FRIDAY FAVORITES...Pinks and Hearts Edition

Hi friends, and happy Friday! Usually, January doesn’t go by very fast, but man it’s flying. Here, we thought Indiana was going to have one of the worst winters ever, but these past few weeks have been very mild, and I’m actually aching for some snow, lol! Had a fun day with one of my besties yesterday and Heading to Ball State University this weekend to see our youngest son’s girlfriend in one of her last swim meets. She is an amazing swimmer and is wrapping up her senior year.


1. Laura Turns 50!
Today, January 20th is such a glorious day because one of my besties, Miss Laura Horton turns 50 years old. Happy to welcome her to the 50s club. I met this sweet friend through blogging many years ago and while she doesn’t blog very much anymore, she is a constant and delight in my life! Truly don't know what I would do with out her.
Making the year 2023 extra special is that her daughter, Alise is a Senior in High School and Having a great Basketball Season..
look at these cuties for Pink Night!

2. Last Weekend's Trip
Still thinking about the fabulous trip to San Diego for cabi fashion week. Very blessed to have Annie as a friend. Her and her sweet husband took me to Indianapolis to meet Mr. Nine for my return home after letting me stay the night in their beautiful home. Proud to be a cabi ambassador with her.
AND you must check our her blog, Blessings and Sass

3. Let's Wear Sweet Pink

Oh, give me the sweet pink! I just thought the shade of pinks were so pretty on This Sweater  and the booties can we talk about the Booties? They are on sale for 75% off and the most comfortable smaller heal. Just perfect. I thought it looks great with the slightly flare denim and silver skirt. I love wearing pink, especially around Valentines! That White Button Up underneath is  huge favorite wrinkles!


Sweater HERE & HERE // Skirt HERE // Jeans HERE // My FAVORITE White Button Up HERE

4. Heart Necklaces 
My heart necklaces or some of my most worn. I’ve got a great round up some pretty pieces. Great Valentines gift, but hearts are to wear all year!

5. Misc. Fun 
Post of the Week 

Goodie Girl Cookies
In my Post on Menopause I wrote about how I was trying a diet to see if it helped with some of my symptoms, including cutting out gluten and dairy. I had heard about these Goodie Girl cookies on Mix and Match mama’s blog as she has a daughter with celiac disease and oh my goodness are they ever tasty. I’m going to admit most gluten-free and dairy free items do not taste as good as the real stuff but these might be the best vanilla sandwich cookies I have ever eaten! The company is sending me several more varieties so I will try them all out for ya. 
Get the Birthday Cake ones HERE.


Have a Fabulous weekend Friends!!

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  1. I have been gluten-free for over ten years and those cookies are the Best. Loving your pinks.


  2. Your pinks look so good on you! I was just across the river from you when you were at Annie's and I found out she goes to my Loft to do all of her try ons. Small world! How cool that the girlfriend is a college swimmer! Those cookies look great!

  3. Such a fun time with you in San Diego! I'm getting those boots! and definitely trying those cookies!

  4. So pretty in pink! Love the booties and sweater. Happy birthday to Laura and enjoy your weekend my friend. I need to get those cookies for Michael!

  5. I cannot believe Laura is 50! Oh my goodness, those pictures of y'all are so sweet and remind of such good times.
    Love all the pink on you, and those booties are to die for!!

  6. Those boots are everything and you wear them well! Thanks for sharing all of the Valentine love here- love the necklaces and all of the pink- darn it! :)

  7. You are pretty in pink! Love those flare jeans and those boots! I wish I could have been in San Diego with you!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. I love all of the pink and you have been having quite the fun January. I agree that it's gone faster than normal and I'm ok with it!

  9. Sounds like you had fun in San Diego and love the heart necklaces!

  10. Anonymous20.1.23

    Looking beautiful in pink! I also really need those boots! I am happy to hear that you had fun in San Diego and I am loving this mild winter! I hope that you have a glorious weekend my friend! XO, Caroline

  11. Anonymous20.1.23

    I loved visiting San Diego this past summer! It sounds like it was a great trip. I feel like January has gone SO quickly over here too and yes, shouldn't this be a slow month?!! I love all your pink! I need some pink shoes or boots pronto.


  12. Those pink boots are fabulous. I swear the bright color boots are always better,

  13. Anonymous20.1.23

    Laura! If you see this please get back into blogging! I miss your blog! Happy birthday!

  14. You look great in the pink sweater and I love the heart necklaces. Have a nice weekend Andrea.

  15. Those cookies look really good. I LOVE all the heart necklaces! Have the best weekend!

  16. That pink sweater is so pretty!

  17. Oh, those pink booties are so super sweet! Love them for a little Valentine's Day date night! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, say hi to Stella! xo


  18. Pink is your color! Wowza!! I have to look for those cookies. Yes, picking one off of the floor counts as a squat! Happy Weekend, my friend!

  19. Those pink boots are so darling! I just wish I had some place to wear... anything other than sneakers, ha! And I love a heart necklace. You posted some great options! :)

  20. I'm totally in love with your pink booties! So beautiful! Have a great Sunday.

  21. I love that pretty pink sweater on you! And the boots are such a good match!

  22. You're the second person I've seen talk about those cookies this week! I think I need to try them!


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