

  2. I'm not gluten free but I do try to limit it as much as possible. This is such a great reference! Going to try a few of these!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. I never really think about gluten but maybe I should! There are so many great alternatives, thanks for sharing them. Love ya!

  4. These all sound great-thanks for sharing Andrea!

  5. Sending this post to Michael right now! Some of these sound wonderful for me as well. I need to start changing up my diet with all this crazy menopause crap!


  6. You have to do whatever makes you feel good. These snacks look tasty, they would certainly help make the transition easier!

  7. The Sweet Lorens cookies are delicious. They are in the refrigerated cookie section....you bake them. Also...try the Canyon Sweet Hawaiian Bread...the best.

  8. Even though we aren't DF or GF we have tried some of these! Going to share this list with my friend who has celiac!

  9. Anonymous30.1.23

    Thank you so much for sharing these items! If you have a Whole Foods near you, they carry this brand of cheese called Treeline. It is a spreadable cheese and it is SO delicious! Cheers to eating healthy and have a glorious day lovely friend! XO, Caroline

  10. Lots of yummy snacks! A few years back my mom got really sick with some sort of bacteria. She could barely eat anything without feeling awful. After over a year, she finally felt better, but now follows a fodmap diet. While she can have some gluten, she can't overdo it. All this to say, it for sure isn't a fad, and gluten really can affect people. ;)

  11. I like the chips, popcorn, nuts, berries and the rest look like good snacks.

  12. Anonymous30.1.23

    I do more low fat and vegetarian, but I do love to try healthier products that are available. That boursin spread looks DELISH. I love Justin's pb too! And, I have to agree that berries are the best in fiber and not so much sugar as other fruits have!


  13. I guess the good news is there are so many options now to help when you decided to eliminate a category of food. I don't know what would be harder for me...giving up dairy or gluten. XO

  14. Regina R.30.1.23

    Thanks for these tips, Andrea. I can't wait to try them. I have Lyme so I am always experimenting with healthy dieting, including not eating meat -- & limiting gluten & dairy 80% of the time. Anyway, some things that are staples in my diet include:

    Shrimp or bean tostadas. Can dollop vegan sour cream on top.
    Vegan cream cheese & no sugar added jam on your toasted English Muffins.
    Tuna salad with olive oil based mayo
    So Delicious non-dairy ice cream (especially their cashewmilk choices)
    Reddiwhip (or TJ's) whipped almond cream in a can
    Coffee Mate Original liquid creamer individual tubs. (They're actually made w/coconut oil although they taste cream-like!)
    Good luck in your quest. And thanks for all your generous, thoughtful content.

  15. We never thought we would go gluten free either. I mean, heck my husband is Italian. But when it really makes you feel better (and it does for him), it makes sense.
    It's nice we can find things that are gluten free now. The only frustrating thing is sometimes they add a ton of sugar or chemicals. We love our almond butter from Trader Joes because there is no added sugar in it. And sugar is evil, haha.

  16. Want to try some of these for sure, thanks for sharing!

  17. A lot of these are my favorites! I'm glad you found the DF Boursin. So yummy!

  18. My SIL gets a really good cheese alternative. It's a vegan smoked gouda I think. These all look like great snack ideas especially the heavenly hunks. I always need to have tasty and healthy snacks available!

  19. When you get ready to bake gf, you need to go to OrganicallyAddison.com
    Her gf cookie recipes are the best!!

  20. We love all of the Made Good products! They're yummy and don't have all the junk in them! Since I had Covid, I have pretty much lost my sweet tooth and therefore, I've cut out my evening bowl of frozen yogurt/ice cream that I used to have every single night, and I can't even tell you how much better I feel!! No more bloating, no more swelling, my periods have become less painful, and I just feel better all around. Clearly, I have a dairy intolerance of some sort!

  21. I love Simple Mills, Made Good and Siete. I am wondering if I need to cut more gluten and diary out of my diet. My bloating is awful since having my hysterectomy.

  22. Justin's nut butters are my favorite! Is it bad if you eat the whole thing relatively fast?! lol Have a happy week!



  23. What a great snack list! And I'm so glad that going gluten and dairy-free (or 95%) has helped you- it's so important to feel good!

    I've got a new post up, I hope you'll stop by!


  24. Anonymous1.2.23

    I have been gluten free for 13 years and it does get easier. I do appreciate these snack recommendations!



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