Hi loves! Well, I’m happy to report that this week of recovery has been much smoother! I can bend over now, LOL! It’s the little things ya know! And of course, my favorites of the week! 

1. The CUTEST GOLD Hoops

You know I love hoops! And will you just look at these darling gold hoop earrings and how delicately pretty they are! You cannot go wrong with a good pair of gold hoops and since we’ve all been prompted to start our holiday shopping early, what a fabulous gift idea! I adore them!

2. Olive & June

You all know that I have been doing my own nails for years! I was so overjoyed to be introduced to the brand Olive & June! I swear they make at home manicures so easy with their fabulous polishes and every nail accessory out there to make your manicure a breeze! The team at Olive & June the only creates the most beautiful nail polish colors but they want to make your at home nail experience fabulous and oh so fun! Just look at this amazing kit. AND: THE POLISH STAYS ON LONGER THAN MOST!!!

Talk about a fabulous gift for the upcoming holidays!

Promo Code: livingoncloudnine20
for 20% off

3. Week’s Attire
Similar Sweater HERE// Jeans HERE // Flats


This Sweater is so good I bought it twice..unfortunately missing our trip North this Comes in over 25 colors!
BUY Sweater HERE // Hat HERE // Similar Necklace HERE // Earrings HERE

4. Pumpkin Patch Sweater 

The minute I got this gorgeous chunky sweater with the beautiful fall colors from red dress, I knew my gold corduroy pants would accent it so sweetly and I love the way this look turned out! Especially for a trip to the pumpkin patch!

BUY Sweater HERE // Pants HERE // Necklace HERE // Hat HERE // Earrings HERE // Belt HERE

5. Misc. POSTS


You know that I love deviating from the normal orange pumpkins! This gold velvet Pumpkin Tablescape is so pretty and would be wonderful for Thanksgiving!

And Pumpkins as Vases

And of course, I love a flower arrangement inside a pumpkin…

…. I mean, just look, I’ve been doing them for years, this is one I created for my mom for her birthday at least 6 years ago now. See HERE now I did it!


And Who Knew this one? 

Enjoy the Weekend My Loves!!

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  1. You are golden - so many good things in this post! Love hearing you are having a better week!

  2. So much fashion goodness here! I adore the hoops and this nail polish set. Glad you are starting to feel better my friend. Have a great weekend!

  3. I think I'm going to need that sweater in a color or two as well. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. So glad you are starting to feel better! I've been impressed with Olive and June polish! Love all of these golden pieces! That sweater looks so cozy!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. Does the strawberries in a jar work??? I need to do that! Love all the fall goodness in this post :) I am glad your week with recovery went well. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Oh my gosh..that Target recpt meme. I'm dying. I'm so happy to see you are back up and and all. Happy weekend sweet friend!!! XOXO

  7. I'm so glad to hear this week of recovery has been better! Those nail polish colors are so pretty. I do my own nails as well. It's rare that I get them done, but I do always enjoy it when I do. Loving all of your fall outfits! I think it would be so fun to come and shop in your closet lol. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. You look so nice in all of your fall sweaters. I love the photo of you in the pumpkin patch. I never heard of the nail polish but I love the colors. I like doing my own nails from time to time. I like the fun pumpkin vase you made! I hope you are feeling better each day. Have a nice day and thanks for the blog visit.

  9. Glad you are starting to feel better! Those earrings are so cute.

  10. I'm loving the striped sweater! Everyone is talking about that nail polish lately. I'm unsure if it's worthwhile, I'm so lazy!

  11. Everything is golden for sure! Loving all of you looks, especially the pumpkin patch cardigan. That's a great nail polish! I hope you're feeling all better and ready to enjoy this beautiful weekend ahead!

  12. Love the golden tones! I am not clicking on any links today because then I get tempted to buy something =). Glad your recovery is coming along and you are starting to feel better!

  13. I'm glad your recovery is going well so far! I'm cracking up at that CVS receipt meme. Why oh why are their receipts always insane?! Lol. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. You know I love me some Belle ywllow. That gold color is my fall favorite
    Is that strawberry thing real??? Makes sense really - those little containers cant block out air.

  15. You look amazing in that golden yellow color!!

  16. The groceries meme and forgetting what you came for...I do that way too often. Love those earrings. So simple and perfect. You look great in those golden cords. I need a new pair!!

  17. Gold Pumpkins??? OMG, I love that!!
    So glad you're getting better and better,

  18. I love gold everything! I'm like a magpie. Have a great weekend.

  19. So glad to hear you're feeling better, Andrea!!! <3 That meme about picture-taking cracked me up. I went out to the botanical gardens with friends last weekend, and one's bf is a legit photographer, so that was basically him taking pictures, ha! With some of the pics, he was like, "This better end up on the front page of your blog!" :D

  20. Those gold cords are the cutest! I keep hearing good things about Olive and June. You got really pretty colors!

  21. You are the most golden person that I know friend! I love that gold sweater and those earrings!


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