Well, better late than never but I forgot to do an intro to this post, LOL! 
So, HAPPY Friday let’s get to the favorites of the week! Love ya! 

Darling Dainty Gold Rings

There is just something about Sweet, Dainty Gold Rings! I think they are so precious and I especially love stacking them which is what I’m going to do with the two of these. I think they make such a great gift for all your feminine friends and family, and you cannot go wrong with pretty cool things!

2. Christmas PJ's

I know, for some of you, it may be way too early for the Christmas jammies, but trust me when I say these cuties, at these prices, are not going to last! I got my last year the first week of November, but I think you’ll need them even earlier this year! I own a couple of these on this collage and I absolutely love them, especially the plaid ones from Target.

3. Week's Attire
Speaking of comfies.....

Such a huge thank you to Soma Intimates for making my recovery so much sweeter! They kindly sent me some wonderful comfy clothes for recovering. I remember getting my first pairs of so much intimate underwear when I was with the girls in Nashville, and I fell in love! Just look how cute these comfies are, even Mr. Nine fell in love with my joggers, LOL!

These leopard ones are called “COOL NIGHTS” and talk about great reviews because they really do keep you cool, plus are oh so stylish!


They come in other patterns too.

Here are those black Joggers and man are they good! And then I have a wrap hoodie with packets to go with. The joggers have pockets too and a great all-purpose white tank top for underneath. What I love about this is that it can even be worn out and about.


The perfect shade of heather gray and the perfect flow of comfort! I love this set.


4. Red Dress
There’s something about Swiss dots that is so dainty indeed! This is one of my favorite Dresses from Shop the Mint and it is on sale right now, coming in four colors! Such a good one! Very forgiving yet very flattering with the pattern, cut and the cuffed wrists. LOVED with the Heart Necklace and Leopard Heels

AND NOT a Fav...Will you look at this:

My beloved burgundy pumpkins turned after 2 weeks to a rusty color. I mean I like it, but the whole theme was deep red and white. Plus, our weather has been so warm, that now they are now about toast. Makes me so sad and I never got anymore outfit photos with them. 

5. Misc. Fun


Even though I am influencer who “sells” things so speak, I have never been involved in one of those at home product sales but that all changed this week because of a product I feel so passionate about. As you know, I have been doing my own nails for over 10 years. See the post how I apply them

And while those nails were OK, this past year I noticed a decline in color and design choices. Then my fellow blogger friend Holly, introduced me to Red Aspen Nail Dashes and I was sold. The team that started this company has patented their glue and my nail dashes from Red Aspen stay on at least three weeks if not more. But the real seller is the fact that they come in tons of colors, sizes, designs and they are constantly coming out with new seasonal nails. So much fun. 
You can go to my own website HERE
to purchase nail dashes or click the Red Aspen Nails tab at the top of my blog to learn more. Thank you so much for supporting my new endeavor and little side hustle, LOL!

Recent Colors I Bought..
That red is my favorite shade and 
will be great for the holidays.

This color, Fall for Christine, is what I'm wearing right now.

I know many of us have a hard time with what type of shoes to wear in the Fall but for me, running around doing errands and such, sneakers are the perfect accessory. Plus, they’re super comfy like all these New Balance Cuties! So many cool shades and patterns right now.
From Top Left: Blush Pink // Silver // Black and Leopard // Cream // Black


This one is hilarious because errands have been "going out" for me for years, lol!
And this because it warms my heart. Wish I'd given a chocolate kiss to 
Daisy at the end.

Enjoy the FALL Weekend My Loves!!
I'll be Back Monday. 

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  1. What great comfies to recover in from Soma! Congrats on the nail business too, sounds perfect for you and your pretty nails!
    Have the sweetest weekend!

  2. I love the Cool Nights jammies from Soma. Your memes are always the best. Errands are the only going out I do. Have a great weekend.

  3. I am all about some comfy jammies right now. Boy, your mums did take a turn, didn't they? They are still pretty but not the same. Have a lovely weekend my friend!

  4. Congrats on your new side hustle! Those nail shades are gorgeous! What a great collection of pjs that Soma sent you! That's crazy your mums completely changed colors! I've never seen that before. Have a great weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. So many goodies here! I love all your comfy sets from Soma and I adore the elegant red dress on you. I can never get enough New Balance sneakers. Enjoy your weekend Andrea!

  6. The comfy sets look amazing! The kisses for saying goodbye to dogs makes me tear up.

  7. Love the dainty rings and that red dress is gorgeous on you! Those jogger sets are perfect for your recovery. Hope you are doing well, friend!

  8. Soma really does have the softest and best jammies. They are truly one of my favorite brands. Wearing them now...LOL Happy weekend!!! XOXO

  9. You have the prettiest pjs! I will have to order some new ones for winter. Your nails look amazing and congratulations on your new side hustle! Have a nice day and weekend.

  10. That dress is gorgeous!!! Love those pajamas too! Hahah that meme sounds like my halloween plans for sure. Have a great weekend!

  11. I LOVE that red dress and it looks fab on you! Those leopard jammies are so cute too. Have a glorious weekend, friend! XO, Caroline

  12. That's crazy about your mums! I didn't know that could happen. I got a Soma gift card for my b'day and I was checking out those pjs. You look so cute in all of the comfy coziness!

  13. How strange that the mums turned that color! I have never seen that happen before?! Well if it makes you feel any better, I've been wondering why my mums are missing sections and found a family of bunnies chewing away on them this morning. Not a happy camper about that!! They owe me money lol..


  14. Haha getting drunk and putting up the Christmas tree. I love it. We already started watching Christmas movies. I love that dress on you. I LOVE dainty jewelry, so those rings are right up my alley.

  15. You could just say that you meant to have rust colored mums, LOL!! They still look better than if I had brought them home (can you say black thumb?)
    The leopard jammies are amazing.
    Hope you're doing well Andrea,

  16. Ohh, my daughter is turning 13 next month and she always wants me to take her to the nail salon to get her nails done, but she chips them in hours! Do they offer those nails in smaller sizes for young girls? I'm not sure if I'd have the patience to trim down adult sized ones. She has wanted to try press on nails, but maybe I could surprise her with some nails from your business to surprise her with for her birthday and maybe they'll work for her! Ha, ha! I'll have to remember to message you about them. P.S. You look so pretty in red!


  17. I love those deep red ombre nails! So fun! That's so odd your mums changed color! And that's a drastic change too! Love your new rings and those leopard pajamas!

  18. Those black joggers really are very cool! I need to buy a pair! Have a great Sunday!

  19. I love Soma and their comfy clothes! I can't believe your mums turned so fast. we had our first frost last night and I was not at all prepared for that but haven't yet checked to see how my mums made out.

  20. The soma hoodie and joggers look so comfy! Might make a great Christmas present!

  21. I love swiss dot EVERYTHING! So dang pretty and that red looks lovely on you. Also, that Goodbye Kisses thing that you posted was shared from a vet right here in my area!!!! Smiths Station, AL is just 15 minutes from my house as we live right by the river that separates GA from AL. I can't believe it went so viral that it made it all the way to you! Crazy!


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