Happy FRIDAY!! August and I have a love-hate relationship. The month is filled with sadness and joys and Mother Nature is all over the place. Well, when isn’t she lately? Much sadness because in a couple weeks, we move the boys back to school but bittersweet joys with the one left at home as he starts his Senior Football season (In fact, team on team scrimmage at 4 this afternoon). This weekend is the last one we can manage to all have family day or two so to say I am excited is an understatement. Speaking of a sweet family........

Sierra from Beautifully Candid
And Beautiful she is!! Sierra is awe inspiring, relatable and oh so sweet. While I’m not old enough to be her mom, I’d chose her as a sister any day. She and I are the same age difference as my mom and her baby sister. Speaking of babies, Sierra is pregnant with her third precious boy. Watching her with her sons and her adoring husband Eric is like watching our family with 3 boys all over again. They delight in family, in the Lord, in travel and in Loving at all times!! I love that they include their boys in so many of life's adventures and find wonderful things to do as a family. They recently took the boys to Italy and you are going to Love her post on the Gorgeous Amalfi Coast! Their Valentine's Getaway to The Ice Castle is a favorite of mine too, you literally will not believe the beauty of it! 
Sierra definitely has the sweetest fashion style too, she even works as an HR Manger in the fashion industry. You’ll really see her style shine in her post on Finding Your Fashion Balance. It’s one of my favorite outfits of hers too! However, what I love most about this girl, is the awesome momma she is to the most precious boys! They are the sweetest, most loving young men all thanks to their incredible parents. This new little guy is lucky because of what his older Brother’s will teach him and how loved he will always feel. Sierra will tell you, it is not always easy but in her post "What Motherhood Has Taught Me" she hits the nail on the head about what so many of us are feeling and her post Being Happy in the Now will really make you stop and think! Yes, beauty, brains and a heart overflowing with love and you've got one amazing lady! Adore her!
Just check out her recent visit to the Sunflower Field

The Queen of CUTE Sunnies and her Precious Nuggets!
(Sierra, like me, chooses not to publicly divulge the boys real names so she calls them "A" and "Little Nugget!" LOVE!

2. Date Night
Whoop Whoop, date night with my hottie, Mr. Nine to see another hottie, Mr. Cruise. Whew, Mission Impossible Fallout had me on the edge of my seat with the action. And what a great meal we had at the brewery beforehand. They have very unique local farm to table dishes and I had the Thai soup and a salad that I don’t even know that all was in it, but sooo good. Plus their cocktails are to die for…Strawberry Fields Forever, baby..that was the name of my deliciousness. That was my indulgence and I didn't even have dessert..Gasp..had a health scare and praise God all was fine but trying to eat extra healthy and cutting back on sugar.

Gap Jean Jacket HERE, Target Sandals HERE, TJ Maxx shirtdress

J.C.Penny Arizona tank, Kohl's shorts, Volcum sandals HERE 

TJ Maxx tee, Necklace gift, Loft Camo Pants HERE, Rose Gold sandals HERE

Cute top details get me every time and lately it’s on the sleeves. This Old Navy top is such a winner with it’s cool linen blend material, eyelet plus ruffle sleeves and hem. Cute sleeves the brain this week as on Monday, I showed you the adorable Green Eyelet Sleeve tee.
BUY HERE and a Chambray Version HERE
Gingham Slide Sandals HERE
Both on sale under $20

 More Inspo

TBB ASKS..Monday
Come on friend’s Let’s Party! Monday, the 6th is the day for the ever fun and popular TBB ASKS Link-Up. We sure hope you’ll join us for this party edition! AND we will Have a special announcement too!

I think I have mentioned these awesome pads before, but I was taking off my eye make-up with These Pads last night thinking about how much I love them. For over 20 years, I removed my eye make-up with Vaseline. When I started to get eye sty’s last year, I began using these and wow, not only does the area around my eyes feel extra nourished, I just love the ease of them. While I still use by beloved Cetaphil to cleanse my face, these are my hold grail now for removing eye make-up. And every last bit of it too without harshness on around your eyes.

Speaking of Parties, I want to have a Pineapple Soiree..Doesn’t it just sound fun and look how cute the pineapple cookies and doughnuts are. I saw this on Pinterest and everything about it screamed "Me!" Pink, Gold, Pineapples, sweet treats, pool.....There would be so many frozen pineapple concoctions flowing and you’re all invited, lol!! Pineapples on the brain too this week after the CUTEness I showed you on Wednesday...My favorite jumpsuit in my closet. And in her Currently Post, my sweet Laura talked about hosting a Back-To-School Pineapple themed Brunch! Yeah, I'll fly down for that!! 
May your weekend be all the Soiree you want it to be!! xo

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This Illustration reminds me of Sierra!


  1. I've taken a note of the Pixi wipes. Thank you. Do add to the continental drift link up this week


  2. Love your blog, your outfits are adorable! A pineapple soiree sounds like so much fun!


  3. Yay for date night! I love that cute eyelet sleeve top! Precious.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Aww I love following Sierra too! She really is a ray of sunshine! The pineapple soirée is adorable, look at that set up! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your boys!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  5. I enjoy reading Sierra's blog too. Her boys as so cute! I have yet to see the new mission impossible movie. It sounds like a good one to put down on the list! This ruffle eyelet top you featured is beautiful. You can't go wrong with a white and blue color combination and it really is just an attractive top! Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

    Maureen |

  6. OH that pineapple party would be perfect for you!

  7. Hope your health is ok, please take care of yourself! Your pineapple party makes me want to drink out of my pineapple wine tumbler tonight.


  8. Have fun at the scrimmage and enjoy the last bits of summer! You're date night dinner looks delicious and I am glad all is well. Have a fabulous weekend!

  9. Oh no I hope you're ok Andrea!!! I think a pineapple party would be so fun!! Have a beautiful weekend and rest rest rest by that lovely pool of yours!!!! - Shannon

  10. I love that eyelet top and and Gingham slides. I have an eyelet top that is my favorite.
    Seirra is a beauty.

  11. Sorry to hear about your health scare, but I'm glad that everything turned out okay. That sugar is the devil. And I just can't quit it!!!! It's soooo hard. I seriously don't know how people do Whole 30. Have a great weekend, Andrea!

  12. Have a fabulous family weekend! I am sorry to hear about the health scare but am glad that you are alright! A strawberry fields drink sounds amazing!

  13. I always get so sad this time of year too. I never want summer to end. Love your outfit. I've been tempted to buy some gingham shoes myself.

  14. Oh my goodness, it's hard to believe football season is here! Nolan comes home for 1 week and then leaves again for fall and we bring Collin up the next day! Isn't it crazy? You are one gorgeous lady my friend, I am surprised To Cruise didn't pop right outta the screen when you showed up to the movies!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  15. Oh no, so sorry to hear you had a health scare. Glad everything is ok - you will have to share some of the extra healthy eating you are doing. Goodness knows I need to do that, too!

  16. Happy Friday! I want to see that movie. Thanks for the review-it looks really good. That ON top is so cute. I've been loving their stuff lately and waiting on a package from them! The pineapple soiree is right up your alley! How cute! I'll have to check out those makeup remover pads!

  17. I so look forward to your Friday posts! Love seeing your cute outfits and all the fun things you do. So sorry to hear about your health scare! Hope your modified eating habits will help!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  18. I love love love Sierra - she's just precious.
    That shirt is so cute. i'm big on sleeves - sleeveless looks awful on me with my arms so I love shirts with sleeves that makes me feel pretty

  19. You should definitely have a pineapple soiree! I love Sierra, we even met in person!

  20. You are seriously the best and brought tears to my eyes with all the beautiful things you said about my family. You truly are a gem and I am so happy we connected through this blogging world! Your date night sounds amazing and I am loving your eyelet top. Ok, you have to have a pineapple soiree!! That is the perfect party for you!! I hope you have the best weekend <3 Sierra Beautifully Candid

  21. Thanks for the tip on the makeup wipes! And you've introduced me to another new-to-me blogger. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, enjoying that family time with everyone home.

  22. I hope it's ok to share a home tour here! :)

  23. Hope all is well in the health department, those scares are never fun. What a lovely date night with your man! Enjoy the last weekend with all your boys, where has this summer gone?!

  24. Thank you for hosting a wonderful party!

  25. Love that shirt dress!!! 4 on 4 sounds fun you know I love football!!!

  26. Love your Friday Faves! I am sad for you that you have to bring your boys back in a few weeks, enjoy every moment with them. I love that you feature Sierra and Beautifully Candid, she is so lovely and has such a wonderful blog! Love you date night photos, you look absolutely stunning!

    xx, Elise

  27. Thanks so much for the shout out, Babe! Oh, the BASH we two could put together!! If only the miles weren’t the problem! Yep, my soirée is Wednesday so fly on down here to Louisiana! I have a love hate relationship with August, too, but I think we’re ready for routine again. Wayne and I went to see MI3 last Thursday and I loved it! SO action packed and suspenseful! Have you heard they’re making another Top Gun?! Oh, yea, Baby!! Bring on another volley ball scene fo sho!! Xoxo

  28. Well you're just a ray of Friday sunshine my beautiful friend. I adore that ON top on you and yay for a date with Mr. 9. Hope you have the best weekend. XOXO

  29. If you have a pineapple party I will be there wearing my pineapple top! :-) I am glad that you had a fun date night as well that drink sounds delicious! So sorry about your health scare though! I am SOO happy that you are OK though!!! Sending love and a hug your way!! Have a wonderful weekend too! :-)

  30. A Pineapple Soiree sounds so fun! Last summer I planned my own 40th bday party with a monogram theme and this summer I have no special party to plan. Ha! But, if I did plan a party... I think this would be perfect. So many cute pineapples things right now in the stores, too! I saw the latest Mission Impossible movie, too and it was really good. And, dang Tom Cruise still has a nice head full of hair! Sierra is such a sweetie, I always enjoy her sweet posts and I love that she travels with her boys and gosh she takes some cute photos of them.


  31. Why wouldn't we want a pineapple soiree. Soiree just sounds like so much more fun than a party anyways!!
    I don't mind August so much, although I wish the days would stay light longer like in June.....but hey, I could move to Alaska, I guess...ha ha!!

  32. Umm yes I definitely want to come to your pineapple soiree!!! That would be wonderful!! I'm so glad nothing major happened and it was just a scare but it's still scary! Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  33. I'll have to try those Pixi eye pads. I currently use Almay Make-up free zone eye pads. I've been usingthemt for years, but these sound really good. I love pineapple stuff, just not the taste of pineapple. I think I'm going to join the link up for TBB asks.

  34. That top is adorable! And I will have to look for those Pixi eye pads!

  35. I love your new Old Navy top! The sleeves are too cute! I love reading your spotlight on Sierra. She is so sweet and I love her blog!

  36. I love a date night involved dinner and a movie! And that cocktail looks delicious! I also love a Strasberry Margaritha!

  37. You looked stunning for date night lovely!!

  38. Oh, I remember those days of sending kiddos back to college, a bittersweet time for sure. So glad all checked out well and hey, getting and staying healthy is a good thing for sure. Sure do wish you would fly down for Laura's back to school bash because I'd get to see you too. Laura only lives 20+ miles from me and we go to the same church. I'm going to learn to do the mirror photos one of these days. Yes, I am! Happy Saturday!!!!

  39. What a fun date night :)

  40. Love Sierra, she is so sweet! Her activities and adventures she does with the boys really makes me want to step up my parenting game! I need to try that eye makeup remover, I am not loving the one I have right now. That face wash is my evening one, it is so great! Look at you and your sassy self at date night, love it!


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