This week goes down in history as the earliest and most accumulated snowfall and coldest temps! Winter has arrived. On Tuesday, schools were closed down and we had 18 inches of snow on the ground. It was crazy but it allowed me to get the entire house decorated except for my Balsam Hill big tree, which we FINALLY got a replacement for...only it went to the wrong address. Thank goodness it is only 7 miles aways and Mr. Nine has a big truck. That sucker is HEAVY!!

Had to share the beautiful snow first, it's favorite just NOT this early!

1. Flocked Trees First
Speaking if trees, Since I can’t have the big tree up yet, I decorated several other trees, you know I have a total of 15. I thought I would share a couple of them (the new flocked ones) with you now but of course I’ll do a whole Christmas decor post at some point.

I have wanted a flocked tree but with all the Balsam Hill stuff, there was no way I was getting a thousand dollar flocked for our big tree, but I did get a 6 1/2 footer for my office and I love it! Don’t you just live the girlie pinks, champagnes and faux fur!
BUY Similar Unlit HERE

And how sweet is this little 4 foot lit Flocked Tree from Wal-Mart. I raised it by putting it in a basket, added some faux fur around the base and a strand of Faux fur white ball garland and I love it! It reminds me of the snow, and I am honoring our sweet Daisy with it since she loved the snow. Can you believe it is only $27 bucks. I saw similar ones this size for $80!!

 2. Festive Tees
You know I’m crazy about my holiday graphic tees! These two for Thanksgiving are still available this year and I got so many compliments on them last year that I think you’ll absolutely love them! The Gobble one is PRIME too so you'll have it in 2 days!


Here is my MERRY & BRIGHT tee from last year, also still available and you can bet I’ll probably have a couple this year to share soon in my holiday festiveness!
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3. Week's Attire
Jacket HERE // Scarf HERE // Boots HERE

Lightweight sweatshirt HERE //Sparkle Slippers & HERE ...

AND These Moccasin Sherpa Lined Sparkle slippers HERE.....Great Gift Idea

4. Olive Utility Jacket and Floral
So, you know I’ve been showing you my pumpkin colored and burgundy colored utility jackets, but I forget about the old standby: the olive utility jacket. Not quite sure how this outfit came together but when it did, it really worked!
Oh and with all the snow making it tough for photos, I am glad I still ave several from pre-snow on the ground!

Jacket HEREHERE & HERE // Boots HERE // Black Jeggings HERE // Cami HERE // Hat HERE // Purse HERE // Necklace HERE // Earrings HERE // Sunglasses HERE

Monday ~ WE DID WACO
Thursday ~ Cash for Christmas Giveaway 2019

I am crazy about pillows, especially Christmas pillows! Here are a couple of the new ones I got this year. The minute I saw the set of three HO HO HO Pillows, I  immediately scooped them up and knew that they would go perfectly in the Christmas Bedroom!  They are so stinking cute!


On Tanya's Blog  this week, I saw this be merry pillow from Walmart and I remembered seeing it in the store, so I raced back to my local Walmart and got it, it looks so cute with all my other white and red pillows and it’s under $10! AND Great Quality!

In case you missed it, Yesterday on the blog, myself, along with 28 other bloggers shared our Cash for Christmas GIVEAWAY! Just in time for some serious shopping. If you have not, make sure you enter! CHECK IT OUT HERE

Have a FESTIVE Weekend, I hope to drink a reindeer mule or something festive and trim that replacement Frasier Fir!

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  1. EEK! Love all the tees! WOW 15 trees that is a lot! and you make them look beautiful!

  2. You have the best collection of graphic tees and Christmas trees! I love that little flocked one from Wal-mart honoring your sweet Daisy. Love you bunches friend!

  3. And here I was whining about snow flurries this week... I am not a fan of the cold weather the accompanies the snow (as much as I do enjoy looking at a snow covered scene!).

  4. 18 inches already?! We only got a few inches and I was sad about that. The snow is pretty, but it's way too early for it to be this cold and snowy. I have too much to do still!! I am going to have to get myself those Thanksgiving T's, they are both super cute (and so are you!!)

  5. I love your flocked trees! I did flocked for our big living room tree last year and I have loved it!

  6. I love your trees - always! And no wonder you decorate for Christmas early. Aside from the fact that you love it so much, you have SNOW! You're for sure walking in a winter wonderland out there. You're looking so cute in that utility jacket my friend. And those pillows!! I need to start adding to my decor a little each year!

  7. Yes with the flocked trees- yes yes yes! Your outfits are darling and I especially love that Merry & Bright tee :)

  8. Love the trees. That's a lot of snow!

  9. Isn't it crazy this snow (and cold weather) - I just wish it would warm up so the snow would melt. I want a few more weeks of fall! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Daily Style Finds

  10. Wow! OK, I had heard on the news that some parts of the country were getting a cold spell but that snow photo says it all! Glad you are staying warm and cozy and getting into the holiday spirit. You know I love your utility jacket in every color, and the olive one is a great choice!

  11. Hey, thanks for the shout out!!! I love all your festive pillows, and I can't believe you put up 15 trees. Serious goals for me!

  12. Hi Andrea! I AM BACK! :) LOL I must admit when I saw your IG story on the flocked tree you got a Walmart I was totally influenced and got one myself! The power of blogging I guess! You just have the best decor inspiration!
    Have a wonderful weekend, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  13. You are amazing! I have said it before, and I will say it again, I wish we lived closer so you could help me decorate!!!

  14. You are so talented in decorating your house. I am so impressed with how organized you are and how stylish you always look. Have a happy Friday and weekend.

  15. Those are some pretty trees! I will start decorating in a couple of weeks. Enjoying the last couple weeks of fall decorations.

  16. I love all of these trees and Christmas decor! I can't believe you already got 18 inches of snow!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend beautiful!

    xx, Elise

  17. I love all of the holiday decor on today's post. We haven't gotten any snow. I do love seeing everyone's beautiful snowy pictures though. Have a great weekend!

  18. Sparkle Slippers!!! Oh my goodness!!!! Perfect for every Princess!!

  19. I am soooo happy you finally got your tree from BH. What a fiasco. It will be gorgeous once you get it all dolled up. Your pink tree is just precious. I can't believe y'all have already had that much snow. It dumped 18" on us the weekend we moved into our MN house. CA-RAZY! Happy weekend cutie! XOXO

  20. 15 trees?! EEK! I thought I had a lot with five. Haha. Your office tree is just gorgeous and I can't wait to see all of the others! And you're so right about winter... it's already hit here in the south, too. We've been breaking records for the lows!

  21. I'm so glad you finally got your BH tree! Your pink tree is so pretty! Love those holiday pillows! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  22. All that snow sure looks pretty! We barely got a dusting where I'm at in Virginia. That's amazing you have so many Christmas trees! We usually do two big ones (one real and one fake), and one small 4' one, but this year we are in a rental house and just don't have the room so I think we're just going to use the bigger fake one we have. We have always had a real tree so it's going to be weird not having one this year! You will have to share pictures of your Balsam Hill tree when you get it all decorated!

  23. I always love seeing your trees this time of year! I think the petite flocked one is my favorite; the basket just makes it so perfect! Also, gosh, that snow. Obsessed. One day we'll live where there's snow again lol

  24. I love that girly glammed up tree with the pink bows and the little furry trees on the tree skirt. SO cute!! I love the tree in the basket, too! I've been wanting to get a tree bottom for our main tree, either a basket or a metal bucket or something... Liz Marie did a post on them on her blog and I need to take a looksie when I have a chance. I only have one tree and I keep thinking about doing a second skinny one, but... I haven't gotten to it yet. ;)


  25. I've been getting things here and there at Walmart for my home decor for years! They have really been raising their game lately with decor and now with clothing! You can't beat the prices! Love what you've started with! It looks fabulous! I want to decorate so much but am hosting Thanksgiving and am trying to hold out!

  26. You ve got how many trees?? Wow! You are a queen in decorating. And all that show, that s a lot! I hope it stays away from here.

  27. That tee ...let's get basted is hilarious!!

  28. You always find the cutest shirts. I think I'm going to get that "Let's get cozy" sweatshirt. I've been looking for more graphic sweatshirts.

  29. Andrea, your trees look beautiful! I think the bah-humbug's have hit early and I think all I'm even doing this year is my tree in the living room. Alise hasn't even mentioned putting up the tree in her room this year. I think out schedule is just so crazy with basketball, that I don't feel like putting in the effort and then I feel guilty for feeling that way. Maybe the Christmas bug will hit me soon! I DID order my first two presents this week, so that's progress, right? I told you I ordered that turkey tee didn't I? Hope you and Mr. NIne are staying warm and cozy! Wasn't that movie great?

  30. First of all, that snow is just so gorgeous!! I know it's early, but WOW. And how did I not know that you have so many trees?! Officially jelly over here! Wish my home was large enough for that!! I'm so excited to see all of your merry magical trees soon! Love you, happy weekend!


  31. I'm impressed you have so many trees! it must take a while to decorate them all and put them up, I can see why you've started so early! I love the merry & bright tee as well, so cute! We all wear festive tees on Christmas eve so this would be perfect!

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  32. WOW I cannot believe you already got that much snow!! Your trees look so pretty, and I love your fun decor and shirts! I just always love your holiday spirit.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  33. My goodness, I can't even imagine decorating that many trees nor can I imagine storing them. I did use to have 4 trees and I just thought that was a lot. :o)) I started my decorating on Sat. and our tree will go up next Monday. Have a great week!

  34. Love your office tree. So fancy and girly. I love the sherpa slipper and I have some on my Christmas list. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  35. Those snow covered trees are so pretty, but I'm with you, it's a little early. Your Christmas trees are so beautiful! I could just imagine your house feeling so magical around this time of year.

  36. Andrea, you are getting me SERIOUSLY into the Christmas spirit now! Thanks for sharing all this festiveness.
    Hugs, Mary x.

  37. I love that Basted tee! Your Christmas trees are very pretty. Wowzers, that's a lot of snow.

  38. That'a a lot of snow, and a lot of trees! But I love it all. You have the best tees and outfits.

  39. I need that let's get basted shirt! So much snow! The weather is wacky this year. I am so impressed you have so many beautiful trees!

  40. What an adorable Christmas tree you got there dear!

    Jessica |

  41. Those trees are perfectly YOU. And how fun to have a Christmas bedroom. If our ship ever comes in, I would love to have a holiday comforter for all our beds. We almost always have someone visiting over the holidays. That would be so fun. Adorable trio of Christmas pillows.


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