Hi Friday loves! I say October don’t go because I LOVE October, but the maybe do part is to get this surgery further behind me. Exactly 1-month post-op today and feeling great. Back to regular walks and my usual shenanigans for the most part. Lol. Got some Fall cleaning up to do this weekend outside and maybe starting the decorating!! Eek..countdown is on. And Sweet BOOs if you partake in Halloween!!

1. Day Date

Well, for the first time post-surgery, Mr. Nine and I finally had a day date and we tried someplace new! There is a new and very modern brewery 25 minutes south of us, so we headed down there on a beautiful afternoon last Saturday and had the most delicious meal! It was also the first cocktail I’ve had since before surgery and that smokin pineapple peach margarita was delicious! Mr. Nine got an incredible burger with bacon jam on it, we shared some tater tots called tipsy tots with the yummy topping and I got a mahi-mahi Reuben with sweet potato fries!

2. Gift Guides
Coffee Theme Gift 

A friend of mine, who loves coffee, recently had a birthday and I compiled this gift basket for her. I’ve linked up everything you need to create your own gift basket as it was a huge hit! I had one of those Cellophane gift basket bags around it, but I put some Leopard Duct Tape to hold down the corners. I think it turned out so cute.

Card HERE // Coffee HERE// Chai Latte Candle HERE // Corkcicle Tumblr HERE // Notepad HERE // Basket HERE // Coffee Nut M&M's HERE // Brown Shred HERE

Hair Spray

Add some hair spray to the stocking or gift bags..these are the BEST on the market..drug store to beauty store. Low end $2.99 to high $30 but all so good!

Chi Vibes HERE // Herbal Essences HERE // Kenra Volume Spray HERE // Bumble & Bumble HERE // Garnier Fructis HERE

3. Week's Attire
Vest // Henley HERE // Joggers HERE // Sneakers HERE

Sweater // Jeans HERE // Boots // Hat HERE // Tank HERE

Shacket HERE // Joggers HERE // Sneakers

4. Liverpool with Mr. Nine

Oh, it’s no secret, M. Nine and I love our Liverpool jeans. These black ones he is wearing are the Relaxed Straight and mine are the kick flare crop. LOVE THEM!! My jacquard moto jacket and henley are Liverpool too. We thought we looked like a couple of bad a$$es in this photo but then I had to go pose with angel wings, lol!

Jacket HERE // Henley HERE // My Kick Flare Jeans HERE // Mr. Nine's Black Jeans HERE // Leopard Belt HERE

5. Misc. Fun
Monday ~ Pink Gift Ideas

Monster Brains Munch Mix

I cannot believe it is Halloween weekend! Back when the kids were younger, this was the most requested room mom snack ever in my history of being a room mom, LOL! I think because it was just too darn cute! Plus, it was super yummy as I had derived it from a local Amish Cookbook. You’ll find my recipe HERE in case you want to make this ghoulish! LOL

Mom's Caramel Corn

This next recipe is my mom’s most requested Fall treat! Trust me when I say, there is no better caramel corn than hers! I shared this on Instagram a while back and y’all went crazy for it, a couple people even made it that very day. Mr. Nine and I sometimes fight over this, LOL! It’s so good! 

Find the recipe HERE


Enjoy the HALLOWEEN/FALL Weekend My Pretties!!
I'll be Back Monday.

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  1. Your memes always make me smile! So does your day date with Mr.Nine - you all had to be the best looking couple in the place, you look like celebrities!
    So happy the surgery is behind you and life is back to normal - what a blessing!

  2. So glad you are almost back to normal! Yay! Love that you had a date. You both look fabulous in your Liverpool jeans. Have a fantastic weekend my friend!

  3. I am so glad you are back to your regular shenanigans! I can't believe it is already Halloween... how in the world?! We are looking forward to it though. LD is ready to get out there and get some candy ;-)

  4. You are the gift giving queen! We were talking about that being your love language when the girls were here (I was saying I don't know what mine is...LOL and we all agreed yours is gifts) I had that shacket and returned it when I got the one from Evereve...but now seeing it on you so cute I should have kept it. HA! Happy weekend!!! XOXO

  5. That coffee gift is amazing!

  6. I'm glad you are feeling better and on your way to a speedy recovery. I am enjoying all of your gift guides. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  7. Glad you are recovering well, you deserved that yummy margarita, and those tots! I am starving now! Y'all are too cute! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I am so happy to hear that you feeling much better! You deserved that margarita friend! You and the mister look great in that photo too! Sending hugs and have a glorious weekend! XO, Caroline

  9. I'm so glad you're back to feeling like your old self! And LOLOLOLOL at that last meme. That is so dang funny because it's true. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Glad your recovery is going well. I need to plan a date with my hubby soon: it has been very busy lately and we need it! I screenshot that outfit with the vest: going to shop my closet: I have a burgundy vest that is similar in style and black joggers =)

  11. What a fun day date, your outfit looked so cute! Glad you are feeling better! I hope that you enjoy your weekend!

  12. I'm glad to hear you're feeling so good post op! You two are such cute hotties on your day date. It's fun to try new places! I use the Fructis hair spray but switch around a lot. Love those memes. Have a happy Halloween!

  13. That coffee themed gift basket you put together is darling! Love the leopard tape you used too! You and Mr. Nine look so good in your liverpool jeans! Happy Halloween!

  14. Glad you are recovering and putting that surgery in the rear view window! Keep the gift guides coming - yours are the best!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. It's wonderful that you got out and about. You always look so amazing Andrea,

  16. Such a gift basket is such a good idea. Have a great weekend.

  17. So glad you're feeling better and getting out and about again. Your day date looked fabulous!

  18. So glad to hear you're feeling better, Andrea! Hooray for doing some normal things! (That's the bestttt after an illness or injury!) :)

  19. That margarita sounds delicious! Glad to hear you're recovering well and getting out and about. Have a great weekend!

  20. Being pants for Halloween. Ha. I love your day date outfit. So cute. I am glad that you are getting out and things are going well!

  21. You and your husband look so good in your Liverpool jeans! The coffee themed gift basket is so cute!

    Jill - Doused in Pink


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