I truly do not even know where to begin! This trip was so fabulous that many of my every day moments are thinking back on it. And let’s face it, I have been a fan of Fixer Upper since the very beginning so going to Waco was a dream! And sharing it with some of my closest friends made it even more sweet!

I know many of you readers have either been to Waco or it is also your dream to go and let me tell you, you will not be disappointed! Keep in mind, it is a small town, but we filled the day perfectly. The only thing that would’ve made it better is if our dear friend Chrissy from Granola and Grace would’ve been there with us. Family commitments did not allow her to come into Texas until Saturday. But she was with us in spirit every step. I never dreamed 3 years ago when I sported this WACO Tee after seeing it on Jo, that'd I'd be there in person with friends I met via blogging!


Ok, so right off, we did not eat a meal here, but it worked out good for our timing and it didn’t really matter because we were able to get the best thing on the menu, which was biscuits and strawberry butter from the Takeaway section on the backside of the restaurant. When we got there, was going to be an hour and 45 minutes and we were all raring to go. One of the sweetest things that happened and set the tone for the day was at the hostess said that if there was an award for the most stylish, the five of us would’ve won it for sure! We would then go on to hear that from people all day long and it made us ole momma‘s feel pretty darn good!
With my sweet Laura from The Horton Family. Isn't her outfit precious!! 

I did a little damage! Got a few things for the house, for my mom and the demo day T-shirt for my dad. It’s a lovely space but it was not as big as I anticipated. These ornaments I got are just absolutely darling and I cannot wait to hang them on the tree!

Similar Jacket HERE & HERE

Hands-down, the highlight of our day! Made so special by the tour leaders, Ben and Dom! I so appreciated that they prayed for us before we headed out on our journey and they got to know each one of us on a personal basis which added to the fun!
If you head to Waco, A WACO TOUR is a MUST DO!! You learn not only about the Fixer Upper houses and Chip and Jo, but about Waco itself and it's interesting and rich history.

We got to meet "the" Jimmy Don and he replied to my Insta Stories.
Of course, I'd say that us 5 there in the middle were the tour favs, lol!

We got to shop at Harp Designs on the tour too. It was so beautifully decked out for Christmas..

Well this pumpkin loving girl hit the bakery at just the right time! They had a pumpkin spice cupcake with cream cheese frosting, and it was out of this world! The cupcakes are so beautiful.

I’ve never seen so many quality food trucks in one area! We were so hungry, and I wanted a little something from every single one. I don’t have a good grilled cheese very often, so I was super happy to eat the warm gooey sandwich and tomato soup with autumn squash in it from The Cheddar Box. Sooo good. It was fun to see the amazing silos and cute community gathering space that Joanna has so awesomely created!

And we were blessed with a beautiful sunny Fall Day!

Magnolia Press is open! Get the Southern Pecan Coffee!

And we are excited to hear that coming soon is Magnolia Home, we saw the building and it’s going to be full of all kinds of Jo’s fabulous furniture! We also saw a peek at the hotel they are restoring in downtown Waco! It’s supposed to be done in 2021 and I bet the waitlist is already three years out, LOL!

Now, I would be remiss if I did not include our stop on the way home to 
I cannot tell you how happy Buc-ee's made me. They have everything from Home Décor to BBQ to stuffed beavers, yeah that’s right, to 79 cent XL fountain drinks to well, you name it. It’s a gas station with dozens of pumps on steroids!! Plus, fun fact
you may not know about me; I LOVE cartoon rodents!

A red truck with a Beaver...we happy!

We shopped at an HEB for snacks (another first for some of us) and went back to our darling cabin and had the first of two nights of Charcuterie Boards. Sooo yummy. Such a great day shared with my babes. So thankful for our common interests and love of cheese and laughter, lol! 

And Don't forget to read about our first trip to Nashville where I recap that epic trip and gush on my admiration for these fabulous friends when we met IRL for the first time!!

Hope you get to go someday if you have not...a true delight! 



  1. What a wonderful trip to share with some beautiful friends! First of all, you all look so cute and pretty. Second of all, I have watched Fixer Upper and how cool is that to experience and see Chip and Jo's work. Lastly, give me all of that pumpkin cupcake and a Buc-ees sweater! Too cute! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead Andrea!

    Maureen | www.littlemisscasual.com

  2. What a wonderful time you guys spent in Waco! It's definitely on my list of places to visit with girlfriends as well! I love all the treats that you picked up! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. It looks like you all had a fabulous time ! I’ve never been to Magnolia so seeing all the wonderful photos is so nice !! Happy Monday !

  4. You wrapped up our day in Waco so perfectly! So many good memories and you captured them all - it was the best day! I am so thrilled we got to do this together!

  5. What a special trip- sounds like such a blast and a perfect destination for a girls getaway!

  6. So fun!! It really does look like you ladies enjoyed every second. What a great opportunity and how fun that you have a tribe that is so close! <3

  7. What a fabulous time! I cannot wait to visit one day! Those ornaments are adorable!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. I love this so, so much! What a wonderful recap. So glad you guys were able to go and especially love that you did the tour! Thanks for the sweet mention my friend.

  9. The absolutely PERFECT recap! I'm looking at some of those pictures and thinking, I thought I downloaded that one, too! I "casually" mentioned that SOMEONE really enjoyed Buc-ees, too! Ha! What an absolutely AMAZING day!!

  10. Looks like such a fun trip!

  11. I would love to visit Magnolia! I had another blog friend that stayed there last week. She stayed in that little blue house.
    Looks like so much fun. I love the ornaments. I bet the food and desserts are out of this world.

  12. Okay, there's so much delicious looking food in this post! Yum!! The biscuits and cupcakes look amazing. I don't have a good cupcake shop near me but that's probably a good thing for my health! LOL! And you all really do look gorgeous. I'm not surprised you were complimented on your outfits. Your rust jacket is soooooo cute.

  13. Wow! What another fun trip, Andrea! I have never been to TX before, but if I get there... Magnolia is on the top of the list! You are obviously the sweetest gf... love seeing you get out with all your friends.

  14. What an AWESOME trip. So cool that you got to do so many wonderful things with a great group of friends. I love all the pics and everyone's fun outfits!

  15. EEK! I am loving reading all of the recaps! I would love to make it to Waco one day!

  16. You guys definitely know how to have fun. And OF COURSE you're the most stylish gals around!!
    We always love to take the tour, so that'll be on our list for sure.

  17. What a perfect trip with some awesome ladies! Y'all seriously had the most fun! I'm going to have to add Waco to my list of places to visit!

  18. Oh wow that sounds like a dreamy trip! I love hearing all about Waco and Magnolia!1 You ladies were certainly the most stylish!

  19. I'm really feeling we need 2 trips a year!!!! Loved reliving this weekend. Every time I tell someone about it, my face and HEART light up!!! XOXO

  20. What a fun time all of you and your blogger friends had on your vacation! I would love to visit Texas sometime. I enjoyed looking at the photos and hearing about your trip.

  21. Ahh I’m so glad you loved it!! I’m jealous you got to go during holiday time and get ornaments! My mom and I are still talking about the strawberry butter and lavender lemon donut holes!! You all looked fabulous!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  22. So much food and shopping; you know how to do vacations right! Looks like a super fun time.

  23. It looks like SO MUCH FUN! Of course you girls all get the award for most stylish! You look fabulous!

  24. Fabulous post, Andrea, I felt I was there with you lovely ladies. It's no surprise you stylish sistas were turning heads on every Waco street, of course! I watched the Running Bear performance so much on Insta that Ben's face is now familiar like that of an old friend, wasn't he the best?! A most successful meet up, for you lovely ladies and for we readers alike.
    Hugs, Mary x.

  25. How much fun!! I am not surprised in the slightest that someone recognized how stylish you all are - I mean, HELLO - did they recognize the Stylish Six?
    Glad you all had beautiful Texas weather!

  26. Well, you gals picked another great site. We are going to have to put it on our list for sure. EVeryone says it is such a fun place. Just love how you all got together through your blogs and a friendship was born. Awesome!

  27. Looks like lots of fun! I had no idea you loved cartoon rodents...ha, ha!

  28. Loved reading your reviews. Most certainly on my bucket list of places to visit. Love Chip and Joanna and how they've added so much to a small town.
    Love those ornaments and sweater
    Can't wait for my turn to go.

  29. Following along on Stories was so much fun for this trip! And can we discuss this bakery? Just the cutest and all of the goodies looked so yummy! And the Christmas decor is so hometown adorable. It makes my heart so happy that you got to connect with your gal pals!



  30. Ahh...take me back!! I have told so many people about you in Buccees!! lol...you were so excited. I seriously don't think my system is over all the cheese lol.

  31. So glad y'all had a nice visit in our lil town, y'all come back now.

  32. Great Waco recap. I had not heard of the tours until you all did it. Hopefully one day , I will make it there! Looks like so much fun and I am a big fan of Chip and Jo. Love their show too!

  33. A perfect day in Waco! I loved seeing Magnolia a few years ago. I worked in Waco a lot when I lived in Texas and it really has come a long way. Girls trips are the best, y'all are so cute!

  34. This looks like such a fun trip! We love to travel to TX but have not visited Waco...yet. Ha!

  35. Sure enjoying reading everyone's take on the weekend. Of course, all of you mention the laughter and the love. And the food!! Beautiful photos. So happy you were able to get together again.

  36. This looked like a wonderful time! I love love those old fashioned ornaments -I would have bought some too! You guys looked like you had a very fun filled day and yummy comfort food too!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  37. I love the ornaments you chose. I didn't see those when I went there. I did a little damage too. Such a cool place. Glad you got to tour the whole city!

  38. What a fun trip!!! One day I will get to Waco, you make it sound so fun!!! Happy you girls found each other! Where in Cali are you headed to next year?

  39. Way too much fun Andrea. How special to go with your girlfriends. I love taking the tour through your eyes and pictures. Happy Thanksgiving.


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