Pretty Woman, Pretty Babies, Pretty Things! All the pretties for this edition of Friday Favorites!

 1. The FUN for Mom’s Birthday

The Cake Bake Shop

It all started last Thursday at The Cake Bake Shop in Caramel, IN. We started celebrating mom’s birthday early with a wonderful tea, it was reminiscent of the one Mr. Nine and I had in London. The place is so phenomenal that we decided to host a bridal shower for our DIL to be next spring. Can't wait!

She's so precious!

More on my outfit to come soon in a post.

Pretty Woman

Then on Sunday, (her actual birthday) mom and attended the Pretty Woman Musical.  It was so good! Of course, it was fitting that I pulled out my $2 Pretty Woman garage sale dress from 25 years ago. Love that thing. I found one similar HERE and you can get the matching purse HERE.


The BEST gift mom got was seeing the twin girlies on her birthday. After the musical, we met Mr. Nine at the kid's house with pizza and an old-fashioned cream pie I made (my recipe HERE) in hand so that the twin girls could celebrate their great grandma! Mom was in heaven!

And this photo melts my heart.

2. Outfits Lately

All the Atheisure

Top HERE // Pants HERE // Sneakers HERE

All the Sweaters and Jeans
Sweater HERE // Jeans HERE // Boots HERE

All the Christmas Jams while I decorate
Tee HERE // Pants HERE

3. Christmas Sneak Peek 

With a beautiful day on Tuesday, the front porch got recovered. Leading  up to my Christmas Home Tour Posts, I’ll be giving you some sneak peeks on Friday Favorites. I'm about 80% done inside and out and have been working my butt off.

4. Gift Guides

Hope you saw my Amazon Guides for him and her in this post HERE

Here are my FAVORITE girlie stocking stuffers ever! 

Lipstick Set // Perfume Ornament // Santa Kiss // Candy Cane Socks // Foot Mask // Snow Gel // Santa Earrings // Candle // Undies // Champagne Bears

5. Misc. Fun 


Get them HERE

To make you smile on their 6 week birthday yesterday

Have a wonderful weekend, my dears! 

Are you getting festive yet?




  1. I need to get to the Cake Bake shop! Great pics of you and your mom there. Pretty is really the best word to describe everything there including you two! Love the baby pictures- just precious. It´s the best time of year for you guys for a multitude of reasons!

  2. How are they already 6 weeks? I hope life at home is going well for them. Routine, routine, routine is what I say! Your mom had a wonderful celebration. That picture of her holding them is just too precious! This will be such a special holiday season with the addition of the little girls!

  3. That tea for your mom's birthday looks so fabulous! And you had the perfect dress for Pretty Woman. That last pic of the twins is so precious! Enjoy your weekend and looking forward to seeing you soon.

  4. Your afternoon tea service looked fabulous and your dress was perfect for the musical. It looks like your mama had a great birthday. The twins are darling and look like they are doing great! So many things to celebrate!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Darling Mom! Ok your dress for Pretty Woman is soooo perfect!! :)

  6. Your mom with the twins is just adorable. Happy birthday to her.

  7. I think I need a show of you family ... seriously - a reality type show - with your gorgeous momma - you & your hubby & now twin grands? COME ON - you even have the perfect pooch to be the cherry on top of the cake. Who do I need to talk to about this? :)

  8. Anonymous10.11.23

    Your mom is so pretty! That will be such a nice place for a bridal shower. The twins are so, so cute! Oh, I bet you are just soaking up every moment with them. Your porch is looking so nice! I am devoting all of next week to getting my Christmas up and stuff ready for Aut's 15th bday!


  9. Andrea, what a wonderful way to celebrate your beautiful moms birthday. The babies are so adorable and cute. Have a nice weekend.

  10. The twins are so amazing and I just love seeing your mama here.
    I just saw those cute shoes, and may have to get them,

  11. Anonymous10.11.23

    I love seeing the pics of the twins and your mom too. The tea place looks so beautiful...perfect place for a shower. You and your mom look like twins from the back. Have a good weekend. Tanya - The Other Side of the Road.

  12. That is going to be an incredible spot for a bridal shower. You both look so lovely for both events... and of course the twins are just darling!

  13. Anonymous11.11.23

    Cake Bake is gorgeous! We love to visit when we are visiting our son.

  14. Hello, Andrea. I haven't blogged in a few years, but I was just looking up some of the ones I used to follow. You look gorgeous and I am glad to see you are well. Happy holiday season! ~ Robin

  15. Oh the twins are growing so fast! And what a gift for your mother right. What a joy to have a family like that.

  16. The tea for your Mom's birthday looked divine! You both look so beautiful, what a truly special day. Hope you guys enjoyed every minute of it! xo


  17. The twins are just precious! Love those cute red flats too!

  18. Lovely post and Congratulations on your beautiful twins! I'll look forward to "seeing" them grow.

  19. The Cake Bake shop looks so fun! I hope your mom had a wonderful birthday! Can't wait to see your completed porch!

    Jill - Doused in Pink


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