I’ll never forget the Christmas when my dad got my mom a giant box of Tide! Yes, laundry detergent! This was back before bulk clubs like Sam and Costco’s and I can’t even remember where he found it. She smiled but I’m not sure it’s what she “really” wanted, and my dad is good with gifts so I’m sure he got her other things! I urge you get the ladies that do so much for others, what they truly want!!! What they really really want! LOL!

1. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Set
There is no better time than Christmas to give make up gift sets! I love trying new lipsticks and Charlotte Tilbury has become one of my favorites! What a fun way to get to try several colors and this set called Pillow Talk is such a good one!

2. Jewelry

My incredible jewelry designing friends at Roma Designer Jewelry have done it again with their Aurora Borealis  pieces!! You guys, I have gotten so many compliments on my Pendant and Earrings. With Swarovski crystals, they sparkle even from that 6 feet away, let me tell you! It is absolutely exquisite, all 5 star reviews and look how pretty here it looks on black! 

I love it so much and so will the ladies in your life! Finish the look with their 24" Adjustable Chain! Check out this amazing Crystals collection and all Roma's beautiful designs! I guarantee you they have pieces for everyone on your list!
20% off any purchase!! 

3. Teddy Blake

I think you all know my love of TEDDY BLAKE and there is not a woman I know that doesn’t love handbags and purses and totes, oh my!  Remember when I showed you my First, Gorgeous Teddy Blake Purse? Just look at this exquisite Teddy Blake! The Kate 12 inch Stampatto Bag! It is in the most beautiful grey. But my friends, Teddy Blake not only has so many different bag styles, they also have so many delightful colors to choose from! You would make all the women in your lives so happy with one of their luxurious leather bags, crafted with the finest quality and most affordable prices. They are proof that luxury bags don’t have to be outrageously expensive. I, personally, really want a red bag. I love this one and of course I love this pink one!
They have a huge Flash sale going on Wednesday for Veterans Day and Friday the 13th the SALE of the Year Starts. You can also
Use CODE: TBAndreaN20 – for $20 off any non-sale items.


4. Beauty Counter Skin Care
 My Holy Grail of skin products is Beauty Counter!! 
My friend and neighbor
 SAM is a consultant and BC promoter and she keeps me in the know! I have never been happier in all of my skin care in my life then I am with their products! Below are My Favorites, I use all 4 on the daily and my skin has never looked better. Click HERE and it will take you to my Beauty Counter POP UP Store with "Andrea's FAVES!"

 And HOW GREAT IS THIS LITTLE PINK BOX....Your lips will thank you, the exfoliating polish and lip balm protector are the 

BEST I have ever tried!!


YOU also got 10% off for signing up!

Get it HERE at my pop up store! LOTS OF GREAT GIFT IDEAS!!

5. Nest Candle

OK, I guess I need to get on the NEST candle wagon. What is the big deal about these candles? They’re kind of expensive but I heard they smell amazing so what better time to give someone A luxurious candle than Christmas! Now, I want ONE, LOL. And Check out the Beautiful Holiday Edition!


6. Philosophy Snow Angel Gift Set
This is such a great SET and it’s one of my favorite philosophy scents! Such a clean and refreshing smell and during the holidays and winter, I just love the Snow Angel!
7. Chanel No5
Chanel No5 is mine and my moms all time favorite luxurious perfume! We used to just save it for special occasions but now I often wear on the daily! My other favorite perfumes are La Vie Est Belle and Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom.


8. Engraved Charcuterie 
I have not met a woman yet who doesn’t love a charcuterie board! Having just the perfect board makes arranging charcuteries and meat and cheese trays all the more fun! This Engraved One is so awesome!

9. Cool Boots
Oh how we as women love getting shoes and this time of year, especially boots! I am on my second pair of Cecelia New York Boots in the Nolton Style and I am in love with these black and white snakeskin ones! The perfect heal, genuine leather and so comfortable!

10. Hiking Boots
And since were talking about boots, I have found the perfect pair of Hiking Boots that are comfortable right out the box! I think hiking boots are so stylish with leggings and with jeans in the fall and winter months! I would scream with delight if I open these on Christmas morning but luckily I already own them! Now I want this pair!

12. Spanx Faux Leggings 
Hands-down, one of the favorite items in my closet! They fit like a glove and they look good with about everything! Every woman should have a pair of SPANX Faux Leather leggings to make her smile!

12. Sugarpova Candy

Inspired by Maria Sharapova’s search for the world's best sweets, Sugarpova, was designed to allow yourself a much-deserved piece of indulgence.

I want candy! In moderation of course and that is the message behind candy created by the famous tennis player Maria Sharapova! Backed by Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, these candies are so incredibly delicious! I just got a variety box and I just know my family is going to fight over them! Everything from hard sugar and candies, chocolate, to gummies and more goodness! Maria grew up being rewarded with sweet treats from her grandmother after a hard practice and it was her quest to find the sweetest, most delicious treats in the world thus, her amazing brand was created! Such a fun gift to receive a Variety Box of this goodness!

13. A Dyson

I want to tell you the honest to goodness truth! When we moved into our house, we had a lot of wood floors and my husband decided immediately that we needed one of these Dyson vacuums. Hands-down, the best household purchase ever! I use it on the daily, it’s so easy to empty and it fits on a charger on the wall right inside of our closet. You may not think a woman would be happy to receive one of these, but trust me, she will! I just love mine! ON sale Now for $150 off the original price! GET THIS!!!

14. Satin Pillow Case
I always sleep with a Satin Pillowcase! Such a luxurious item that is not expensive and helps keep those pesky lines from forming on your face while you sleep and keeps your hair nice too!

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And my dear friend Jill, who happens to have a birthday today, also has another fabulous gift guide... for the ladies. Go to her blog, Doused in Pink to check it out, AND Wish her a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

HAPPY SHOPPING...Hope this helps!

ONLY 47 Shopping Days until Christmas!

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  1. I love my Dyson, I'll never buy another brand. Those Teddy Black bags are so beautiful! Great list, I'll take one of everything!
    Love ya!

  2. So many great ideas here! I love my Dyson too! I've been wanting to try those Nest candles and a silk pillowcase. Must add to the list!

  3. What a fun list. Coming up with gift ideas for adults is hard, so I'll take any inspiration I can get!

  4. Yes to all of these gift suggestions! I think a Teddy Blake bag is a fantastic gift and would love either one of these boots. I want it all Andrea!

  5. I laughed aloud at the giant box of Tide! I get it—my college boyfriend gave me an enormous tub of beef jerky for Christmas one year. And no I had never expressed any particular fondness for beef jerky 🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. So many cute ideas- love that blue sweater on you and the engraved charcuterie is beautiful!

  7. I actually want the slip pillowcase - like really bad! And G bought me a Dyson a few years ago and I love it!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  8. These seriously are all GREAT ideas that I would love to give or receive! That Charlotte Tilbury set is gorgeous and I also feel like my mom would love that satin pillow case!

    Rosy Outlook 

  9. I have always wondered what skincare you use since your skin looks so great! Looks like I need to check out beauty counter! So many good items - especially am intrigued by the candy. A bag or two would be a perfect stocking stuffer!

  10. I'm laughing about your dad getting your mom a big box of laundry detergent, LOL! I didn't realize you use BC too! I found that company maybe 4 years ago and LOVE them! That necklace and earring set is so, so beautiful!

  11. Such great ideas! I actually need to order some laundry pods!

  12. We're twinning today with the Spanx leggings, and I need to get on board with those Nest candles too! I have one on my Nordstrom wish list, and can't wait to see what the hype is about <3

    Green Fashionista

  13. I love those hiking boots! TOO CUTE! And yes to the Spanx leggings... my goodness I love mine!

  14. Probably one of the bad things I'll ever say about the Hubs - hes AWFUL with gift giving. HORRIBLE. He always wants to buy me computers or electronics. So romantic - LOL... I just need to forward him this post :)

  15. Fab roundup friend! That bag is so pretty and Nest candles are the BEST. Even Chris loves them and he has given them as gifts to his clients. You also know that I love Spanx leggings!! Have a great day!! XO, Caroline

  16. The Spanx faux leather leggings are definitely on my list. xo

  17. That necklace and earring set is just beautiful!

  18. These are so many great ideas! I love a good smelling candle for sure. And that engraved charcuterie board is sweet.

  19. That's so funny about the Tide. Michael gave me a new iron when we were dating romantic, ha, ha! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  20. You have a great holiday gift guide. The lipstick set looks awesome! Happy Monday Andrea.

  21. I'll take one of everything, thank you!!! XOXO

  22. So many good gift ideas! That BC lip set sounds amazing and I think everyone needs a pair of Spanx leggings!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  23. Great ideas! We just got a Dyson...lots of hardwood in our new space. I LOVE IT...use it every day after dinner. Easy, quick, perfect. Also a fan of Snow Angel...perfect for gift giving - and for me!

  24. Detergent?? OMG, I bet that makes the best family story. Even if there were other presents, detergent tops the cake.
    Thanks for the giggle Andrea,

  25. So many good things here. I love my Spanx faux leather pants. I want a new perfume too! And yes to jewelry and make up!

  26. I was in one of my favorite boutiques last week (where I get all you girls' goodies!) and they had the Christmas Nest candles. They smell DIVINE!! Great list, Sista!!

  27. These are all great picks! Luckily Matt does a pretty good job, but I think I need to give him the nudge on a few of these! That personalized charcuterie board is so beautiful!

  28. Anyone who does not have those Spanx leggings yet, seriously needs to grab them!! Same as you, they are a favorite in my closet too. I call them my magic leggings! :) Love all of these great gift ideas, babe! Happy week! xo


  29. Such a fantastic list! I love La Vie Est Belle too!

  30. Lots of nice ideas. I like the candles and the charcuterie board. Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 18, open until November 26.

  31. I loooove this guide, babe- so many things I want for ME, haha!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  32. Love all of this! Everything is a perfect gift.

  33. What a great list of ideas! I love my spanx! Love is truly the daily gift for sure!

  34. I am going to send the Mister your link with a note... anything or everything. Hopefully he will take the hint. Enjoy your week.

  35. These are all such great gift ideas, Andrea! The Teddy Blake bag looks like the YSL Sac du Jour, such a classic shape!

    I hope you are having a great week!



    Follow Avec Amber on Bloglovin

  36. That charcuterie board is a great gift! Glad to see you are loving BC..those are truly my fave products I can't do without.

  37. Great ideas! Teddy Blake bags make for a wonderful gift!

  38. These are such great gift ideas! I have a similar Dyson on my list and would love any of these items!

  39. I wouldn't be mad if somebody got me the Philosophy Snow Angel Gift Set!

  40. These are all such wonderful ideas! I really love your earring and necklace set. It is stunning!



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