Here we are again with the becoming ever so popular TBB ASKS. The first Monday of every month, The Blended Blog ladies and I ask a series of related questions and we all link-up the answers. That title picture is the first day of 
Pre-school!! Gotta love the apples, it was the 1970's ya know! 
While I am usually a little sad about time flying so fast and the first of the month coming around quicker and quicker, I'm super excited for September to be here, cooler weather, bootie and pumpkin delight and this month is a super fun theme: Back To School! Our kids in Indiana now go back here the first part of August and our youngest started on Aug. 4th but this is the time of year I always went back so it was fun to do some school days reminiscing. Lots of Throwback Photos today!

1. Did you Love School or Hate It? Most Days Loved It!
One of my Favorite school pictures...1st grade

2. School start before or after Labor Day? After..and Speaking of HAPPY LABOR DAY!!

3. Wake up? Eager Beaver or Slow Poke? Eager Beaver...still am

4. Favorite Breakfast? Oatmeal

5. Favorite Cereal? Raisin Bran...still is

6. School uniform or no uniform? No Uniform, which of course, I loved as I dressed to the hilt every day. However, I am a huge proponent of uniforms and even wrote a thesis about it in college.

7. New Outfit for first day or no? Um....ALWAYS!
First day senior year in my beloved red and white room.

8. Walk to School or Ride the Bus? Ride bus til I could drive

9. Backpack, Tote or Messenger Bag? Tote Bag...this brocade bag was my favoite!!

In case you're wondering....my natural hair color.

10. Eat school lunch or pack lunch? Both but packed a lot

11. Remember the little milk cartons? White or Chocolate? Chocolate

12. Paper Bag or Lunch box? In elementary: Holly Hobbie Lunch Box, in High school, when did pack, a paper bag but they were pretty ones my mom got and she would write notes to my friends on them.

13. Favorite thing to do at Recess? Swing

14. Favorite Back to School supply item? Critter Sitters Folders..supplies was my favorite thing about Back to School.

15. Chalkboard or Dry Erase Board? Good Ole Chalkboard

16. Regular Pencil or Mechanical? Regular Ticonderoga #2 all the way.

17. Homework as soon as you get home or after dinner? I'm Type "A" remember, so it was as soon as I got home.

18. Favorite after school snack? Soft Batch cookies

19. Favorite after school show? I don't remember as a little girl because I think I went outside and played but in MS & HS, it was my soaps as my mom would "tape" them for me.

20. Favorite subject in school? Math, although I would go on top get a degree in Social Studies education. In Jr. High I feel in love with Calligraphy.
Mr. Powell, best math teacher ever!

6th grade. Look how long my hair was!

21. Least favorite subject in school? Will I sound like a nerd if I said I liked them all?

22. Name of your best friend in High School? Rolonda...I still see her form time to time, our kids went to the same school and I still adore her!! Her nickname is "Rolo" 

23. High School mascot? Raiders

24. SAT or ACT? SAT

25. Favorite year in school? 3 Way Tie: 4th Grade, 2nd Semester Junior and Senior

26. Class Ring or No Class Ring? I had a beautiful class ring with diamond chips, it was small and dainty, not big and bulky. I basically just got it to get one as it was kind of cool back then. It ended up having no meaning to me at all so I sold it on eBay. Someone had the nerve to tell me in message on Ebay that I would regret selling it. I have never regretted it, lol.

27. Attend or Not Attend High School Reunions? No Way José

Here is My most favorite School Related Post: HERE and from that you'll kind of get why a reunion isn't really important to me...today is what matters!!
Comeback tomorrow for a Tasty Tuesday healthy recipe. 


  1. Such a fun post. Happy Labor Day.

  2. Now I want raisin bran!!
    Omg your pics are great, love the Andrea flashback!

  3. Omg I LOVED seeing all of the throwback pictures! Too cute! Happy Monday/Labor Day!!

    Rosy Outlook

  4. Oh how fun! I love your pics from childhood. You make high school look fun and you haven't changed much at all! ;) Such a great post.

  5. So many great memories! Your pics brought them back for me and I kinda got a little lump in my throat. You have always been so gorgeous and outgoing, friend! I see it all over your these pics.

  6. Ahhhh you little cutie!!! I had CRITTER SITTERS! I'm doing the math and I think the decade started with you and ended with me so we had some very similar things going on because I had that Holly Hobby lunchbox too! Woo hoo on getting the lettuce for the jewelry we didn't need! Happy day sweetness xoxoxo!

  7. This was such a fun post idea, Andrea! Thank you so much for inviting me to participate! It was so fun answering the questions! That is so funny that you loved math and ended up getting a degree in social studies education! Funny how things turn out. Have a wonderful Labor Day!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  8. Love all the awesome throwback outfits! Happy Labor Day!

  9. I just adore seeing all these old pictures of you! Maybe if I had been at home I would have tried to dig a few up. Please tell me you were Homecoming Queen! You had to be! The more I get to know you, the more I just love you to death! Such a precious girl you are. Enjoy your day off! XOXO

  10. Oh sweet friend, you and I have a lot in common! Love reading your responses and seeing your cute pictures! You were such a beautiful child and now a beautiful woman, both on the inside and outside.
    I hope you're enjoying this Labor Day!

  11. I LOVE the photos! I forgot that I always used to watch Y&R after school until you mentioned the soap operas!

  12. Anonymous4.9.17

    Oh I loved this post! I forgot all about Critter Sitters! This post reminds me of me!!! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I had a Holly Hobby bed spread! I don't remember a thing about her though...was it a cartoon? Also- your hair in all the pictures, love all the style you had.

  14. I've contemplated selling my ring as well but haven't only so when my daughter gets old enough and asks whether I had one I can say "Yep!" And show it to her...then sell it for the diamonds and gold.

  15. Oh my goodness at the sweet memories and beautiful pictures of my BFF! I wish I had thought of including pictures of myself, but alas! Time was not on my side! Of all your precious memories, Critter Sitters portfolios truly hit home! I haven't thought about those in YEARS!! And how sweet of your mom to write sweet lunch notes to your friends, too! I knew your beautiful mom rocked!! Enjoy your Labor Day, Sweetie!

  16. Oh my gosh, this is amazing!!! LOVE the throwback pictures and I have to say that those cookies were my absolute FAVE too! I remember them being so sugary and just wow - they tasted so good after school! LOL. Thanks for sharing your fun memories, and I hope you guys are enjoying a nice long weekend and waving good-bye to summer in style! XO



  17. This was a most enjoyable post and you were just the cutest! It was such fun looking back to those times. Happy Labor Day my dear!

  18. So many great pictures of you! I bet you were valedictorian...

  19. Fashionista even from the beginning! I LOVED soft batch cookies! Do they still make those!?!? Thanks for a fun link-up!

  20. Love this. Brings back so many memories. Big hair don't care, and Holly Hobbie...a must! Girl you were rockin' the fashion back then too!

  21. So fun! I love looking back like this; my mom taped our soaps too and we definitely ate a lot of soft batch cookies.

  22. This is sooo cute! We are the same person! I loved getting up and getting ready for school!! And, I did my homework right away, too! haha! Still do with grading and planning! LOL!

  23. I love how you included all of your school pictures! Enjoyed reading about you! Roseann from www.thisautoimmunelife.com

  24. Your pictures are so cute!

  25. I swear we're twins separated at birth - and our answers prove it!

  26. Loved all the throw back pictures!!! I meant to add some to mine but didn't get the time to go find them. Isn't it funny how some things stay the same all these years later about what we like and our personalities?

  27. These questions are so much fun and I love all of the pictures!! I hope you had a great long weekend pretty lady!

  28. Stopping by from Tuesday Talk! XOXO I love all your throwback pictures. Such a fun walk down memory lane!

  29. Such a fun post. I love love love love love your Holley Hobbie lunch box!!! I loved her!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have big hair and I don't care. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  30. This is a great post! Love all the different pictures...you were (and are) a real cutie. As you close are close to my girls' ages, I can relate to the clothes and hair. I think Alana had a Holly Hobbie lunch box. Totally agree with you about reunions...the people are pretty much the same, the cliques are the same. I lived on the same farm and went to three different high schools because of consolidation...ugh... xoxo

  31. I love all of the throwback photos! I wish I had had more time this weekend while I was home to dig through all of the old pictures & add some to mine.

  32. Loving all the photos of you growing up. Plus a lot of your answers. I remember the soft baked cookies. LOVED those.

  33. Love this post and these photos!! You have been gorgeous since day 1!!! Beautiful inside and out!

    xx, Elise

  34. Oh man, the differences of South vs. North...we had milk in plastic bags and took the ACT. I love the old pics, you are and were so cute! Soft batch while doing homework and then taped Days of our Lives, man it did not get better!

  35. I love all of your throwback pictures that you included in this post! You look so pretty back in your school days! So it's totally weird, but I've never been a big oatmeal fan! I wish that I was because it seems like an easy and light option for breakfast.

  36. Love all the throwback photos of you gorgeous girl over the years!! Your red and white room is too cute! My mom made me est Raisin Bran for breakfast and I didn't hate it. Loved learning more about you!

  37. You just reminded me of so many things I forgot about - Holly Hobbie, those folder and Soft Batch cookies.

    Daily Style Finds

  38. Love the throwback photos of you! I also love your red and white room! I had those Critter Sitter folders too!

    Doused in Pink

  39. OhMyGoodness, we are obviously the same age -- and I'd completely forgotten about Critter Sitters! This was so fun!

  40. I LOVE seeing all of the pictures of you as a younger person. You have the same infectious smile and you always look so dang happy! Love your red and white room, and your puffy hair, hehe.

  41. Precious memories! You were so cute!

  42. It's always fun to look back and reminisce!

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