I must say, November has been way “NICER” than October but it’s going to dang fast! Slow down please! I cannot believe Thanksgiving is Thursday but I’m so ready for that turkey dinner with my sweet, small crew!

1. So "DEER'
Well, I’m happy to say all my decorating is complete! One of our sons came home Saturday to help with the outside stuff and put together the glorious lit deer family that my mom got me as part of my Christmas present. I just love them to pieces. And I love that our boy will still get up on the roof and hang those high wreaths. Balls too! What a great helper!


And then the next day we had a 50 mile an hour winds and knocked one down so it actually took two sons to get it back up there later in the week, LOL!

2. "Reindeer Mule"
It was an absolute no-brainer that I would create my favorite holiday cocktail of all time for the Yeti Bartender Series! I first had this delicious Reindeer Mule at a local brewery several years ago but last year they took it off the menu and I believe I even told them how incredibly sad I was about that. LOL. But I had taken a picture of the ingredients one year so I was able to concoct it at home along with my own homemade cinnamon cranberry simple syrup!
Check out my latest YouTube video.

AND on Sunday here on the Blog, I will have the entire recipe and a post dedicated to said yummy Reindeer Mule!

3. Home for the Holidays
Here is another great gift guide, this time dedicated to Target Holiday Hone! You guys, they have so many good pieces right now and my favorite is the musical Snow Globe

While 2020 has been tough for many reasons, there have also been many bright spots so I got a couple of these $10 Snow Globes as gifts as a reminder of the good! The red truck with a Christmas tree in the back and sweet snow swirling while playing Jingle Bells is just delightful! I also have the three wick candles and they are amazing and only 10 bucks.

4. Target PJ's
Speaking of Target Goodness.... OK, I keep saying this but every pair of coziness I get becomes my favorite and these thermal plaid joggers and long sleeve shirt SET from Target have my heart big time! Get you some, they come in several patterns and would also make a great gift, it would even be good to layer them under your clothes for outside play. And you MUST Have some fuzzy Leopard Slippers

LOTS more Options in my LikeToKnowIt. If you don't have the free app, you need it for great shopping Inspo! is a shopping discovery app that allows consumers to shop their screenshots. 
You can find me there by searching: livingoncloudnine9

5. Misc. Fun

A friend of mine asked me for the recipe for this turkey cheese ball and well I’ve shared a photo of it with y’all before, I decided I should share the recipe in case you wanna make it next Thursday!

Turkey Cheese Ball


1 14oz tub sharp cheddar cheese spread (we like Merkt’s)

1 block cream cheese, softened 

1/2 teaspoon garlic salt

1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 

 Chopped pecans & optional fresh parsley to roll the ball in. 

Stick pretzels, candy corn, candy eyes (I got mine at Michael’s and I’ve also seen them on Amazon) and a little frosting to hold the eyes and candy corn on with.
Mix the sharp cheddar cheese and cream cheese with a hand mixer until very creamy, add in garlic salt and Worcestershire and mix well again. Wrapped in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least two hours. Remove and roll the cheese ball in the pecans & fresh parsley if desired. Stick the pretzel sticks in the back for the feathers and with an additional pretzel stick add a little frosting to the top for the eyes and the front for the candy corn nose. Chill on a cheeseboard until ready to serve. The cheese ball itself can even be frozen ahead of time and just let it thaw a little bit before creating the turkey appendages.

Thanksgiving Memes of course!

Hope you eat healthy so you can indulge next week, deck, wrap whatever festive and Have a great weekend!

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I'm done of course but I love this letter board


  1. It's so nice that your boys are able to help you decorate, what sweeties! I can't wait to make that mule with you girl - YUM!!!
    Have a super cozy weekend!

  2. You are the most festive person I know! I am sure the quality time with you son was very much enjoyed. Have a lovely weekend, Andrea!

  3. I love the reindeer! I totally want to get something like that for our front lawn too. And those memes had me laughing. I bought two 20 pound turkeys (one for roasting, and one for smoking) and wondered what the cashier thought.

  4. LOVE my Yeti Bartender!! XO Those pj's are adorable- I may need to snag them- have a wonderful weekend friend!

  5. What sweet helpers! I love your reindeer.

  6. I love that the boys still help decorate. That makes me so happy to see! That reindeer mule sounds so good! Your deer family is a great addition to your decorations. Those PJs are perfect and so are those cozy look slippers. I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Yes, Target PJs are the best! I bought some there last month for the little guy and I and I just love how soft it was! Your turkey cheese ball looks so good. It's a bummer I've got family members who can't eat cheese. :( Your decorations look great and love the new additions! Do the reindeers move or light up? My son would totally go crazy with that! I hope all is well and happy Friday Andrea!

    Maureen |

  8. I might need that apron. I don't really wear them, but that one is so festive and cute! That drink looks and sounds amazing! I am all about the festive ones this year. Love that your son came home to help you decorate. Those deer are gorgeous!!! I cant wait to get all our outdoor stuff going next Friday. Inside is already the Christmas wonderland I dreamed....but for my neighbors sake...we are letting Gobbles have his time outside. HAHAHAHA. They probably think we are the most obnoxious with our disco light up turkey. Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I really want some pjs from Target!

  10. Oh I bet it feels so good to have all of your decorating done! We just have to put up our main tree the day after Thanksgiving and then do the outdoor decor and we'll be done, too! I'm so ready to have that tree up! And you know how much we love our mules over here, so I cannot WAIT to see your recipe!! I'm looking forward to it! Happy weekend, sweet lady!

  11. Those memes are cracking me up! Your home looks amazing! I need to get some decorating done this weekend! Looking forward to your mule recipe!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  12. Going to have to go to Target ASAP and get those cute PJ's!! I love that your sweet small crew will be celebrating this year - it's my favorite holiday and as long as you have your family it's all that matters! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  13. Thanks for giving me all the Christmas vibes- you, your family, your house and the whole mood and setting is so fun and festive:) Andrea, you really brighten up this space- love it all!! Thanks!! Have a great weekend xx

  14. So nice to have your boys helping you with decorating the house. I like those cute pjs on you. That cheese board is great and perfect for Thanksgiving. Have a nice Friday and weekend.

  15. Great balls of fire, there was a lot to love here today. The memes are cracking me up...that scene in the Proposal where SB is singing that cracks me up every time, and I know my mom would be so offended by it. LOL

  16. Yay for being done!! I still have bunches to do but taking our time and waiting to finish after Thanksgiving and when the girls get home. Those Target items all look great and I need to check out your cocktail video. It sounds delicious!

  17. I love that snow globe. It will go perfectly with my red truck wrapping paper this year. Have a good weekend.

  18. Those plaid jammies! So cute on you, friend!

  19. That mule cocktail sounds delicious! That is very sweet of your boys to help you decorate. Love the cute stuff from Target too. I want that gingerbread mug!! Maybe I'll add it to my cart haha. Have a glorious weekend friend! XO, Caroline

  20. I mean... you just need to go in a Christmas decorating business - tote those guys of yours along with you too :)
    That meme of the carpet/ hiding for Thanksgiving - cracks me up!!!

  21. So nice of your boys to come home and help you decorate! Your house looks beautiful Thanks for sharing that Target gift guide! I am going there this weekend and will be looking for some of those things. And that turkey cheese ball!!!! I want to make that!

  22. Love this post!! That turkey cheese ball is so cute

  23. Awww what dear sons you have! Love the deer too! I am heading to target tomorrow and will check out those things. Have a great weekend!

  24. Your jammies are so cute!!! And I’m totally stealing some of those memes! 😂
    That Inspired Chick

  25. You do find the best things (I feel like a broken record because I ALWAYS say that...LOL)
    But it's truth!!!

  26. That letterboard is super cute! I just changed mine to "Days without a Christmas tree incident: 0" since ours fell down this week! Haha! Love your adorable jammies and the peeks at your Christmas outdoor decor!

  27. Oh I don't start decorating until the half of December I'm afraid. Have a great weekend.

  28. You always have the best Blogs. love it all that you shared.


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