I’m on it! While I order a lot from Amazon anyway, I’m totally scooping up those gifts now! I’m sure you’ve heard about all the shipping delays and how important it is to get your shopping done early And yes, maybe it is just a media ploy, but I kind of think they may have something there and there may be big delays in shipping with all the online shopping. Anyway, my goal is to get my shopping done by the end of the month and boy are there some great gifts to be had by AMAZON, which I truly believe, will be the best at getting the packages out in a timely manner. So, join my sweet friend Tanya this week as it is her prime link up and one of our favorites of the month! BEST PART: almost all of these gifts are under $25

1. Fuzzy Socks

These Fuzzy Socks are just the cutest! So many leopard print colors, five pairs to be exact and what a great price with great reviews! Darling gift!


2. Hello Gorgeous Trinket Dish

I am just crazy about trinket dishes! I love the size of this ONE and I think it would make any woman smile, plus a sweet stocking stuffer.

3. Packing Cubes

You know I am a huge proponent of packing cubes! Here is The Set that I own. But, just look at the variety this pack of 7 and how adorable the leopard is! Everyone just loves these. AND extra bonus: The Laundry Pouches!

4. Marble Mugs

I am really into Marble! I just saw someone with a marble floor walk in closet and was like, oh I should’ve done that. No, I like my warm carpet in my closet, but boy I sure do love these Marble Mugs! Great gift!

  5. 2020 Christmas Book

Where are all my babes that love to decorate, bake and cook at the holidays? This Book by Southern Living is for you! This is a gift you are going to want to treat yourself ahead of time, absolutely beautiful pictures and ideas.


6. Sweater

I shared This Sweater in my sweater share Instagram stories last week and it was a huge hit! I first saw it on the adorable Lindsay and knew I had to have it in pink, so many color choices and such high-quality! And it covers your butt!


7. Make-Up Mirror

Everywoman, especially the aging ones, need a good Make-Up Mirror! This one is so glamorous and so chic in the all white.

8. Hot Chocolate Gift Set

I fell in love with these little cups of Hot Chocolate Mixes last year and they sold out quick so grab some, they are so Flippin cute and makes such an adorable gift!


9. Amazon Gift Cards

You absolutely cannot go wrong with Amazon gift cards and they make giving them so cute now other than just a plain old card in an envelope. Look at the little Polka Dot Purse and my favorite that my mom got for the guys and the family, the little Little Cardboard Amazon Box with the card gift inside, so cute and miniature.

10. Slippers

Talk about sought! Yes, I own UGGs slippers but some of my softest ones are like these pink ones from Jessica Simpson! Such a great price point! I just ordered them in red and they come in 9 COLORS!


11. Biscotti Gift Set

Just look at all these Biscotti Set of yumminess! What a great variety pack, biscotti is so good with coffee or tea. I know I would love receiving this gift!

12. Earrings

Hello Rainbows! With rainbows being all the rage right now LOL, of course I had to share these CUTE Rainbow Earrings from my Fringe loving heart! They would make such a darling gift and they come in lots of colors!

13. Pooping Pooches

Are you ready for this? The Pooping PoochesCalendar from last year was my biggest seller of all time! And I guess it suited 2020 perfectly! Doesn’t have you bought this calendar and I think this one is even more hilarious!

14. Shower Steamers

Ahhh, a spa in your own bathroom. They smell delightful. Super thoughtful gift These Showers Steamers are!! Maybe make a home spa basket!

AND Make sure to join my fabulous friend Jill from Doused in Pink!
She will be sharing Gift Guides every Monday in November as well. 
Today she shares an awesome Hostess Gift Guide!

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ONLY 54 Shopping Days until Christmas

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  1. Fun gift ideas! That make up mirror looks like a great one!
    Love ya!

  2. Such a fun assortment of gifts! I want to get my shopping done early this year too. It will be one less thing to fret over if nothing else!

  3. Love all your picks! I love packing cubes and that trinket tray is adorable. Thanks for sharing Andrea!

  4. Great picks! That bisoctti looks so good!!

  5. These are great ideas! I love that sweater.

  6. I started my shopping already as well and I'm a little worried of shipping delays as well! Amazon will 100% be my go to this year! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  7. So many great finds! I love getting a head start. Fuzzy socks are my favorite this time of year. I've seen that sweater floating around and I am seriously considering getting it. You look so cute in the pink!

  8. Fuzzy socks, trinket dishes, gift cards... all such GREAT gifts!! Love that sweater! And oh my goodness, I forgot about that hilarious calendar, LOL!!!!!!

  9. My gift guide is going live Wednesday and I totally have that exact trinket tray on mine! It is too cute! And I'm glad you love that sweater. The weather has finally gotten cold enough here and I think I'll finally be able to wear mine tomorrow!! I'm so excited I can't stand it!

  10. Cute ideas! I have those packing cubes and they are amazing!

  11. SO much goodness here! We are on the same wavelength, lady! I like to stock up on fuzzy socks as an add-on gift to the ladies. I have that exact sweater in caramel and I love it! Those slippers look amazing, I might put the red ones on my wish list along with some shower steamers! BTW, I just got the light up magnifying glass you mentioned awhile back and I love it! I didn't realize it would be so big. I will not lose it, that's for sure. I think I'd adore that Christmas book!

  12. I need to get that pooping pouches for my brother - thats such a sibling gift - LOL
    I am always a sucker for fuzzy socks!

  13. How pretty are those marble mugs, and love that makeup mirror! I'm proud of how much of a dent we've already made into Christmas shopping this year. And YES to Amazon <3

    Green Fashionista

  14. I want that make up mirror and those biscottis. Yum!

  15. Such fun finds! You keep taunting me with that sweater!

  16. Those hot cocoa's are so cute and would be perfect for gifts. I love that makeup mirror, too! That calendar, tho! Hilarious!


  17. Between the ahhhing and laughter, I had so much fun with this post Andrea. You seriously find the best stuff!!! How do you do it??

  18. Great gift ideas and I love the sweater! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  19. Is it already time for gift guides?! Time is going so fast! While I'm beyond sad that our favorite month is over, I do love Christmas - so yay for all the holiday FUN ahead! And I literally had to read what you wrote about that calendar twice! Guess the people who bought it must have known something was up for 2020 ahead of time!! LOL


  20. Such great ideas! I love that pink sweater on you, and I have been all about slippers this year.

  21. I see a few things I'll have to add to my wishlist! You always have such cute finds.

  22. These are all great ideas! I love shower steamers And I have that sweater in white and wear it all the time!

  23. I L O V E Amazon gift guides. You found some great options. You look beautiful in that pink sweater!!! XOXO

  24. The hello gorgeous dish would be a great little hostess gift!

  25. So many great Amazon gift ideas! That pink sweater is so pretty on you! I just ordered it in blue! I'm going to get the hot chocolate gift set and animal print socks for a care package for my daughter!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  26. Thanks to you, Andrea, my hubby is not going to be happy when he sees this month's Amazon bill! Love your exquisite taste! Have a great one.

  27. You have such great variety of gift items from Amazon! I’ll have to check out some of them.

  28. I can just see you in those rainbow earrings! I need a shower steamer, how fun!

  29. These are some great ideas. I love the trinket dish!

  30. Oh my gosh- every one of these ideas is perfect and so fun for the holidays! Thank you for sharing!

  31. So many precious ideas! Time to go shopping!!!

  32. Love your hotdog costume. The pink sweater is so great on you!

  33. Great ideas!! I love those rainbow earrings and the hot cocoa gift set!


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