I know guys can sometimes be hard to but for, trust me, I have 4! However, it can be fun too when you find just the right thing. Here I am sharing things that I have actually purchased for Mr. Nine and the boys that they have loved! Just think, your guy(s) may love them too! AND I hope you saw the Reindeer Mule cocktail recipe yesterday....make him one of those!!


1. Ray Bans
I love the way Mr. Nine looks in his Ray-Ban ‘s! Such a high-quality pair of Sunglasses it’s always a great gift! These are under $80!

2. Carhartt Hats
My boys love Carhartt. These Hats come in so many colors and are under $20!

3. Beard Balm
As you know my Mr. Nine has grown quite the beard! 
 This Honest Amish brand is one of his favorites and can be found easily and affordably at Amazon.

4. Lulu Joggers

Our kids especially, are Lululemon crazy! Why not give them something they really want with a little LuluLEMON!!!!

5. Undies

You are going to die laughing at the name of these underwear! They are called "Biggie Balls" from Shinesty! They are such nice undies and your man will love them! Lots of options and super cute pajamas and matching outfits as well!

These are cute too.


6. MUG
Bha ha ha...”Beard”-I-ful! Perfect! This MUG!!! And Under $15!

7. Duke Cannon Solid Cologne
Mr. Nine is crazy about solid cologne! This One from Duke Cannon smells so good and it’s really in cool packaging!

8. Bidet Attachment
Well, can you believe one of our sons actually wanted this Bidet Attachment? But why not. The fun and luxury of a day without the high price tag! I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he opens this on Christmas morning

9. Jerkey Gift Set
My guys are crazy about any kind of jerky! These in this drawstring pouch are so fun and yummy!

10. Ugg Slippers
The perfect time to get your man some  UGG Slippers! Mine love theirs! Yeti

11. Yeti Colster
Yeti is always a hit in our house, especially these Yeti Colsters that keep their cans COLD!!

12. Bourbon Coffee 
My Mr. Nine loves bourbon and he loves coffee. I actually got this Bourbon Coffee for him last year. This is a win win as are many of the gifts at Uncommmon Goods
13. Cookie Dough Bites
Did someone say cookie dough? While my family just loves to dig in the bowl, why not give the guys in your life a cool canister full of yummy Sugarfina Cookie Dough Bites!

14. Society Socks
You know I love Society Socks for many reasons. Most of all their commitment to give a pair of socks to a person in need for every pair you purchase. Their subscription socks service is awesome and their designs are so cute! These are some I got for the boys. They even have custom options!

And don't forget my dear friend Jill from Doused in Pink is also sharing a Monday gift guide. Today, it is Gifts for the Beauty Junkie!!
So much fun! 

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AND almost all the gifts from my last years Gifts Guides for Him are still readily available and REALLY GOOD!

ONLY  32 Shopping Days until Christmas

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  1. These are great gift ideas! I had never heard of society socks, very cool and I like the solid cologne too. Very unique ideas, you think of everything!

  2. Big boys are so hard to buy for! My dad is impossible. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Those undies!! Bwhaha, too funny! A lot of great ideas here. :)

  4. I actually just shared "Gifts for Him" on my blog today too--great minds think alike! I love all of your ideas--that beard mug is pretty hilarious!

    Rosy Outlook 

  5. These are great ideas! My husband loves anything Yeti, and he's a big fan of the Carhartt beanies!

  6. That beard balm is going in as a stocking stuffer for G since for the last 8 months he's grow his out!! So many great ideas! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  7. Such awesome ideas Andrea- LOVE the Ray Bans :)

  8. If I'm going to trust anyone when it comes to shopping for guys, it's you!! All the beard ideas... that mug!!! Love them!

  9. Laughing at the bidet attachment!!! What a funny gift request! Dustin loves his Carhart toboggans--they are great gifts!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  10. These are amazing gifts ideas for him! I also put that Bourbon Coffee in my gift guide. Love the Ray-Bans!

  11. Such a fun list! I always have random things under the tree for Chris. When he wants something big, he usually just buys it so I always try to come up with fun stuff that I don't think he has seen. And usually some Ralph Lauren pj pants, they are his favorite.

  12. I may need to get Ben that Bourbon coffee. He loves Bourbon and Coffee too!!

  13. Love these ideas. My husband would want a bidet attachment I'm sure!

  14. These are all great gift ideas for him. I'm laughing at the bidet attachment! LOL.

  15. Oh Andrea this is a great list! Every year the same worries for me about what to get the hubs and my son. Always seems like there's not much out there for them. But these are all original ideas! Thanks so much precious friend- Have a great week xx

  16. A bidet attachment was the romantic gift Kevin installed when he moved in! He swears by it. Men are so hard to shop for, this is a great guide!

  17. That is funny that we both did mens gift guides today. I love Ray Bans and so does my husband!

  18. You have so many great ideas here! The guys will be thrilled. Love that mug and beard balm!

  19. What a great list of ideas! My hubby loves fun socks! They are a great way to express yourself if you need to dress up for work with a suit or something. No one will ever know! And those cookie dough bites sound amazing! I need some for myself! Haha!

  20. Men are just the hardest. People come to me for ideas for The Hubs & I'm like - DONT ASK ME - LOL

  21. Love your gift ideas for men, Andrea.
    We'd love for you to share your post with us at Meraki Link Party at
    The party is from Monday thru till Thursday - every week.

  22. what a fun list--- ugg slippers for my hubby are a wonderful idea.

  23. Guys can be more difficult just because we don't always think like they do. Those undies names are hilarious....that makes them even better than the usual "I go underwear for Christmas, LOL"

  24. So many good things on this list! I like the Ray-Ban idea because then I can steal his glasses and wear them too! Happy Thanksgiving to you all, enjoy the special family time together! xo


  25. This is such a fun list! I'm always stumped for gift ideas for my husband and brother in laws! That solid cologne sounds great and the jerky is such a good idea!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  26. I got that Yeti colster for my husband for Father's Day and he uses it daily. The bidet is HILARIOUS! :) Hey, if there is another toilet paper shortage, it'll come in handy.


  27. Oh so many unique and fun things! And I AM dying at those undies. Lol. So hilarious!

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