This little diddy is catching on like wildfire! I did a similar one this summer
And after seeing it on Rebecca Jo's and Sarah's and my BFF Laura's blogs, I was ready to join the fun! These prompts get you thinking and it's so fun to read other's thoughts. 

Three experiences I recommend 
~Swim with stingrays

~Being Baptized and Knowing our Lord and Savior
~Dining Al Fresco in Italy

Three pieces of advice for everyone
~Put down your phone 

~Let it Go...as in let go of petty grievances, things you can't control, little annoyances, etc.
~This from Oprah.......

Three things I'd give up in a second
~My Job
~Aging past 40....I wanted to stay 38 forever, my BEST year!

Three things that are always in my fridge
~Greek Yogurt
~Coffee Creamer: Pumpkin Spice or Cinnabon flavors

Three things that are always in my freezer
~Ground Turkey
~My homemade Monster Cookies
~My homemade meatballs RECIPE HERE

Three things that are always in my pantry
~Black beans
~Jif Reduced Fat Peanut Butter (we like the taste sooo much better than the regular, it's denser)
~Chocolate Chips

Three most often used makeup products
~Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 3.0

Three things I'll spend money on
~Gifts for my family and friends
~Healthy food
~Shoes and Clothes...but I do prefer them to be on sale

Three things I won't spend money on
~Salon colored Hair
~Gym Membership...why, when I've got This?



  1. What a fun post!! We swam with stingrays in the Bahamas. It was the neatest experience.
    EEK. I pay for pedicures all the time. #guiltypleasure.

  2. I think you need to do a post on why 38 was your best year ever!! I definitely agree that dining al fresco in Italy is amazing as it is in Paris as well! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. What a fun post! I have been wondering about MAC's Velvet Teddy for a few weeks now. The color is just gorgeous! I think you convinced me to get it. Thanks for the recommendation and Happy Monday, Andrea!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  4. Yours are great. Happy Monday Andrea.

  5. I love reading these - such a great idea! That lipstick color is so pretty, I need to try it. Happy Monday sweet friend!

  6. I copied this idea too after reading Laura's! I'm not sure when I set it up to post out. Stingrays - yes that is super fun! I did it in the Caribbean and it was a best experience. Thirty-eight you say? I have two years til im 38 so spill it! Yes, let's give up cellulite! LOVE you! xo

  7. The best post! You've inspired me to do it too!

  8. Ive totally got to do this post.... and the three things you don't spend money on are the three things i totally do ;)

  9. I LOVED this post! Especially the inspirational advice! I TOTALLY wouldn't spend money on a pedicure either--I hate other people touching my feet lol. Happy Monday!!

    Rosy Outlook

  10. Yes to putting the phone down! I am being much better about that and it feels good. I always have those same 3 things in our fridge :)

  11. Such a fun post girl. I felt the same exact way about the gym. I was paying way too much so I could use a treadmill in the winter... then a gym opened up that cost $5.39 with tax, if I go 12 times a month. Plus it is really close to the house. UH-mazing! I have LOVED my 30's. I wish I could just stay in them forever and ever. Put down the phone is one I have been working on. But I need to do it even more.

  12. Love these. So funny about the things you won't spend money on. I have to go to the gym, I have (some) equipment home but I don't have the motivation at home lol

  13. what a fun post! dining al fresco in Italy sounds magical! Swimming with stingrays- Ethan and Chuck did that in the Bahamas...me, I took pictures..haha I was too scared, but we did swim with dolphins and THAT was fun! hope your monday and week is amazing beautiful! xo!

  14. I didn't used to spend money on pedicures, but once I got into it..I actually loved it! I only go once a month, so I consider it a save (since some people go once a week!). And I agree with putting that dang phone down...I'm getting better at it and let me tell you - what a game changer! :) Hope you have a wonderful week my wonderful friend!! XO



  15. So fun! I'm the same way with my spending! I've only ever gotten a pedicure once in my life lol it just seems silly when it only lasts a week or so. Have a great week ahead!

  16. I love this post. I especially love the putting your phone down piece of advice. Something that is so important! Eating al fresco in Italy sounds like the best!

  17. This is a great post as always! Have a great week!

  18. Yes to all the greek yogurt and those monster cookies! LOVE your advice to put the phone down, and dining al fresco in Italy?! YES please <3
    Green Fashionista

  19. Yay!! Loved all your answers, Girlfriend! Yes to the yes about knowing our Savior personally and resting in the fact that our home is eternal no matter how awful and unkind the present world is! So glad I'll be seeing you there, even if we never meet this side of Heaven! Love you bunches!!

  20. What a fun post. Yes to putting the phone down. Haha I love getting pedicures. It's one of my favorite things to do. I get shellac on my toes and it lasts much longer. But I only do it in the summer. In the winter, my toes are naked. haha

  21. I like this! We swam with stingrays too, so cool.

  22. I still need to get that stepper!!!
    Amen on the putting the phone down - so much of life is passing you buy when the nose is down in the screen.
    Oh man, wouldnt it be nice if we could stay in our late 30's for the rest of our life? That'd be reallllllly nice.

  23. How fun! I'll give up those same things and I really should spend more time away from the phone, even if it's hard sometimes! Have a lovely Monday and thanks for sharing your apple treats with us! 😙

  24. I always love these posts!!! I am with you on not paying for pedis and giving up my job and aging like it's nothing! Haha! There is no better foundation than Estee Double Wear. Even though I try different ones from time to time just to see. I always go back! I might have to do this one.

  25. I would totally give my job up and blog full time if I could. Loving your makeup picks -- the EL foundation is one of my favorites! Loved reading this, sweet friend!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  26. These posts are always so fun! And oh to dine al fresco in Italy! It's near the top of my bucket list!!

  27. Loved reading this!!! I couldnt agree more about putting your phone away and living in the moment. Having a 5 year old, I never want to miss out on the small things. I try to embrace all these moments before he grows up. I also love PSL creamer and all things fall!

    Brittany :)

  28. I love your 3 pieces of advice. Yes to putting your phone down and letting things go! I keep hearing wonderful things about the EL double wear foundation...need to give it a try!

  29. Swimming with stingrays sounds so fun! Money on mani/pedis is something I never used to do. I always thought it was dumb. Now I get pedis mostly because I love the massage haha.

  30. Loved your baptism! I've done it myself and it was most definitely the best experience!!
    Happy Monday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  31. I love getting glimpses into your life and mind!😉 Jif reduced fat pb is definitely my go to and so much better than any other brand! I too could do without cellulite...it's my nemesis for sure. And no gym memberships for this girl either. Those aren't the only things we have in common, but some of the top for sure. Happy Monday beautiful!!! XO

  32. Totally thinking of dumping the gym $$$- I agree- I have so much at home that I just need to be more disciplined to use

  33. These seriously are so much fun, and I love all of your advice, especially about swimming with stingrays! That was so much fun in Grand Cayman! And oh my goodness, I don't know what I'd do without a constant supply of salsa in my fridge! It's one of my major food groups lol!

  34. haha, love it! Yes love that exercise equipment. Hey I've swam with sting rays...and with sharks come to think of it. I've never had Jif, period. Must put on to try list...

  35. Oh dear, I'm having a pedicure tomorrow. I love them. Well, two out of three ain't bad!
    Hugs and happy week to you, Andrea, x.

  36. Oh, how fun! I absolutely love a pedicure and I love my nails and am having both done in the morning. How funny! Think I'm going with a hunter orange color. :o)) Have a happy week my dear!

  37. Such a fun post and so many unique answers to learn more about you! I swam with the stingrays in the Dominican Republic which I loved but a girlfriend of mine was terrified! lol Your freezer sounds like it has some goodies in there. The MAC Velvet Teddy color looks like a keeper and a color that may look good on my complexion. I can't live without pedicures although I don't need them often...maybe every 3 months especially since flip/flop/open-toe weather is most of the year in FL. xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  38. You keep homemade cookies in your freezer?! I truly aspire to be like you, super cute and always armed with something made with love! I also totally agree with you, you gotta know Jesus! :-)

    pumps and push-ups

  39. So fun to keep learning more about you, friend! If there were cookies in my freezer, they wouldn't last for long around here!

  40. Such a fun post. Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays. Hope you can join me for The Wednesday blog hop later this week.

  41. How fun! And yess - people really need to put down their phones. So many of my friends are on theirs when I'm trying to hang out with them and it drives me NUTS!


  42. Anonymous26.9.17

    Love these posts! I have a post linking up with yours:
    Design by Sydnee | 3 Things

  43. This is a fun post! Love this...getting to know you better... xoxo


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